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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mainstream Democrats and Republicans agree: keeping corrupt bankers in power is crucial to their collective

Bipartisan Ben Bernanke
(American Conservative) -- by Sean Scallon --

You have to hand it to President Obama. Not only was his State of the Union speech early last week warmly received by the public, but it unleashed a wave of bipartisan sentiment in Congress, especially in the U.S. Senate. What had been had World War I-style battlefield of trench warfare between Republicans and Democrats filled with bile, acrimony and petty minded thinking, suddenly transformed itself last Thursday just a couple of days after Obama’s speech. Hands were reaching across the aisle, old enemies became friends, there was lots of loving and hugging each and even the little child lay down peacefully next to the lion, all to renominate Ben Bernanke to another term as the head of the third Bank of the United States, oh excuse me, the Federal Reserve.

Yes the two political parties may have bitter disagreements when it comes to abortion, or climate change, or health care reform, but when it comes to benefiting themselves and the establishment they serve they do know how to come together for a common purpose.

I mean you had Sen Thad Cochran, Republican of Mississippi and Charlie Schumer of New York, as different as two men can possibly be from two completely different places and backgrounds, and yet Ben Bernanke brought them together. Not only can he drop money from out of the sky, not only is he’s Time’s Man of the Year, he’s also a peacemaker as well. Perhaps he should nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize as well. Ain’t he swell?

Forget conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat, when it comes to serving the establishment, there are 70 U.S. Senators willing to kow-tow and perhaps more if they hadn’t been up for re-election this year (my how the Senate cools those “hot” passions of the populists)...MORE...LINK

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