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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bush and the twopart

Bush and the two-party system’s outrageous insult to the will of the voters on Iraq

(By Chris Moore, -- “President George W Bush is poised to increase troop numbers in Iraq as part of a dramatic new strategy designed to regain control of Baghdad and suffocate the Sunni insurgency,” reports the British Telegraph.

"My gut tells me big – 30,000 to 50,000 or more troops,” said Stephen Biddle, a member of the neocon Council on Foreign Relations, following a meeting with Bush at the White House on Wednesday.

The latest Bush/neocon scheme to exploit yet more American troops on behalf of their three favorite causes--Empire, oil and Israel--is an outrageous insult to American voters who thought they had just purged the most treacherous warmongering factions from Congress in the November elections by eliminating the GOP majority that has written Bush a blank check on the Iraq war fiasco for the last three years.

Had the American people also been voting on the presidency, there is little doubt that Bush would have been shown the door as well. Unfortunately, they were not. And as it has in the past, having a Christian Zionist as Commander-in-Chief is again proving useful to those whose primary loyalties lie not with the American people, but with their own monetary and tribal religious ambitions.

Given the supine Democrats, who like so many of their two-party Washington GOP brethren have been bought of or intimidated by the Israel lobby and various other crass interests that couldn’t care less about the ultimate fate of the American people, it is little surprise that Bush and his coterie are so supremely confident that they can get away with yet another insulting act of warmongering chutzpah. In a sane political system, a Commander-in-Chief escalating a war by over 50,000 troops when the voters had just instructed their politicians to begin a drawdown would result in swift impeachment. Not so under America’s two-party political charade.

“Senior Democrats, who take control of both houses of Congress next year, have indicated they would support additional funds for U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, even though many want a phased withdrawal to begin in 2007,” reported Reuters recently in a story about Bush’s upcoming request for $100 billion more in war-making funds.

Democrats may have said they wanted a phased withdrawal beginning in 2007 in order to get elected, but given the huge influence of Jewish nationalist Zionists on the party (such figures as Rahm Emanuel, Joe Lieberman, and Chuck Schumer, to name just three), it is highly unlikely that such a withdrawal will ever take place on their watch. In fact, as a result of November elections, the number of Jews in the Senate rose from 11 to 13, and in the House of Representatives rose from 26 to 30; nearly all of the Jews elected from both parties are staunch Jewish nationalists financed with Zionist money.

Today we know that the entire invasion and occupation of Iraq was orchestrated not because of WMD or Iraq connections to 9/11 claimed by the Bush administration and members of Congress, but largely for the benefit of Israeli expansionism. So how likely is the new Congress, now even more under the sway of Jewish nationalist Zionists, to throw that spurious “achievement” away by withdrawing U.S. forces? Not likely at all, which explains Bush’s upcoming Iraq escalation--to be financed by “yes” votes on war spending from the new Democrat majority.

The only way Americans will ever achieve peace in their time is eliminate the two parties that host the agents of war for Empire, oil and Israel. America was attacked on 9/11 not because of its love of freedom and democracy, but because its politicians are controlled by special interests that pursue policies detrimental to the American people.

Is it really in the American people’s interests for their government to underwrite Israeli racism and expansionism in Palestine, the maintenance of authoritarian Arab regimes in surrounding countries, and guaranteed access to cheap oil by hugely profitable multinational conglomerates across the Middle East?

Of course not. But those initiatives, along with the military-industrial complex that hopes to profit from U.S. empire, are the true forces behind U.S. foreign policy that is destroying the very people it purports to represent.

So long as the U.S. operates under a political system wherein big money can be used to buy big government policy and political representation for foreign governments, the American people will not be in control of their own destiny--nor the destinies of their sons and daughters sent to fight and die for reasons other than what their professed “representatives” publicly proclaim.

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