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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Zionist fanatics and the threat to America’s future

(By Chris Moore, -- "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" by respective University of Chicago and Harvard University scholars John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt is a groundbreaking study cataloguing Zionist influence over the federal government’s Middle East policy. It has unleashed a torrent of pent up frustration over the American Establishment’s failure to address (let alone redress) a root cause of the dysfunctional policy-making process that triggered the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the disastrous Iraq war that followed.

Unfortunately, the most intelligent analyses of the study have been limited to internet publication, and have yet to see the light of day in the mainstream media.

In his article on the tepid mainstream response to the study (published on, Stephen Sniegoski aptly summarized its findings:

"Mearsheimer and Walt maintain that the pro-Israel lobby, made up of an extensive network of journalists, think-tankers, lobbyists, and officials of the Bush regime — largely but not solely of Jewish ethnicity — has played a fundamental role in shaping American Middle East policy. The lobby's goal has been to enhance Israeli security, which could very well be at the expense of U.S. interests. The risk of that has become especially apparent with the war on Iraq, for which the pro-Israeli neoconservatives served as the ‘driving force.’"

Sniegoski assesses that many non-Jewish Americans would prefer to remain in denial about the extent of Zionist power in this country than face up to the facts and confront the problem head on. This is largely the result, he implies, of a sort of Soviet-like psychological conditioning carried out by Zionist opinion makers.

"To a certain degree, [white gentiles] have internalized the moral compass of the Israel lobby: that offending what seems to be a Jewish interest is worse than lying; that propitiating officially recognized victims is more important than truth."

Sadly, this is largely true—even to the point that today, many "respectable" gentiles would rather acquiesce to another foolish and unnecessary war detrimental to American interests (this time against Iran) than confront the truth staring them straight in the face: namely that Zionist operatives, both Christian Zionist and Jewish nationalist, are largely dictating American foreign policy on behalf of Israeli interests and at the expense of America’s future.

The psychological reasons behind the fact that many white gentiles today are too cowed to fight back against a major threat to their own children’s future are many and complex. Sniegoski touches on a couple of important ones, though.

Mindlessly obeying politically correct taboos, he says, is "the ultimate survival trait in modern American society…it is far easier and safer simply to conform to the prescribed opinion." Most people, he adds, "so that they may reach and remain in the ranks of profitable respectability, take care to hold no strong views."

Those two societally and self-imposed mandates—the maintenance of "political correctness" and "profitable respectability"—working in tandem, are key to understanding the grip that the Israel lobby has over Washington, and in many respects the rest of the country as well. It is no coincidence that one (political correctness) is considered a function of the Left, while the other (the pursuit of profitable respectability) a function of the Right, because that is how the lobby has attained its tremendous power—through a policy of triangulation.

To force the Left into acquiescence, the lobby has made support for Jewish Israel a politically correct litmus test. Anyone who consistently opposes Israel or its policies is sooner or later subjected to accusations of racist "anti-Semitism." This is ironic, and highly disingenuous given that Israel is an officially segregationist state granting special rights and privileges to Jews over non-Jews. But under the current American zeitgeist, faux anti-Semitism at home trumps institutional Jewish racism in Israel every time.

In fact, in America, anti-Semitism—even more so than racism—has come to be seen as the ultimate thought crime. The U.S. State Department recently swore in a special envoy whose entire job consists of monitoring and combating anti-Semitism. (This too is ironic given that besides Jews, many Arabs are a also a Semitic people, which should put most neocons, who are constantly haranguing against Arab "Islamofascism," on the special envoy’s watch list—but won’t.)

Imagine if a special federal envoy was created to combat anti-Catholicism or anti-Russian-Orthodoxism or anti-Islamicism, all of which also have histories of mass persecution. Every group would want their own special federal protector. But only anti-Semitism is entitled to a special envoy, which is a deliberate message being sent by the federal government.

While not necessarily incontrovertible evidence that all Americans have internalized the Israel lobby’s moral compass, it does suggest that large factions of the U.S. government have. (So much for the separation of Synagogue and State.)

This is due in no small part to Zionists and their sympathizers working not only through the government, but through mass media and other cultural institutions to imprint on the American psyche the notion that few faux pas are greater than criticizing Jewish group behavior, or even Jewish initiatives such as Zionism and Israel, because such criticism can ultimately lead to "another Holocaust".

Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List immediately comes to mind as the best-known example of this kind of imprinting, but thousands of ethnic Jews and Leftists working through every mass medium from film and television to newspapers and books have labored over the years to advance this neurotic mindset. Taken individually, their work is innocuous enough, but collectively, the sheer volume of "Jewish victim" scholarship, agitprop, investigation, reporting, and general canon has forced America, ostensibly a multi-cultural society, to focus and fixate on the tragic historical experience of a tiny minority.

Is it any wonder then that even though Israel makes up only .002% of the world's total population, and has the highest average living standards in the Middle East with a per capita GDP of almost $25,000, it is granted nearly 33% of the American foreign-aid budget? Selfishness doesn’t even begin to describe the injustice of this ridiculously disproportionate state of affairs.


There were many different motives behind the concerted effort to transform the Holocaust from just another example of statist mass murder (which, unfortunately is all too historically banal, starting with the mass killings carried out by Soviet Communists, through World War II Nazi atrocities, Maoist China and Africa today) to a "unique" and now universally known cautionary tale of almost holy import.

For ideological American Jews, the motivations were several: 1)an earnest (if not rational) fear of the American Christian majority; 2) to glorify their own ethnicity (and by extension, themselves) as both righteous victims and morally superior survivors vis a vis their philistine neighbors; 3) to promote the notion of Jewish exceptionalism, which is merely a modern update on their biblical claims of "choseness"; 4) to aid in the maintenance and prosperity of Israel as a sanctuary for this deified group; and 5) to use as an ecumenical blunt instrument against Christianity, which shrewd Jewish leaders designated as a convenient scapegoat for the Holocaust. (This last had the incidental effect of drastically eroding Western Christianity, which opportunistic Jewish Zionists, joined by their Christian neocon brethren, have managed to help reinvent in the U.S. as the more Israel-friendly, post-World War II coined Judeo-Christianity practiced by many evangelicals today.)

Shrewd non-Jewish Leftist leaders also used the Holocaust as a political tool. Like their manipulative Jewish contemporaries, they were also motivated by a hatred of Christianity, but less for its supposed anti-Semitism and more because Christianity has historically acted as a natural check against Communism. Leftists were additionally motivated by the fact that elevating the importance of the Nazi-perpetrated Holocaust diminished the focus on the Communist-perpetrated ones, which they have long labored to sweep under the historical carpet (for self-evident reasons).

Of course, many earnest Jews and liberals are today horrified that Israel, the neocons, Jewish nationalists and Christian Zionists are using the moral capital that they diligently helped to assemble on behalf of a "historically oppressed group" to impose and justify Israel’s apartheid system, which (if the emerging Judeo-Christian coalition gets its way) will be made the model for all future Middle East invasions and occupations instigated and enforced by American troops.

Worse yet, the Israeli model may ultimately be forced by the Judeo-Christians on America as well, which would threaten 2,000 years of intellectual progress under Christianity and Classical Greco-Roman thought in order to replace it with a new civilization patterned on an immature Jewish state that uses its police powers to mandate racial and religious barriers and legally impose second and third class status on gentiles. Who will be the gentiles of America’s future? Why the non-Judeo-Christians, of course.

That Israel has been in a state of perpetual war since its founding as a result of this political model in no way seems to deter the Judeo-Christians so enamored by the Israeli system. In fact, it seems to invigorate them. And perpetual war is what the rest of us can expect if they are allowed to have their way.

The old adage "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it" seems to apply to both Jewish liberals and Leftists to a greater extent today than at any time since they got their death-dealing Communist dream state in the Soviet Union: Wish for the decimation of Christianity, get the far worse and more intolerant Judeo-Christianity in its place.


The second part of Sniegoski’s explanation for white gentile trembling in the face of the Israel lobby, "respectable profitability," as noted, is largely a function of the American Right.

If the average white American liberal lives in fear of being designated a heretic for violating stringent politically correct speech codes by telling the truth about Israel and its lobby, the average U.S. conservative who might be inclined to broach the subject lives in fear that doing so might cost him some money—and so doesn’t.

After all, the business of America is business, and why should Main Street Joe capitalist risk even one thin dime for something as abstract and intangible as truth and justice, neither of which hold any currency in post-Christian, politically correct, Judeo-Christian America?

And if Joe capitalist isn’t interested in the subject, the short-sighted Big Business hyper capitalists who own the American Right today are positively hostile. Like the historical materialist Marxists who reside on the flip side of their intellectual coin, the international profiteers believe everything essential in life comes down to access to money and material goods. And they are willing—indeed, eager—to abandon all principles, loyalties and pedestrian notions of patriotism that might get in the way of their multi-national bottom line.

Perhaps because it is blinded by greed, American business can’t see that in the long run, allowing the Israel lobby to continue to run rampant is going to cost it, and cost it dearly.

How many hundreds of billions of dollars did the 9/11 attacks cost the American economy? How much has the Israel-lobby instigated Iraq war cost American business through high oil prices, unstable stock markets, a strained U.S. budget and economically beleaguered American consumers? How many billions more will another terrorist attack or another war cost U.S. businesses and taxpayers?

Virtually all of the Islamic terrorists who have issued statements addressing their reasons for attacking America, both before and after 9/11 (including bin Laden) have listed the U.S. government’s blind loyalty to Israel as a primary motive for their aggression. In fact, virtually all Islamic terrorist who have attacked America or American positions anywhere in the world in the last 10-15 years cite our one-sided support of Israel as a major source of their rage.

It is likely that had the U.S. government not been so one-sided in its support of Israel, America would never have been attacked on 9/11, and the neocons would thus have never gotten the opportunity to lie us into a war with Iraq.

Yet rarely is this reported in the mainstream media, let alone in the business journals, and so American business blunders on under the false impression that because Israel is a favorite Jewish American and Christian Zionist cause, it is financially better off either openly siding with the Israel lobby or keeping its mouth shut about its power altogether.

Not unlike the selfish, dim-witted Leftists who refused to look more than a couple of years down the road and so suckled, cradled, sheltered and help raise up the Zionist infant out of political expediency, the equally dense, greed-driven Big Business capitalists can’t see beyond next quarter’s financial results and so ignore today’s full grown Zionist monster who is straddling America, Israel, and now Iraq, baiting the increasingly angry Islamic masses to attack in order to force American retaliation.

But Big Business isn’t alone on the Right in its see no evil, hear no evil approach to the Israel lobby. As mentioned earlier, the Judeo-Christians—the primarily evangelical group of Christian Zionists so in love with the racialist Israeli model—are also to blame for giving Israel a free ride at America’s expense these many years.

Certainly, this group has been used and manipulated by Jewish nationalist Zionists, who have systematically gone about constructing a Christ-minimizing, Old Testament-emphasizing, Judeo-centric reading of the bible that highlights the importance of the Jewish people as the group "chosen" by God to deliver His word. But the Judeo-Christians have allowed themselves to be used; in fact, their leaders have encouraged and contributed to their exploitation by painting the "success" of Israel (meaning its ability to carry on as a Jewish supremacist state) as a validation of their entire religion.

Endless biblical passages are cited by the Judeo-Christian leadership as "proof" that Israel is fulfilling biblical prophecy, and the partnership between Jewish and Christian Zionists has proven a fruitful money-making enterprise for both camps. After all, what better way for these new Pharisees to separate believers from their money than to convince them that that they are an essential component to the realization of the predictions outlined in the holy book and now playing themselves out in real time today?

One of their favorite, constantly cited biblical passages in justification of shoveling ever more money and weaponry toward Israel is Genesis (12:3), in which God promises Abraham and his offspring that "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee."

Of course, this citation conveniently ignores Jesus’ later, eternal curse upon the corrupt and calculating Jewish Pharisees (the group that brought racism to Israel) articulated in John 8: "If you were Abraham's children, you would do the works of Abraham…You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire."

A strong case can be made that the neocons and Zionists who painstakingly provoked the Islamic attack on 9/11 and then opportunistically used the resulting atmosphere of anger and hysteria to lie America into war are the Pharisees of our day—as are the many members of the White House, Congress and the Washington Establishment catering to their agenda at the cost of America’s integrity, and possibly its very future.

(Chris Moore is publisher of