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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Destined to remain in Sisyphean hell, Neocons are dragging the West into their ordeal

From Wikipedia: “In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a king punished in the Tartarus by being cursed to roll a huge boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down again, and repeat this throughout eternity.”

(By Chris Moore, -- The Neocons were warned by libertarians that the invasion of Iraq would be a disaster for both Israel and America. The insight wasn’t one of divine revelation or special powers of prognostication, but rather of common sense and the observation of nature and history.

Historically, occupying powers almost never succeed in subduing the occupied and, when success is attained, it is short term and comes at an ultimately intolerable cost to the alien power’s country or empire of origin.

In the past, empires most certainly have been able to plant seeds that grew into replicants of the empire that then took on lives of their own (ie British in N. America, Spanish in S. America) but that was before the Western civilization collective had settled those continents, and while the West was still working towards fidelity to its profession of God-endowed human rights for all, including the right of native peoples to self-governance.

While not perfect, libertarian factions in the West, in conjunction with modernity, are still working towards those ideals, but are being obstructed and drawn backwards by Neoconservative totalitarians, who, operationally, are a collaboration between Judeofascists and Christian Zionists.

The Judeofascists are warped by the history of Jewish persecution, which in most cases flows from Jews collectively surrendering their sovereignty to cynical, charlatan Judeofascist leaders who then set the Jewish people in opposition to rationalism out of a combination of religious delusion, narcissism, egoism and opportunism.

Similarly, the Christian Zionists, through subservience to their charlatan leader Bush, have surrendered their sovereignty to the Neocons, who, utilizing the same Pharisaic tradition as the Judeofascists, have pitted the US against the Islamic world out of a similar combination self-important arrogance and hubris.

Just as the Judeofascists have always led the Jews to ruin (and always will), Neoconservatism is leading the US to ruin and always will. Yet in the warped, deluded collective mind of the entity, it sees its mission as essential and, indeed winnable -- if only the US invades one more country or sheds a bit more blood.

Just as Sisyphus was supernaturally forced to continue the futile effort of rolling the boulder up the hill time and again in a Greek version of hell, so too are the Neocons spiritually motivated to persist in their futile effort to attain totalitarian control over the Middle East. They seem to believe that in doing so, they can perhaps leverage such a position into totalitarian control over humanity.

Such are the delusions of “faith” as interpreted by Neoconservatism, which in its Judeofascist/Christian Zionist incarnations means not only the suspension of disbelief, but the suspension of judgment itself.

Perhaps the hate-blinded way in which the two components of the Neoconservative collaboration each interpret their respective religions leads to a similarly acquiescent, malleable mindset amongst the followers, one conducive to the psychological suppression of critical thinking and scientific evidence, and hostile to the lessons of history unflattering to their respective tribes.

To be sure, Muslim totalitarians are caught in their own irrational, Sisyphean hell. But then, they don’t attempt to pass themselves off as modern and enlightened; they admit what they are and confess their intentions and bigotries. Fortunately, the innate intolerance and bigotry of Islamic totalitarianism leads, inevitably, to a self-negating Islamic schism.

No doubt, the Neocon Christian Zionist/Judeofascist axis will itself one day self-negate, but because it is not nearly as honest as Islamic totalitarianism, in the mean time it is far more dangerous.

Misery loves company, and so the Neoconservative movement is attempting to drag the world into its own version of hell by passing itself off as sophisticated, rational, modern and enlightened. And much of the West seems to be falling for this charade, proving that the Left-liberal establishment that now dominates the West, grown fat and soft on the coatails of rationalism, is intellectually unsuitable to the task of critical thinking necessary to defeat Neoconservatism.

In fact, due to years of worshipping at the altar of political-correctness, Left-liberalism’s own repressed masses may now be as malleable as the mass of Christian Zionist, Judeofascist, Islamic totalitarian intellectual peasantry.

No wonder the Neocons have been able to take the West down the Sisyphean road as far as they have. The Left-liberal “opposition“ is as morally and intellectually bankrupt as those it professes to oppose.

Chris Moore is publisher of