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Friday, January 03, 2020

Tucker Carlson warns Americans about escalation against Iran by neocon fifth column that lied US into Mideast wars

'They Are Liars, And They Don't Care About You': Tucker Slams Neocon Shills Pushing War With Iran
The Fox News host contended that those “demanding action against Iran” are the same people who demand that the American public ignores “the invasion of America now in progress from the South, the millions, the tens of millions of foreign nationals living among us illegally, the torrent, more significantly of Mexican narcotics that has killed and disabled entire generations of Americans.”

Is Pompeo a secret Zionist operative trying to get Americans killed to advance the Greater Israel agenda?
The question is whether President Trump is engaged with this policy at all or did Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Esper go off on their own, pull this trigger and then inform Trump and get him to accept this post hoc? Everywhere Pompeo goes one week winds up in flames the next anymore. When he visits a trouble spot which Israel and the neoconservatives he represents want destabilized, a miracle occurs the next week. Before this it was Lebanon and Iraq. This week it’s Ukraine. There is the threat of peace breaking out there with Russia and Ukraine agreeing to terms on both a gas and oil transit contract into Europe which Pompeo is dead set against. Will we see some attack on Ukrainian forces which break the peace and can be blamed on Russia?

Neocons propaganda experts know their dogma and how to use it:
Caitlin Johnstone: Neocon War Propaganda 101 - “Opposing Interventionism In Nation X Means You Love Nation X’s Government!”
Every time you speak out against western imperialism in a given nation or question western propaganda narratives about that nation’s government, you will inevitably be accused of loving that nation’s government by anyone who argues with you.

ZOG's war on American whites continues:

Pew Research Center Confirms the Great Replacement Is Happening: K-12 Public School Enrollment in USA Was 65% White in 1995; in 2018, Down to 48% White
From 65 percent white in 1995 to 48 percent white in 2018. This is the percentage of whites (and the dramatic drop in percentage of whites) for K-12 public schools from 1995 to 2018. The Great Replacement is real, and is nothing less than state policy.

Biden and ZOG-left continue their war on the working class:

Joe Biden Urges Displaced Coal Miners to 'Learn' to Code

You don't have to imagine the reaction if President Obama had trash-talked Appalachia
The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein wondered what the reaction would have been had President Obama gone on a similar rant about Appalachia... Like, imagine if Obama had painted rural Americans as bitter, frustrated people clinging to their guns and religion.

Deep State in civil war and the American people are casualties, from 9/11 inside job to Big Brother spying:

Two Possibilities in Trump Wiretapping, and Neither Is Good
Either your nation's premiere law enforcement agency was breathtakingly incompetent when the stakes were the highest, or select officials in that organization made deliberate decisions to break the law, undermine the Constitution, and illegally spy on a fellow American. 

Neocon McCain exposed in Deep State treachery:

IG Report Reveals Steele Funneled Claims Through John McCain After FBI Dropped Him
The IG report also verifies that a McCain aid obtained the Steele reports directly from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, meaning that when McCain transferred the anti-Trump charges to Comey he had to have known that the material originated with a firm that specializes in controversial opposition tactics. Fusion GPS was paid for its anti-Trump work by Trump’s primary political opponents, namely Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) via the Perkins Coie law firm.

Marxists-Globalist MSM conceal the disaster that is California:

AP: California Has Most ‘Mass Slayings’ in 2019 Despite Stringent Gun Control 
An Associated Press (AP) column looking back on violence in 2019 notes that California has more gun control than any state yet witnessed the most “mass slayings” of any state. The AP notes that most most slayings “barely became national news, failing to resonate among the general public because they didn’t spill into public places.” They point to the El Paso, Texas, shooting; the Dayton, Ohio, shooting, and others as examples of mass slayings that did make news and captured attention nationally.

The rogue (ZOG cell) NY Fed just rigged a transfer of a quarter billion US taxpayer dollars to its favorite oligarch:

The Fed Has Made Jamie Dimon $250 Million Richer Through Its Repo Loans
One has to seriously wonder just how much the New York Fed can get away with before Congress decides to investigate.

(((Roberts clan)))-controlled Comcast and their talking head propagandist Rachel Maddow taken to court:

Maddow Meltdown: In Defense To OAN Lawsuit, Host Argues Her Words Are Not Facts
Back in September, we reported that TV network OAN had filed a lawsuit against Rachel Maddow for the time the host said that OAN “really, literally is paid Russian propaganda.” Now, Maddow finds herself having to come up with a defense for her statement in court. And she has also apparently hired Lionel Hutz as her legal adviser...OAN's lawsuit claims that Maddow's comments were retaliation after OAN President Charles Herring accused Comcast of censorship. The suit said that Comcast refuses to carry its channel because “counters the liberal politics of Comcast’s own news channel, MSNBC.”

In corrupted US, Muslim crook forced to turn herself into Zionist:

‘Her theft knew no bounds’: First Muslim woman elected to PA Legislature resigns in shame
Movita Johnson-Harrell seemed to take pride in her position as the first Muslim woman elected to the Pennsylvania State Legislature. Now that record will forever have an asterisk next to it, as Johnson-Harrell has turned herself in to Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro's office, pleading guilty on charges of perjury, record-tampering, and embezzling over $500,000 in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security disability funds, as well as donations to Motivations Education and Consultation Associates (MECA), a charity she established to allegedly serve the mentally ill and drug addicted poor in her predominately African-American neighborhood.

British ruling class forced by citizens to abandon EU, but clings to anti-Russian agenda; opportunistic banker-stooge Macron vies for control of EU:
Did Macron and Johnson Negotiate a Hard Brexit in October?
British neoconservatives, which Johnson represent, want to continue fighting against a resurgent Russia. Macron and Merkel want rapprochement. Brexit, in the end, may be more about the return of the special relationship between the U.S. and the U.K. while Europe splits itself off as an independent beast.

From the medieval papacy to the Marxist-Globalist "modern," they've always underestimated nationalism:

Nationalism is transforming the politics of the British Isles, by Patrick Cockburn
To the British political class, the EU obviously enhanced the political and economic strength of its national members. As beneficiaries of the status quo, they were blind to the fact that much of the country had failed to gain from these good things and felt marginalised and forgotten. The advocates of supra-national organisations since the mediaeval papacy have been making such arguments and have usually been perplexed why they fail to stick. They fail to understand the strength of nationalism or religion in providing a sense of communal solidarity, even if it is based on dreams and illusions, that provides a vehicle for deeply felt needs and grievances. Arguments based on simple profit and loss usually lose out against such rivals.

NY Times Zionist propagandist Brett Stephens brags that Jews are a superior race:
Palestinians can have human rights when they start winning Nobel Prizes — Bret Stephens
There is a big controversy unfolding over Bret Stephens’s latest column, in which he says that the secret of Jewish genius is that Jews are more imaginative moral thinkers than anyone else. Even Fox News is saying that it is racist, and quoting Sen. Brian Shatz saying that the column crossed a line... When Stephens says that Jews are better thinkers, and uses explicitly moral terms (highmindedness) he invites a full-on scrutiny of Israel’s immoral record and the U.S. Jewish community’s overwhelming complicity in those crimes.

Fake-"liberal" Jews can't hide what they are, paint themselves into corner with adherence to Israel:
Jews are safe ‘walking around the West Village’ only because Israel exists — Bari Weiss of ‘NYT’
Using religious justifications for social rights is anathema in American liberal political discussions; and yet liberal Jews have now been painted into that religious corner by Zionism itself.

NY Times' propaganda on Jewish choseness fails empirical smell test:

Jewish Brilliance: Synthetic Like Zirconia, by Eric Striker
The New York Times recently published an opinion piece by its gun-grabbing, open borders in-house “conservative” columnist Bret Stephens asserting that Ashkenazi Jews are an elite race by nature of their superior hereditary, culture and soul.

Corrupt, Jewish controlled left maintains warmongering ZOG status quo:
Burg, Soros and the ‘Jew-niversal’, by Gilad Atzmon
Within the ‘Jew-niversal’ dream the world is broken into an amalgam of cosmopolitan identities set to fight each other instead of fighting Wall Street and the City. In the ‘Jew-niversal’ reality, the Left is maintained by an arch capitalist ‘philanthropist.’

ZOG bankers plundered the remnants of Russia that ZOG Marxists destroyed:
An American Oligarch's Dirty Tale Of Corruption
For anyone familiar with the history of the Soros Open Society Foundations in Eastern Europe and around the world since the late 1980’s, will know that his supposedly philanthropic “democracy-building” projects in Poland, Russia, or Ukraine in the 1990’s allowed Soros the businessman to literally plunder the former communist countries using Harvard University’s “shock therapy” messiah, and Soros associate, Jeffrey Sachs, to convince the post-Soviet governments to privatize and open to a “free market” at once, rather than gradually.
The Washington Post editorial board spelled out Friday what most conservatives already know to be true: Democrats can get away with anything. Not only that, they can be applauded for getting away with it by their friends in the media. Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia continues to claim he’s not in the blackface photo that appears on his yearbook page despite statements from the yearbook staff that photos were submitted in sealed envelopes by students. The Post essentially offers Northam an apology for ever holding him responsible.

Black "terrorists" vs. Zionists: 

NY Gov Cuomo Calls Jewish Machete-Attack "An Act Of Domestic Terrorism"
OJPAC also noted that "the perp's face was partially covered with a scarf but skin showed him to be an African American." New York Attorney General Letitia James tweeted support for the Jewish community shortly after the reported attack.

It finally dawns upon blacks that racist Jews and Judeo-"Christian" Zionists--not whites--were the enemy all along:

We Thought They Were White -- An African-American apologizes for missatributed perceptions of white racism against blacks perpetrated by Jews
I was brought up in a culture deeply infused with propaganda designed to lay the blame for all of the black race's ills on the white man. It was not until I began looking into the actual history of blacks, whites, and other races in America, that I came to realize that many if not most of the resentment that African-Americans harbor regarding our long history of abuse and exploitation has been intentionally misdirected by those who are most responsible for it, to shift the blame away from themselves as a people onto the white race who they regard as their enemies.

Open borders Globalists at war with African American workers:

African Americans Are Taking Back Jobs Stolen By Illegal Aliens   
African Americans are taking back jobs that were stolen from them by illegal immigrants. In August, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers swept up 680 illegal immigrants during raids on seven food processing plants in Mississippi. Without the cheap labor, the companies were forced to hire Americans to do the work.

The Zionist basis for disastrous American lib-con Mideast policy, from Bush through Obama:
The Yinon Plan
It is cited as an early example of characterizing political projects in the Middle East in terms of a logic of sectarian divisions.[11] It has played a role in both conflict resolution analysis by scholars who regard it as having influenced the formulation of policies adopted by the American administration under George W. Bush,[12] and also in conspiracy theories according to which the article either predicted or planned major political events in the Middle East since the 1980s, including the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein, the Syrian Civil War and the rise of the Islamic State.

Jewish lobby brags that it has triangulated both parties in the US:

AIPAC Gloats About Owning American Politicians

A Jew reflects upon the immemorial brainwashing of his racist nation, culminating in Zionism:

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know where I was born
I was born in an aggressive place, where people spoke the language of force, yet projected that very trait upon the ‘Arabs’. And the hate for ‘Arabs’ has really been immense, if you listened to the private conversations where Jews thought other Jews agree. And we were awfully good at hiding that, because there is an understanding that we shouldn’t appear racist. I once confronted a ‘peace activist’ with the fact that she had personally told me she ‘hates Arabs’, and she denied it vehemently. The denial is another part of that societal psyche, it’s extremely heavy.

Divide and rule is killing the planet:

The External Costs of Human Activity Are Killing the Planet, by Paul Craig Roberts
It seems to me that the advocates of diversity could do much more good if they redirected their emphasis on replacing white people to saving the life of diversity on planet Earth. But this would require intelligence and empathy for all life, traits that are not abundant in the human population.

Gang warfare overtakes Sweden as Marxist-Globalist agenda proves disastrous:
Sweden Sees over 230 Bombings and Explosions in 2019

Marxist-Globalist war on Christians and whites:

Hungary Govt: Christians, Christian Culture Attacked Across Europe, World
The Hungarian government has warned that Christians and Christianity are increasingly being driven out of public life in Europe, as well as being persecuted around the world more viciously than any other religious minority.

Germany pushes back against Neocon/Globalist agenda:
Germany: A "Latent Sense of Insecurity"
"We have seen the consequences of this decision [unrestricted migration] in terms of German public opinion and internal security - we experience problems every day. We have criminals, terrorist suspects and people who use multiple identities... While things are tighter today, we still have 300,000 people in Germany of whose identities we cannot be sure. That's a massive security risk."

Europe is departing from ZOG-occupied Anglosphere and its disastrous Marxist-Globalist agenda:
Left lose the battle for hearts and minds
Despite massive funding and mainstream media sponsorship, the liberal-left face a bleak future as the far-right (ethno-nationalists) surge in popularity. Unnervingly for globalists, the left has lost to the far-right despite their opponents being stigmatised by media, deprived of funding and economically sanctioned, persecuted by state police whilst censored by Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, YouTube and Google. A report published by National Justice reveals that few young people, especially those in their twenties and thirties are considered to be liberals or centre-left. The well-funded Zionist Yoram Hazony concedes these concerns.

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