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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is more government really the solution to a problem caused by Big Government commissars and their bankster cronies?

(Information Clearing House) -- History can help point the way out of this mess, but not if policymakers shrug-off the lessons of the past and press on with half-measures that just eat up resources and extend the misery. Stuffing the banks with reserves and hoping that struggling consumers start borrowing again, is pointless. It is equally pointless to ignore tattered household balance sheets which will have to be patched before spending resumes. Government has to get more engaged and play a bigger role. This isn't a problem that can be worked out by the Fed and Treasury alone. It will take a major public mobilization, similar to preparing for a war. Federal money will have to be used to make up for lost state revenues. Government work programs will have to be created to rebuild critical infrastructure, expand green technologies, and modernize energy systems. At the same time, the administration will have to re-regulate the financial system, resolve or euthanize insolvent banks, and create a system of locally-controlled banks which function as public utilities to provide low interest loans to businesses and consumers...LINK

Editor's note: If a system of small, locally controlled banks is the solution to the problem of concentrations of money and power in centralized, corrupt, mega-banks, then why isn't small, localized government the solution to the problem of concentrations of money and power in centralized, corrupt mega-government?

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