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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Giuliani advisor extols virtues of Palestinian suffering; are Americans next?

(By Chris Moore, -- Featured in Jewish World Review and headlined ‘The Benefits of Palestinian Economic Collapse,’ one of Rudy Giuliani’s large coterie of Neocon advisers wrote in a recent article that the more Palestinians suffer, the better off they are.

Daniel Pipes, the founder of the McCarthyite group Campus Watch, a thought-police organization that that monitors academia for criticism of Israel, had the following to say about the virtues of subjecting Palestinians to privation:

‘For Palestinians, hope derives from a perception of Israeli weakness, implying an optimism and excitement that the Jewish state can be eliminated. Conversely, when Palestinians cannot see a way forward against Israel, they devote themselves to the more mundane tasks of earning a living and educating their children. Note that the Palestinian economy peaked in 1992, just as, post-Soviet Union and post-Kuwait war, hopes bottomed out to eliminate Israel.’

‘Exhilaration, not hardship, accounts for bellicose Palestinian behavior. Accordingly, whatever reduces Palestinian confidence is a good thing. A failed economy depresses the Palestinians' mood, not to speak of their military and other capabilities, and so brings resolution closer.’

If destroying Palestinian morale had a positive correlation toward resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, certainly the entire decades-long mess would have been settled years ago. The Jewish state has premeditatedly, sadistically and steadily strangled the life from the Palestinian people since its inception in 1948. For decades, Palestinians have suffered at the whim and mercy of Washington-funded Zionist troops who have systematically turned the occupied territories into a Jewish-administered gulag camp in an effort to drive Arabs out of the Levant and secure a firm foothold for an expansion-minded Jewish empire.

Jewish Zionist Pipes goes on at length in his article about how poor and inept the Palestinian economy is and how relatively prosperous the Jews living right next door are (the clear implication being that Palestinians are too backward and primitive to conduct their own economic affairs) without mentioning the billions in currency and material welfare injected into the Israeli economy annually by the Israel-lobby bought US Congress, the fact that the Jewish economy derives much of its lifeblood through exploiting the cheap labor of its non-Jewish second class citizens, and the fact that the Israeli government does everything within its power to wreck the Palestinian economy at each and every opportunity available.

No doubt the economies at Dachau and Belsen weren’t too hot, either.

But what really fascinated me about Pipes’ article is his Judeofascist thought-process. Like nearly all Judeofascists, he employs the same kind of logic as that used by Big Brother in Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. Recall the Party’s three main slogans: WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. In the case of the Palestinians, Pipes apparently wants to add: PRIVATION IS PROSPERITY.

And I don’t believe that Pipes’ mindset towards Palestinians in particular and gentiles in general is uncommon among Jewish Zionists.

Recently in Philip Weiss’s blog Mondoweiss, the author lamented of his fellow American Jews that “as an autonomous ethnic group, we are accountable only to ourselves. It's completely out of step with millennial America, where Jews are part of the establishment and have true power, the ability to influence others' lives. It would be nice to see more responsibility.”

My response in the Comments section of that blog is relevant to the discussion of the mindset of Pipes and other Jewish-American Zionists:

‘Dream on, Phil. You yourself recently cited an AJC poll that (despite unconditional support for Israel for decades, to great US tragedy and detriment) found that 87% of US Jews still see American anti-Semitism as "a very serious problem" or "somewhat of a problem" and found that 91% of US Jews expected anti-Semitism around the world to "stay the same," "increase somewhat," or "increase greatly."

‘Fear and loathing, paranoia and neurosis obviously isn't the result of anti-Semitism in America; they are obviously conditioned into the Jewish people by organized Judaism itself for its own purposes. And you want that irrational, paranoid, neurotic collective filled with fear and loathing of the gentiles that surround it to act "responsibly" toward people that they believe mean them harm? That itself is a fantasy.

‘Kevin McDonald is right: Due to their conditioned fear and hatred of gentiles, most Jews in America (unfortunately) comprise a "hostile elite."

‘This explains why America is having, and will continue to have, huge social, political and economic dislocation: a powerful minority within despises its neighbors, and on some level wants to see them suffer. It also apparently believes it is an imperative to extract as many resources as possible from them before those neighbors finally and inevitably turn on them so they can at least live comfortably in Israel with their extracted loot.’

The fact that the Giuliani campaign has so many Jewish Zionists advising it should scare a lot of Americans. The American Conservative recently did a cover story that took a close look at the Giuliani brain trust, and nearly all of them were fanatical Zionists. That disproportionate influence is not unlike the state of affairs in Washington, where much of US foreign policy is bought and paid for by the Israel lobby, and Congress is under heavy Zionist influence. Consequently, Washington has apparently internalized the Zionist mindset; its stubborn unwillingness to bring US troops home as demanded for months now by an overwhelming majority of Americans is a reflection of that.

The treacherous Jewish Zionist and philosemitic gentile elite that has Washington firmly in its grip has a deep-seated contempt not only for Palestinians, but apparently for Americans as well.

How long before it starts economically strangling Americans in order that ‘they devote themselves to the more mundane tasks of earning a living and educating their children’ and quit pestering Washington about sacrificing those same children to a Middle Eastern Jewish empire?

We are all Palestinians now.

Chris Moore is publisher of and