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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Trump resists another neocon attempt to maneuver US into war with Iran

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss U.S. President Trump’s statement signaling an end to military hostilities between the United States and Iran, following, what has been confirmed to be, a symbolic Iranian missile strike on American military targets within Iraq.

PEPE ESCOBAR: Trump to De-Escalate: Intel Source 
According to my source, who is very close to the Qatari royal family, Trump actually sent a message to Tehran via the emir. The message has two layers. Trump promised sanctions would be cancelled if there were no retaliation from Tehran (something that Trump simply wouldn’t have the means to assure, considering the opposition from Capitol Hill) ; and there would be de-escalation if Tehran came up with a “proportional” response. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif described the Iranian missile strikes as a “proportional response”. That may explain why Trump did not go on TV on Tuesday night in the U.S. to announce total war – as much as neocons may have been wanting it.

Undead Zionists flatter Trump, using centuries-old tricks to advance their agenda:
Yahweh, who “roused Cyrus’ spirit” and “grasped him by his right hand,” stands, of course, for “Jewish Power”. Netanyahu hailed Trump as a modern-day Cyrus on several occasions, and his enthusiasm was echoed on Fox News, when Jeanine Pirro declared: “Donald Trump recognizes history. He, like king Cyrus before him, fulfills the biblical prophecy…” Trump was like Cyrus again in March 2019, when he signed a decree recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights (top photo). It inspired Miriam Adelson, wife of Trump’s biggest donor, to comment that the President deserves his “Book of Trump” in the Bible.[2] Israel’s history is always biblical, one way or another.

War is satanic Big Brother's road to wealth and power:

The Talmudists gather to manifest war:
Of course, they weren’t merely celebrating the Talmud — they were really there to celebrate the “triumph” of the “jewish will” to dominate not only America but all of Christendom, their sworn enemy which their “holy” Talmud makes abundantly clear.

Zionists want America to fight another war for Israel:
Killing Inside Iraq to Punish Iran, by Philip Giraldi 
Can it be far off to suggest that Israel might have been the source of the alleged intelligence suggesting that Soleimani was involved in planning to kill more Americans? It is certainly plausible to think so, particularly as it appears the Soleimani might have been in Baghdad to discuss a Saudi proposal to lessen tensions in the region. Ironically, Donald Trump knew about the proposal and had reportedly encouraged the possibility of some form of detente. Israel, however, is not interested in lessening tensions and would rather see the United States go to war with and destroy Iran.

Trump wins another round over ZOG Dems:
WWIII? Stocks Hit New Highs on Day After Iran Fires Missiles at US Bases in Iraq 
Stocks rose today in early trading following the Iranian regime’s attacks on US bases in Iraq.
Then after President Trump’s measured response to the missile strikes stocks soared! The pro-war Democrats were SO HOPING President Trump would have escalated the rhetoric with the evil Iranian regime. But that did not happen.

Comcast's (((Roberts))) clan has MSNBC shill for Zionists, blame Iran attack on whites:

The Gateway Pundit: MSNBC Katie Tur is OUTRAGED After President Trump Delivers Speech with “Stern White Military Men” 

Captialist tool Forbes conceals the Roberts clan:
Oops: Forbes Forgets Comcast’s Roberts Family on Its Richest Families List
So we found it a little odd that the Roberts family — as in the founders of Comcast, aka the largest cable company in the world and owner of NBCUniversal — didn’t appear on the list. After all, CEO Brian Roberts is alone worth $1.2 billion, and surely his father, founder Ralph, still has a bit of money tucked away. “Ah,” began Kerry Dolan, co-editor of the Forbes list, when we contacted her about the omission. “That one, we probably should have included. We probably just missed him. This is a new list for us, and when you do new things, they’re not always perfect.

ZOG "liberal" media trying to bait Trump into war with Iran for Israel:
TDS on full display: Demorats spread Iranian propaganda about U.S. troops killed 
”Reckless for MSNBC to mention Iran claiming 30 US service members were killed when US officials are saying no casualties at this time.” From Raw Story: “30 US soldiers killed in Iraq ballistic missile attacks: Iran state media”

Big Brother Neocons trying to force Trump into resurrecting the draft:
Security Analyst: U.S. Ground Invasion of Iran Would Require Military Draft 
“This was a symbolic strike. It was an escalation to de-escalate. These missiles were not supposed to cause any casualties. We haven’t got a damage assessment yet but they were probably not even meant to cause significant damage,” said Sleboda. However, if the neo-cons within the Trump administration get their way and fool the president into signing off on a ground invasion of Iran, this would require the reinstatement of the draft, something that hasn’t been in place since 1973.

ZOG-front Antifa:
"Anarchist" Antifa rallies to the defense of elitist insiders 
Antifa stages violent rally in support of German state-run media.

Bill Clinton with ZOG insider Epstein and his underage sex slaves: In another image he has his arm round Epstein's personal masseuse and sex slave Chauntae Davies - who had been ordered to wear a 'pilot' shirt to look professional... Now, for the first time, Chauntae Davies has revealed the extraordinary details of Clinton's long distance flight to Africa with Maxwell and a number of other celebrities. The star-studded group – which included actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker – visited Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Mozambique, Johannesburg and Cape Town in a five-day humanitarian trip.

Corrupt Brit elite continue dark alliance with (((Lord Janner's))) sick ZOG gang:
Lord Janner inquiry: No criminal charges to be brought - BBC News 
Nick Stanage, who represents 14 alleged victims, had called for no further delays, but IICSA chair Alexis Jay later decided she did not want the inquiry to risk "undermining those investigations". On Thursday a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) spokesperson said: "Having carefully reviewed all the available material, the legal test for a prosecution was not met."

CNN pays up. More corrupt-liberal media on deck:
CNN Settles Covington Catholic Defamation Case, But Other Big Media Still In The Crosshairs.
While CNN is now out of the case, Sandmann’s lawsuit against the Washington Post and NBC continues, and soon there will be some new defendants, according to McMurtry. McMurtry told The Federalist his team will soon name Gannett, the owner of the Cincinnati Enquirer, as an additional defendant. Sandmann’s lawyers are also considering claims against ABC, CBS, The Guardian, Huffington Post, NPR, and Slate, as well as several smaller media outlets. McMurtry noted that during Tuesday’s scheduling conference, Sandmann’s legal team assured the judge that additional defendants would be added in the next 30 – 40 days.

Sandmann Settles With CNN 
In this instance, I am pretty sure that it was CNN, one of the main malefactors, that didn’t want the world to know how much it paid Sandmann as a result of its pathetically biased reporting. Now Sandmann’s lawyers can use CNN’s contribution, likely in the mid six figures, to fund their ongoing battle against the Washington Post, NBC and any others who slandered the boy. That is how the system works, and in this case, it appears to be working for the good.

Have wars for Israel caused Muslim terror blowback in Anglosphere?
Muslim Teen Accused of Starting Aussie Grass Fire Laughs As He Leaves Court on Tuesday 
The brothers set off fireworks that started the park on fire. They were arrested at a fast food restaurant. Fadi Zraika was seen laughing as he left court on Tuesday.

Anglosphere made the mistake of getting into bed with treacherous, double and triple dealing ZOG and the politicos who front for them:
Here Comes The Flood: Justin Trudeau's Plan To Diversify Rural Canada With Foreign Immigrants 
Politicians have tried to sell this initiative as being crucial to the economy, but ultimately resorted to making appeals to the importance of instantiating diversity, reminding Canadians that reducing the proportion of European Canadians in the population, AKA "diversity", is somehow Canada's greatest strength. It's also obviously a lie that they are trying to import skilled labor, since the RNIP requires only a high school equivalent education and an incredibly low score on the English language proficiency test.

America's dance with the Marxist-Zionist devil goes way back:
Rescuing World War II, Chapter II 
Josef Stalin is widely acknowledged to be one of the world’s most ruthless dictators and one of the greatest mass murderers in all of history. Despite Stalin’s criminal record, Franklin D. Roosevelt was a good friend of Josef Stalin. Roosevelt indulged in provocative name-calling against the heads of totalitarian nations such as Germany, Italy and Japan, but never against Stalin or the Soviet Union.1 Roosevelt always spoke favorably of Stalin, and American wartime propaganda referred to Stalin affectionately as “Uncle Joe.”

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