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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why the Israel lobby and Judeofascism must be forsaken to restore liberalism -- and America

(By Chris Moore, -- March 08, 2007 -- Former CIA analysts Bill and Kathleen Christison’s latest exposé of the Israel lobby and the way it works is a fascinating journey through the Judeofascist organizational structure and its timeless ability to adapt, evolve and adjust to opposition and resistance, as well as exert a strong psychological control over Jews who don’t necessarily even subscribe to its insidious program of insinuation and subjugation.

Much of the Christison’s article challenges the intellectual acrobatics carried out by some on the left to maintain the fiction that US Mideast policy is dictated by U.S. imperial interests alone and that the Israel lobby holds little to no sway over its formulation. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence of the Israel lobby’s power (and evidence of its propensity to use that power to push U.S. Mideast interventionism on behalf of Israel) many of those liberals who should be the far-right lobby’s natural opponents are in such deep denial about its nature that they can’t begin to examine the subject objectively. This denial is largely the result of Judeofascism’s psychological control over the minds of many Jewish-American liberals, who are often Israel’s chief apologists on the left and thus end up running interference for its powerful lobby in the U.S. as well.

Opposition to Judeofascsism from the left and from liberals is an important subject because so much of the right has already been co-opted by the Judeofascist movement. “Christian” Zionists, large segments of big business and big oil, the military-industrial complex, and a large portion of the GOP (and more than a few Democrats) are already basically in the Judeofascist camp.

These groups’ tacit agreement with Israel and its lobby is as follows: You spearhead the fight to take America into World War III against Islam under the guise of the “war on terror” and “defending our ally Israel,” and we’ll push (and pay, through campaign contributions) for congressional acquiescence. Together, we’ll all get disgustingly rich in the processes. (Never mind that it will be at the expense of American taxpayers and the lives of countless US soldiers and innocent Muslims, who are expendable to the moneymaking ambitions of the Judeofascists and other ruthless factions of the U.S. elite).

The Christison’s list the arguments of well-known and influential left-leaning writers and academics Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and Stephen Zunes as epitomizing opposition from the left to the notion that the Israeli lobby tail is wagging the U.S. government dog. None of these writers are uncritical of Israel, but they are more inclined to blame the U.S. government for the actions of the Israelis than the Israelis themselves. On top of that, they cloud the fact that the Israeli government and much of the country’s private industry is deeply intertwined with the U.S. “political-corporate-military complex.”

“These critics do not dispute the existence of a lobby, but they minimize its importance, claiming that rather than leading the U.S. into policies and foreign adventures that stand against true U.S. national interests, as [Israel lobby critics] Mearsheimer and Walt assert, the U.S. is actually the controlling power in the relationship with Israel and carries out a consistent policy, using Israel as its agent where possible,” the Christison’s write.

“The tragedy of the present situation is that it has become impossible to separate Israeli from alleged U.S. interests ­ -- that is, not what should be real U.S. national interests, but the selfish and self-defined ‘national interests’ of the political-corporate-military complex that dominates the Bush administration, Congress, and both major political parties. The specific groups that now dominate the U.S. government are the globalized arms, energy, and financial industries, and the entire military establishments, of the U.S. and of Israel ­-- groups that have quite literally hijacked the government and stripped it of most vestiges of democracy.”

By denying the reality of the Israel lobby’s indispensability to the neo-fascist power structure and pointing the blame for America’s growing corporate-government fascism in other directions, liberal defenders of Israel are dragging red-hearings across the American people’s pursuit of the truth.

But why would the likes of Chomsky, Finkelstein and Zunes want to minimize the Israel lobby’s role in formulating the U.S.’s belligerent and hegemonic Mideast policy? Is it because they are all Jewish, and thus (given their arguments) perhaps Zionists shills? Or is there some other component at play?... (click here for full article)