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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sarah Palin's string-pullers

Suckers for Palin
(On the Contrary) -- By Michael Hoffman --

The bandwagon that is carrying Sarah Palin to dizzying heights has a long history in America, where mountebanks have traditionally profited until undone by their own greed or an exasperated citzenry. In the case of Mrs. Palin, I have seldom seen a more blatant case of image prevailing over reality. Kudos to her for having five children, but consider that her unstinting support for savage Israeli wars and callous American bombing of Afghan civilians and Iraqi cities raises the odds against Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan women having five or more children who will survive to adulthood; that side of the "pro-life" equation is seldom considered by her "Christian family values" base.

Israeli agent Randy Scheunemann, a foreign policy adviser to John McCain, is now Palin's foreign policy adviser. He is instrumental in the advancement of more budget-busting wars for Zionism and more abridgment of Constitutional rights in the name of the "war on terror." Let us recall that Palin was first chosen for the national scene, in 2007, by William Kristol, the neocon nitwit who propagandized for invading Iraq and all the supposed benefits that would accrue to America as a result. He is the editor of Rupert Murdoch's money-losing Weekly Standard, the rabidly pro-Israeli newspaper. "Coincidentally," Palin works for Murdoch under a lucrative contract with Fox News.

When Palin chose to quit her duty as governor of Alaska in order to rake in the bucks, I was permanently alienated by her avarice and arrogant irresponsibility. Her latest fiasco, a $100,000 speaking fee for a patriot-for-profit extravaganza in Nashville, puts her in the very same fatcat category that she claims to be fighting against. It's all about money -- and Barnum's observation about time in America -- where there's a sucker born every minute...MORE...LINK

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