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Sunday, July 30, 2006

What will it be: Containment of Israel or World War III?

(By Chris Moore, -- Worldwide, the religion of Islam has about 1.3 billion adherents; Judaism has about 15 million.

The neocons, Judeo-Christian Zionists and Jewish nationalist Zionists (the three groups that make up Judeofascism in America) have always known that without American intervention, the long-term prospects for Israel in its current racialist incarnation are bleak. It is Jim Crow state of 7 million people, 77% of whom are Jews, who’s “democratic” government grants them privileged-class status over gentiles. And they reside amidst a sea of millions of gentile Muslims.

Additionally, the majority of Jewish Israelis (for a number of reasons, most of which have to do with sheer bigotry) despise those Muslims and have sought to root them out of their midst using government-organized terror and violence since Israel’s inception. (Occasionally, the Muslims have responded in kind.)

What, then, has become the phenomenon of a few million Jews (not including their fanatical Judeo-Christian allies) trying to take on an Islamic population many times their size is not unlike the early decades of the Soviet Union wherein a small minority of Jewish Communists joined with fanatical Marxist ideologues and used a powerful State to terrorize and murder millions of Christians, whom they also regarded as backward and inferior.

Because there were so many crypto Jewish nationalist in the upper echelons of the Communist Party in those days, critics of the Soviet Union, like critics of Israel today, were said to be “anti-Semitic” and opposed to the fair treatment for Jews that the Soviet state supposedly ensured. Not irrelevant to its current incarnation as a violently bigoted (national) socialist state, many Communist Jews later sought refuge from retaliation for their Soviet crimes against humanity in Israel, which welcomed them with open arms.

Like their statist Soviet pre-cursors, American Judeofascists have also operated by using a powerful central state and appropriating money and arms from its government to further their murderous cause. Only in this case, it’s the U.S. government; and Washington has been subsidizing Judeofascism for years at the behest of that movement’s various lobbies and lackey politicians in the form of aid to Israel. Most Muslims know this, as do most politically astute Americans.

And this is why America was attacked on 9/11.

On that fateful day, a group of Muslims, who believed they were acting on behalf of the dirt-poor Islamic masses, hit back against the country whose government has long supplied the resources used by Israeli Judeofascists to subjugate and murder them. They also hit back against the country whose government for years backed anti-Islamic Arab dictators like Saddam Hussein, who only after his invasion of Kuwait became an enemy of the U.S., mainly because it was feared he might one day also represent a threat to Jewish Israel and to oil-rich, U.S.-allied Arab tyrants. Today, our government still backs dictatorial Arab regimes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan because like Saddam, they too are willing to pit their Muslim sects against one another in order to rule over the entire internecine mess with an iron fist--for the right price.

The only surprise about 9/11 was the fact is that it took Islamic militants so long to strike back domestically at the U.S. government for financing Jewish and Arab-authoritarian terror for so many decades.

It is unfortunate that innocent Americans paid the price for this instead of the Judeofascists themselves. After all, the average American is only culpable for Washington’s inhumane policies against Muslims to the extent that he or she has allowed the tenacious Judeofascist lobby to coerce the U.S. government into financing this ugly state of affairs.

But then, as a tiny minority here (just as it was in the Soviet Union), that is part of the Judeofascist strategy: burrow deep into the general population that it hopes to one day leverage against its enemies, attain positions of power and influence and then act in its name so that when that population is retaliated against, the Judeofascist-instigators can paint the hit as an attack on the entire society itself.

In the Soviet Union, Judeofascist Communists routinely and arbitrarily singled out Christians for persecution. When Christians sometimes violently defended themselves, the Judeofascist called this a “counterrevolutionary” or “terrorist” attack on the entire State and used it as an excuse to bring the wrath of the Soviet system down upon all “bourgeoisie” Christians, whose main trespass was subscribing to Christianity. (“Anti-Semitism,” by the way, was declared a crime in the Soviet Union.)

Former Israeli prime minister and ongoing neocon darling Benjamin Netanyahu unwittingly hinted at this strategy at play in contemporary America when, after hearing about the 9/11 attacks, he blurted out that they were “a good thing for Israel.” He said this because he knew that they would provide an opportunity for Zionist Fifth Columnists in America to begin the process of co-opting the U.S. military on Israel’s behalf to bring its wrath down upon Islam.

Of course, today we know that the U.S. government has been riddled with Zionists for years, mostly of the Jewish nationalist stripe, who are inextricably intertwined with Israel. Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and Scooter Libby are but three examples of open Jewish nationalists then working in the upper echelons of the Bush administration who were instrumental in manufacturing the “evidence” that led to the Iraq war from their positions within the government. And openly Jewish nationalist media figures such as William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer and Mort Zuckerman (who has owned the New York Daily News, US News & World Report, and Atlantic Monthly), are but three examples of Zionists who were crucial elements in the lie-America-into-war operation from the mass media end.

They and hundreds of other Jewish nationalist Fifth Columnists all used their positions of influence and power to disseminate false evidence against Saddam, and then relied upon the countless Judeo-Christian Zionists residing across middle America to provide the localized “grassroots” Fifth Column necessary to perpetrate the fraudulent Iraq war upon the American people and the Iraqis themselves.

Some of these Fifth Columnists are traitors to America, others are merely useful idiots being manipulated on behalf of Judeofascism. But recall what nearly all of them were shouting from the rooftops in the run-up to war: Saddam Hussein is connected to 9/11; Saddam Hussein has WMD; Saddam Hussein is a threat to America. And so we invaded.

Unfortunately for them, like most fundamentally deceitful enterprises tend to, the war has gone poorly. And even their numbers haven’t been enough to prevent more earnest representatives of the government, the media and the general public from getting to the truth: all their claims were lies.

After the invasion, even George W. Bush was forced to admit that Saddam had no connection to 9/11. And the WMD hunters his own administration sent to Iraq concluded that none were there to be found.

What does this tell you? Are these honest people? Were their pre-Iraq war certitudes honest mistakes? Or did they knowingly send American troops to Iraq under false pretenses? Given that the false evidence against Saddam was manufactured and disseminated mostly by Zionists, the answer should be self-evident: many of them knowingly betrayed America. So the question becomes…why?

Some say to monopolize oil, some say to perpetuate the Keynesian military-industrial-complex. I believe there are elements of truth to both of those theories. But I also believe the primary motive--the only one driven by a powerful combination of religion, ambition, emotion and ideology--was Israel. And it would take such fundamental forces to inspire these elements to perpetrate the diabolical betrayals that they have.

The Judeofascists were (and still are) eager to get even more Americans killed than died on 9/11 by sending our troops to Iraq in order to escalate the battle against Israel’s Islamic enemies to ever-greater heights. I believe Israel and its Judeofascist emissaries want to force America and eventually the entire West into a world war against all of Islam. They want this “clash of civilizations” so that American troops will die in the battle instead of Israeli ones, and they want it in order to increase the power of the capital of Judeofascism, Israel, so it can spread its megalomaniacal racialist beliefs across the Middle East and perhaps to the corners of the globe.

They are willing to use the U.S. military to accomplish this; they are willing to use nuclear weapons to accomplish this; and they are willing to use your children to accomplish this.

Will you let them?

The only way to stop Judeofascism is to root its most tenacious representatives out of the U.S. government; and to root those loyal to the Israeli government, both Christian Zionist and Jewish nationalist, out of American civil society. Of those who were knowingly involved in the operation to lie America into war, some should be arrested for treason, others merely deported to Israel--which is their primary loyalty anyway. That way they can be contained there the same way Ronald Reagan contained Communist ideologues in the Soviet Union: through the use of carrots and sticks.

Recall that Reagan frightened the Marxists with strength, but gave them incentive to reform. The combination, applied over a number of years, was enough to defeat them before the confrontation escalated to an all-out nuclear exchange. The Judeofascists should be similarly contained through limited American carrots (drastically-reduced aid to what will become a skeleton Israeli state) in conjunction and partnership with the stick of Islam, which will continue to intimidate and frustrate their diabolical ambitions through constant, steady pressure. That way Israel’s continuing existence will be a function of its ability to get along with its Islamic neighbors instead of a function of its ability to murder and subjugate them.

The alternative is a war with Islam instigated by Judeofascism’s American Fifth Column, which has already proven itself capable of epic acts of deceit and betrayal. And there is no reason to believe that if left unchallenged, the Judeofascists will stop at anything less than world war.

In response to Hezbollah’s defense of Islam and Lebanon against Judeofascism’s latest onslaught, neocon Judeofascist Newt Gingrich has already called upon the Bush administration to declare World War III. And such calls will only continue, either until Judeofascism is contained, or until it gets its way and achieves a mass conflagration in the service of its sinister, racialist vision carried out under the guise of attaining Israeli “security.”

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