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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where the American Founders went wrong, and how today's Americans can remedy their errors

(By Chris Moore) -- America was founded upon some radical individual rights and citizen rights principles and ideals in violent and bloody rebellion against British Imperialism and other corrupt and oppressive institutions, but it seems the imperialists and other money-worshiping elements over time have clawed their way back to the top and are again imposing their elitist, psychotic and authoritarian will.

It doesn't seem to matter what kind of institution it is: religious, nationalist, governmental, corporatist, bureaucratic...over time, the most cunning, ruthless, cut-throat and unprincipled personalities will fight their way up the ladder, and once they're at the top, they will continue to engage in the tactics that brought them there, which inevitably corrupts the politic of that institution and betrays the ideals it was founded upon.

The U.S. and every nation needs a system that cultivates an elite that is well versed in, understands, and is dedicated to the kind of principles that once made America great, and once created the largest middle class in the history of the world.

In tandem with this must be mechanisms that ruthlessly purge sociopaths and other cut-throats "leaders" who put their personal fortunes, tribal fortunes, corporate fortunes, fiefdoms, bureaucracies, etc. above the best interests of the body politic vis-a-vis the core ethical and moral principles upon which the nation was built when the two come into conflict.

There will always be corrupting, degenerating, ear-whispering shysters and Shylocks out there doing their worst in order to claw their way to the top and destroy those with honor, nobility and integrity to "prove" that their own cut-throat pseudo-ethics and amorality are the only and inevitable way of the world and that salvation comes through bloody conquest and subordination of the "lower classes"...a premise embraced by British Royalty, Imperialists and Loyalists and violently rejected by the Founders

Whether it's elitism, ambition, greed, egoism, gangsterism, delusions of grandeur or vengeance that drives the psychosis that afflicts these predators matters little; what's important is facing the reality that they truly are psychotic.

But a healthy system, one that can endure the inevitable attacks and threats that this ilk presents, finds and cultivates a means to identify the predators, purge them, and keep them expelled on a permanent basis.

The mechanisms that do this must be incorporated into the core principles of the nation, and themselves cultivated.

The mistake that the Founders made was a) not drawing upon their own backgrounds to identify a code of ethics and morality that could be incorporated into the nation's founding documents to serve as a basis to build upon and b) not establishing de-centralized mechanisms for cultivating and propagating this code throughout society, all of which could have served to repel the predatory sociopaths and kept them away from the levers of power and on the margins of society where they belong.

If America is to be "reborn" into a nation capable of remedying these errors, it's going to have to go through considerable upheaval and turmoil in order to ream the corrupt detritus that has accumulated over the course of many years and that has coagulated in the veins of the national body politic and is now simultaneously feeding upon the lifeblood of the nation to enrich itself while binding the overwhelming majority down in oppressive and authoritarian autocracy.

It must then forge a system of ethics and moral principles that can be implemented to prevent exactly what has happened to America over the last 100 years or so from every happening again by turning inharmonious, self-serving predators and parasites, be they individuals or collectives, into persona non grata, and quickly ushering them out of the American body politic lest their cancerous, ruinous, and ultimately fatal toxins reinfect the system.