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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Supreme Court majority overcomes ZOG (((minority))) and its murderous agenda to weaponize immigrants

All four of the court’s liberal [Jewish] justices — Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan — noted their disagreement.

Supreme Court Hands Trump BIG Win And Liberals Are Livid
The Supreme Court Monday allowed the Trump administration to enforce a new rule that will deny green cards to foreign nationals who use taxpayer-funded social services, lifting lower court injunctions that blocked the change.

Corrupt and failing Democrat machine crime syndicate in Illinois is ground zero, a harbinger of things to come:
Boom and Soon Bust: Illinois Pension Looting Spree
Unless the Chicago Democrats who rule the state on behalf of [government] unions accede to pension reform, the entire system will collapse. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. Like Social Security, Illinois public pensions will pay off for some for a while but then go bankrupt.

Hunter Biden not only clearly engaged in influence peddling but he is clearly a relevant witness. Ukraine was a virtual gold rush for Washington’s elite and Hunter Biden was one of the first in line to cash in. Biden’s quest for a Ukrainian windfall took him to one of Ukraine’s most controversial and corrupt associates, Mykola Zlochevsky, who leveraged his post as minister of ecology and natural resources to build a fortune. Before fleeing Ukraine, Zlochevsky paid Hunter Biden and several other Americans to be directors of his energy company, Burisma Holdings.

Bret Stephens longs for the pre-Internet days when lib-con ZOG ran roughshod and the MSM could get away with concealing its murderous, warmongering treachery:
The Sorrows of 'Jewish Genius': Bret Stephens Has Nostalgia For A GOP That Actually Thought Neocons Were Smart, Loyal And Superior

Bret Stephens' much-derided NYT column on "The Secrets of Jewish Genius," was a celebration of ethnic chauvinism and narcissism---personal and communal---that would have never seen light if it were written to support the superiority of whites, blacks, latinos asians or any other group in our wonderful multicultural America. 

Marxist true believers vs. corrupt Clinton liberals vs. deranged neocon fanatics... how far America has fallen thanks to greedy, crazed, ZOG Hebrews and their low-cunning accomplices:
Hillary Puts Bernie Into Her Basket of Deplorables, by Pat Buchanan
Sanders’ crowd consists of true believers, a trademark of whom is militancy. Such folks often prefer defeat behind a principled leader to victory for a corporatist Democrat they regard as the enemy within.

Racist Zionist billionaire Bloomberg, projecting again:

Bloomberg Compares America to Nazi Germany on Holocaust Remembrance Day Address
Michael Bloomberg warned of “history’s dark echoes” — referring to Nazism — emanating from contemporary border security measures in a Monday statement regarding Holocaust Remembrance Day. He additionally characterized President Donald Trump as aligned with “white supremacy.”

Following (((Michael Bloomberg))) and (((Bernie Sanders'))) globalist vanguard lead, ZOG outfit Goldman Sachs tries to repackage itself as social justice warriors:

You know social justice has become a corporate joke when Goldman Sachs are enforcing boardroom gender & race quotas
This ultimatum was delivered with a straight face by the bank’s CEO David Solomon to an audience of head-nodding social justice warriors masquerading as the billionaire and millionaire capitalists of this world on their annual, self-congratulatory festival of money-bathing in Davos, where they plot and scheme to tell the rest of us how we should live our lives.

Quick-buck, racist Zoglodytes bankers, in their schizo dual identity, lecture the world on racism and tolerance (in order to fatten their own globalist bank accounts):
Goldman to refuse IPOs if all directors are white, straight men.
The mandate is the latest in a series of signals that non-diverse boards and management are unacceptable. BlackRock Inc. and State Street Global Advisors are voting against directors at companies without a female director. Public companies with all-male boards based in California now face a $100,000 fine under a new state law. 

Tulsi Gabbard distinguishes herself from Hebrew fanatic Bernie Sanders:
Why Tulsi’s Vote On Impeachment Was Correct 

Bernie Sanders, Wall Street and the central bankers' secret weapon:
Must watch: Ron Paul Comments on Bernie Sanders' Gutting Of Audit The Fed Bill

Some of the most shocking comments made to the undercover journalists include the prospect of "guillotines for the rich," armed revolution, especially if Sanders loses, sending Republicans to gulags (just like the Iowa Field Organizer), dissolving the Senate, the House of Representatives and the judicial branch, so Bernie and his cabinet can unilaterally create a dictatorship and do anything they want, and he admits that radicals in the Sanders' campaign are "on the rise." 

The snake eating its own tale?

Bernie's Campaign Calls the Police After Reporters Question Them Over a Staffer's Wish to Murder All Rich People (Including Bernie?)
It seems to me that, if they didn’t want to answer questions about Martin’s remarks, they wouldn’t have also expressed solidarity with him.

The crazed, two-faced Hebrew and his ZOG syndicate have yet to be brought to justice. But is compromised Trump really up to the job?
Trump says lead impeachment Democrat Schiff has not paid 'price, yet'

Just another crazed, lying Hebrew Zionist:
GOP Including Potential Swing Moderates 'Incensed' at Schiff for Untrue Claim Trump Threatened Them, 'Head on a Pike'
Schiff claimed on the floor of the Senate that the President Donald Trump threatened GOP senators their “head on a pike” if they voted against him.

ZOG and its minions are always delusional because delusion works (until facts and reality intrude):
Trey Gowdy - "Adam’s ordinarily not that stupid but when you tell the jury, the Senate, on one day that they’re corrupt and then you tell the American people they cannot be trusted to pick the commander in chief, that’s just a wildly stupid trial strategy"

Marxist-Zionist Jews flex their racist muscles in America:
Brooklyn Synagogue to Host "Antifa" Rock Concert and Fundraiser, by Eric Striker
The Jewish community in Brooklyn has been in the national headlines lately, claiming that their houses of worship are unsafe. Massive marches, escalating NYPD surveillance and large federal grants to Jewish institutions have been dispatched in response. The decision of a Synagogue to invite soccer hooligans to host an “antifa” punk rock concert featuring bands with lyrics calling for terrorism and murder to raise money for a violent criminal makes their claims of feeling unsafe suspect, to say the least. None of the organizations involved are hiding what they’re about.

Fake-liberals and neocons hate that warped ZOG was forced out of the closet under Trump. They thought the censorship and wars for ZOG could go on forever, blaming whites the entire time:
The Israelization of US foreign policy
The foreign policy of the US during the three years of the Donald Trump administration has undergone a slow change. It has gradually departed from international norms and carried out clear violations of the legal and ethical standards the country had previously championed. While some of these changes can be clearly identified as pro-Israel in the Middle East conflict, other policies that have no direct relation with Israel appear to have adopted both the style and the justifications that Tel Aviv has often used to defend its actions that are contrary to international laws and norms.
Liberal Stockholm Syndrome whites sleeping with the ZOG enemy have become poor custodians of Western Civ:
The Marginalization of White People, by Paul Craig Roberts
Thinking about this new constraint on the creativity of white writers, I realized that little of the great literature that we have could have been written under this rule. For example, Shakespeare could not have written Othello. One wonders if this is a two-way street. Are black writers banned from having white characters in their novels? Would this also be cultural intrusion, trespassing or imperialism? Probably not. This seems to be yet another offense of which only white people can be guilty.

China on the brink:
Dramatic Hong Kong Data Predicts Coronavirus Outbreak Infecting 150,000 Every Day
Many virologists believe that the seafood market in Wuhan, which was closed right after the Coronavirus outbreak was publicized, was the start of the outbreak in the region. On January 26, however, a new report surfaced and it claimed that the Wuhan seafood market may not have been the root cause of Coronavirus. The report emphasized that the seafood market was most certainly the distribution point of the virus, but it was not the place where the virus first emerged.

Did the Chinese government steal its own death sentence?
Is coronavirus a manufactured bioweapon that Chinese spies stole from Canada?

In 2019, a mysterious shipment sent from Canada to China was found to contain hidden coronavirus, which Chinese agents working at a Canadian laboratory reportedly stole, obviously without permission. Reports reveal that these Chinese agents were working undercover for the Chinese Biological Warfare Program, and may have infiltrated North America for the sole purpose of hijacking this deadly virus in order to unleash it at a later date.

Unrefined Chinese pay the price for indulging their own base appetites:
Is Another Black Death on the Way?, by Eric Margolis
China must also be pressed to cease its dangerous, inhumane trade in exotic wild animals and urged to treat all animals with humanity and care. China is a major cause of species loss. Aside from a few brave animal rights groups, there is very little consciousness of our animal neighbors in China nor understanding that animals are sentient beings with emotions similar to those of humans. The Chinese are one of the most intelligent people on earth. Yet when it comes to animals, all they see is walking food.

Speaking of base appetites:

But the EU is just pursuing the self-destructing globalist agenda imposed on them by ZOG-USA!?!
New EU Report on Integration Misses the Point
The most conspicuous aspect of the report is how it insists that integration of people who have come mainly from the Middle East and Africa is merely an issue of ensuring that the rights that they are entitled to under EU and national laws be fulfilled and everyone will live happily ever after. It takes a lot of denial of the facts to reach such a conclusion....

Stockholm Syndrome whites "self-terminating" by black hand of ZOG:
The Death of European Peoples
Europe no longer exists except as a geographical entity. The peoples have been debased into a Tower of Babel. The “leadership” of Europe actually stands with the immigrant-invaders against the European peoples who are ceasing to exist. The same is happening to Americans. All white people have been thrown into the trash bin of history. And they accept it. They are too afraid not to. If they object, they are branded “white supremacists,” “racists,” and “Trump deplorables.” White people won’t support their own kind. Every other race does. Thus, white people are self-terminating.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Henry Kissinger-designed Petrodollar scheme (to pay for Israel and Empire) has put us on the brink

The answer lies in the fact that the Saudi state is at the center of US efforts to maintain the dollar as the world's reserve currency, and to ensure global demand for US debt. The origins of this system go back decades.

SWIFT merely an apparatus of US empire:
The World Looks to Abandon the Dollar as US Sanctions Tighten Their Grip
Naturally, Russia and China have been highly motivated to find alternatives to SWIFT. But even perennial US allies have grown far more wary of leaving the financial system in a place where it can be so easily dominated by the US regime. If Iranian banks can be "unplugged" so easily from the global system, what's to stop the US from taking similar steps against German banks, French banks, or Italian banks?

Expect Iran and U.S. to Conduct Escalating Proxy War Across Iraq
There have long been signs that Trump, at the prodding of neocons in his administration, has been anxious for a pretext to get into a shooting war with Iran, something that would please his close friends, Saudi leader Mohammed bin-Salman and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, who is under criminal indictment and is seeking a third term in office... Soleimani’s killing will galvanize anti-American elements and silence Iraqi millennials, who wanted change. In Iran, the killing will have the same effect on young people opposed to the regime.

Whose War Is It Anyways?
General Trump’s footprints now stretch from DC all the way to the minarets of Tehran. And as a business man he’s now CEO of Murder Inc.
The U.S. allegation that Iran is in violation of the Iran Deal is an Israeli manufactured lies fabricated in Israel and disseminated by global Zionist propaganda organs, including the most racist Zionist propaganda organs: the BBC, the Murdoch Press, Fox News, the Guardian, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, CNN, and CBC, among others. For decades, Iran has been the target of a vicious and hostile Zionist propaganda campaign of distortion and demonization, including the demonization of Muslims and Islam.

But when will the Hebrew billionaire acknowledge his racist Zionist privilege?
Bloomberg Acknowledges "White Privileges", Apologizes For Saving Thousands Of Black And Brown Lives

Now, Bloomberg has managed to convince people of color to begrudgingly vote for him before (he was a three-term mayor of New York City), but in order to win them over on the national stage, Bloomberg's crack team of campaign strategists has convinced him to go full-on SJW and admit to his white privilege, according to Politico and Axios.

Bernie's band of Bolshevik fanatics hot to set up an American Gulag:
Project Veritas: Bernie Sanders Campaigner Says 'Guillotine the Rich' 

In another part of the video, Weissgerber attempts to downplay the horrors of the Soviet Union’s gulags and fantasizes about Republicans being imprisoned in “re-education camps.” “What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the re-education camps,” he says. “Can you imagine Mitch McConnell? Lindsey Graham?”

Trump and His Dark Triad Mental State
The latest in this series of unsavory characters is one Lev Parnas. Trump claims he has no idea who Parnas is. Not only did Trump’s father, Fred, hire Parnas back in 1988, but it was Donald Trump himself who introduced Rudy Giuliani to Parnas. Trump and Lev used to sell condos to Russian Jews together. They’ve known each other for years.

Impeaching Trump is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500:

Making Sense of the Impeachment Charges, by Paul Craig Roberts
Now, let’s suppose the Democrats are correct in order to see how inconsequential and commonplace the charge against Trump would be even if true. The United States government has historically, has always, and is forever telling foreign governments to do this or that or you won’t get any money. This is the commonplace behavior of the United States in its foreign policy, which is not based on normal diplomacy but on bribes, sanctions, threats, and, if the country does not comply, bombings and invasions.

“His plan for implementing and enforcing such a ban would be using local law enforcement and National Guard soldiers to gather guns,” the petition continues. “Doing so would also be taking privately owned weapons from the ones ordered to enforce the new law.” It would also be a violation of the protections of the Fifth Amendment that grants due process before one loses, among other things, their property. “Law enforcement and the citizen soldiers have taken oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States,” the petition adds. “Governor Northam’s proposition to ban privately owned and registered weapons would violate such an oath.”

Virginia Democrats Push Legislation to Make Criticism of Government Officials a Criminal Offense
The legislation makes it clear that the above provision applies directly to “the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia,” which means this legislation effectively criminalizes dissent against public officials.

It wasn’t only establishment leftist media organs like CNN and The Washington Post that attacked Sandmann. Neocons like Rich Lowry of National Review and young Ben Shapiro also initially jumped on the attack bandwagon, although they at least subsequently issued half-hearted apologies.

Germans were merely the warm-up. Now all Western whites are on the menu:

Top Jewish Scholar Admits Hitler Launched WWII To Stop 'World Jewry' From 'Annihilating Germany'
“In other words,” Bauer explained, “the Jewish capitalists who rule the West are Bolsheviks whose idea is to create a world war so that they can rule the whole world. This was a deeply held belief. And I argue that this was one of the main reasons for the outbreak of World War II, because that clearly identifies the aim — the threat of physical annihilation to German people and therefore preparation for war because otherwise it will be a terrible catastrophe.”

How America was -- and is -- indoctrinated:“1917”: A Fateful Reference to the Scofield Reference Bible
After World War I, the Scofield Reference Bible flew off the rack, exceeding two million copies by the end of World War II.[2] Hence the pointless carnage of the World Wars literally sold the Scofield Bible and its apocalyptic pro-Israel message. In other words, evidently the film 1917 itself serves as an esoteric celebration of the Scofield Bible, the carnage of the World Wars and the Christian Zionism it would birth. The reader should consider this carefully. Here we find a film made by an ostensibly enlightened, liberal Hollywood Jew, esoterically endorsing apocalyptic Christian Zionism. This is what we call the Caducean.

The Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement (BDS) aims to pressure Israel to comply with international law using methods that helped end apartheid in South Africa. The objective is to secure for Palestinians their fundamental right to full equality.

Jewish Congress launches campaign against 'antisemitism' (aka support for Palestinian rights)
The document proposes a deeply authoritarian structure controlling multiple aspects of society to coerce “tolerance,” and anyone who doesn’t get with the program would be taken care of, e.g. “Juveniles convicted of committing crimes listed in paragraph (a) will be required to undergo a rehabilitation programme conducive to a culture of tolerance.” Big Brother in the form of a “National Tolerance Monitoring Commission” would ensure that no one says or does anything that the Commission determines is “intolerant.”

Henry Herskovitz on Zionist Lawfare vs. 1st Amendment
Mr. Ackerman must have listened to former Israeli Education Minister Shulamit Aloni when she confessed to Amy Goodman about this name-calling Hasbara tactic: “Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country [the US] people are criticizing Israel, then they are antisemitic.”

‘Barbarians’ Sack Sweden
The once stable, prosperous, and homogeneous nation of Sweden has seen steadily rising levels of violence, crime including rape, and, shockingly, bombings and explosions in recent years, as unchecked migration and nationally suicidal policies have entirely transformed the Scandinavian nation.

"The ongoing daily threat caused by Muslim migrants and the radical left" ... AND open borders globalist capitalists:
WHOA! German Parliament members erupt in laughter as Angela Merkel vows to combat Muslim migrant crime by cracking down on “right wing extremists” 
“We want to combat all forms of violence,” replies Merkel, “for example by creating a large number of new positions in the fight against right-wing extremism.” Parliament members burst into laughter over the absurdity of Merkel’s response, who refused to recognize the ongoing daily threats caused by Muslim migrants and the radical left.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Self-absorbed and self-concerned liberals and neocons, their wars, and the fall of the West

Hype is, these days, all about the interaction of penises, of vaginas, or about the lack of such interactions. It is about one’s “identity” and about the right to change one’s gender. What you do with your private parts is much more important than billions of people who are forced to live in filthy slums. Surgery that is aimed at changing one’s gender is more newsworthy than the “regime changes” and consequent destruction of millions of human lives.

ZOG and Globalist liberal's relentless assault on Europe:
France Sees Surge of Rape, Murder, and Violence in 2019 
New statistics from the French Interior Ministry have revealed a significant increase in violent crimes with a 12 per cent rise in sexual violence and an 8.5 per cent rise in murders. The statistics, which were collected by the Interior Ministry’s statistics service SSMI, show that sexual violence increased by 12 per cent last year. In 2018, the increase had been even greater at 19 per cent, French newspaper Le Figaro reports.

Can the fall of post-WW2, ZOG-hijacked West result in renaissance of Christendom and rationalism?:

END GAME - The Fall of the West? 

This is what greedy open borders Globalist "liberals" are welcoming to America:
Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) Gang: Major Players in Sex-Slave Trafficking and More

Michelle Malkin censored, banned, harassed for fighting Globalist open borders agenda that greases the corrupt skids of academia:
Cancel culture strikes again: Banned in Maine 
In November, I was banned in Boston after speech-squelchers on the left and right forced the cancellation of my lecture at Bentley University, a small private institution. The grassroots activists who had invited me were rejected by every major event venue in the nation’s purported Cradle of Liberty. The tail-tuckers cited security concerns or jacked up their rental fees to make it prohibitively expensive to gather peacefully to discuss—gasp!—ideas.

University "logic" as applied by corrupt Globalists and their Antifa shock troops:

University refuses to let Antifa critic speak because Antifa has used violence against him | The College Fix
The University of British Columbia won’t let Andy Ngo speak because the Portland-based journalist “has been the target of violence in the past.” That’s seriously the taxpayer-funded university’s explanation for banning a scheduled campus event with the vocal critic of so-called antifascists, some of whom physically assaulted Ngo as he covered a protest in Portland.

Trump relates the story of Soleimani assassination to his wealthy Neocon-Zionist puppet masters:
Trump Suggests He Ordered Soleimani Killed For "Saying Bad Things About Our Country" 
High-dollar donors were gathered for a fundraiser at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, where Trump offered a play-by-play of sorts surrounding the decision-making behind the admittedly bold and risky move to strike the elite Iranian military leader via drone as he passed through Baghdad's international airport. Soleimani was “saying bad things about our country” prior to the US taking action, Trump described of his decision.

Schizo Zionist Trump and his Israel-first war on Iran temporarily opposed by schizo ZOG Deep State:

Larry C. Johnson: The Military and State Can’t Handle the Trump Truth
Trump’s a bad, crazy, deranged individual because he did not want to continue the failed policies of the last 20 years. That’s the complaint of these Deep Staters in a nutshell... The men who sat around the table also tried to thwart Trump on Iran.

Hebrew pedophile Dershowitz threatens to bring down his pedophile confederates in Deep State:
Dershowitz: I Have ‘Secret’ Epstein Emails That Will Put ‘Prominent People in Handcuffs’ 
During the interview, Dershowitz pushed back against allegations that he had sex with underage girls through billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. According to Dershowitz, who recently joined President Trump’s impeachment defense team, he is being framed and he has emails that will put “prominent people in handcuffs.”

Hebrew pervert Weinstein and his army of Mossad spies:
Harvey Weinstein And His Army of Spies 
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Weinstein and his army of spies | 60 Minutes Australia

Hebrew Dominance In The Study (And Uses) Of Public Opinion.

Stoking race war and white decline, ZOG indoctrinates liberals and useful idiots with Stockholm syndrome insanity:
White Child Attacked by Group of Blacks In 65% Black Memphis: the White Family Is More Upset with Reaction by White Community to the Racial Attack, Than the Black Racial Attack on Their Child 

How Expansive is FBI Spying?
Protecting the right of individuals to join together in groups to influence government policy is at the very heart of the First Amendment. Therefore, the FBI subjecting such groups to surveillance can violate the constitutional rights of everyone involved with the groups.

MUST READ: The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It
While the company was dodging me, it was also monitoring me. At my request, a number of police officers had run my photo through the Clearview app. They soon received phone calls from company representatives asking if they were talking to the media — a sign that Clearview has the ability and, in this case, the appetite to monitor whom law enforcement is searching for.

Dishonest and cowardly Hebrew NY Times propagandists won't own their own warmongering:

‘Iran’s proxies’ is dishonest and slanted description of ‘Iran’s allies’ 
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman made a contorted and dishonest argument for the “Iran’s proxies” interpretation right after the U.S. killed Iranian General Qassim Soleimani. (Friedman’s response was a sharp change from last May, when he was too cowardly to say a word as the Trump administration started moving dangerously toward war with Iran.)

Racist and misanthropic ZOG propaganda mouthpiece, NY Times targets a lone Trump supporter for being white and outspoken:

New York Times Smears Trump Supporter as 'White Nativist'
“Epic Trump Guy” attracted the attention of many journalists at the rally. There was no evidence reported at the time that would provide a basis for the Times to link him, then or now, to “white nativism” or “bigotry” in America.
Jew awakens to the anti-Constitutional true face of Zionist and Hebrew totalitarianism:
Jewish Voice For Peace poet details threats to freedom of speech by anti-BDS forces in U.S.

Hebrew totalitarian Bloomberg wages war against Constitution, wants only ZOG-sanctioned authorities to be armed:
Unbelievable: Bloomberg actually criticizes hero who gunned down church shooter in Texas
I mean what kind of maniac actually thinks it’s better to have a shooter run loose in a church than to have armed citizens being able to defend themselves?

Hewbrew hypocrite Schumer acts according to his nature:

Charles Schumer’s 1999 letter about impeachment comes back to bite him

Warren good on Wall Street corruption, bad on everything else:
Elizabeth Warren: From Crusader Against the Crime Syndicate to Stepford Wife of the DNC
She was brilliant at explaining to lay persons how banks manipulated toxic mortgages and derivatives to collect huge fees while passing along the risk to others. Though the topics were complex, she tried her best to shed light on the hidden cesspools polluting our economic systems. She did this while everyone else told us “it’s too complex explain, move along.”

Reassessing the "Good War" as conducted by the ZOG-hijacked US:

Eisenhower's Death Camps
The Western Allies deliberately murdered approximately 1 million disarmed German POWs by means of starvation, exposure, and illness. This Allied atrocity was first publicly exposed in 1989 in the book Other Losses by James Bacque. Dr. Ernest F. Fisher, Jr., a retired colonel in the U.S. Army and a distinguished army historian, wrote the Foreword to the updated version of Other Losses.

Remarks on the US/China “Trade Deal”, by Paul Craig Roberts
Tariffs are not an effective way to bring offshored US manufacturing home. If Trump or any US government wants to bring US manufacturing back to the US from its offshored locations, the way to achieve this result is to change the way the US taxes corporations. The rule would be: If a US corporation produces in the US with US labor for US markets, the firm’s profits are taxed at a low rate. If the corporation produces products for the US market abroad with foreign labor, the tax rate will be high enough to more than wipe out the labor cost savings.

Putin claims to be acolyte of anti-Communist legend Solzhenitsyn, yet pushes Marxist-ZOG propaganda:
Putin Rewrites WWII History and Pushes Stalinist Propaganda
A diplomatic row has emerged between Russia and Poland, after scandalous comments by Russian President Vladimir Putin emerged, in which he claimed that the invasion of Poland on the 17th of September 1939 was “necessary because the Polish government lost control of the country” and bizarrely claimed that the Soviet invasion “saved many lives”. He further went on to accuse Poles of “negotiating with Hitler” and complained that the Poles have been dismantling Red Army memorials.