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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Banned from liberal fascist Reddit

I was banned today by the admins at the militantly anti-Christian, pseudo-"liberal," Jewish-owned, social media site, where I posted as Ijob911, for unknown and unexplained reasons.

Obviously, the most likely explanation is they didn't appreciate my comment and posting history documenting the axis between Zionism, neoconservatism and neoliberalism, and the way in which the noecon wing of the GOP, the liberal fascist Democratic Party, and the Diaspora Jewish Zionists are all playing on the same corrupt, thieving and warmongering, Israel-first team.

My posts were apparently becoming too popular, and my comments too followed, to allow any more of that, so off to the virtual gulag Ijob911 goes.

But such is the reality in post-Western, post-Christian, Orwellian America, where the Beltway and so much mass media are in the iron-grip of Zionist sociopaths and their stooges...freedom of speech is one of the first casualties.

Nevertheless, you can still read my posting history at Reddit here (unless it gets flushed down the Orwellian memory hole) and the comments that I attached to so many of the posts.

And rest assured, I will continue the good fight under another account, and continue to share my work with readers of both Libertarian Today and

They can ban me, but they can't stop me, because they're fighting a losing battle.

The long arm of the West always catches up with the Judeo-fascists and their soulless lackeys sooner or later, and it will again. The Zionist occupation of the Beltway is just that...a temporary Occupation. And the clock is again ticking on their criminal racket, no matter how deeply they and so many others believe them to be dug in.

It always ends the same way with the Zionists and those willing to make Faustian bargains with them, because while their elaborate disguises and political Trojan horses may evolve to better conceal their putrified core, their racism and Judeo-fascist nature simply doesn't change, and eventually digs them a hole so deep, it merely becomes a matter of kicking the dirt in upon their heads.

So mark my words...while Western Civilization will ride again, the treasonous Judeos will sooner rather than later either be in Israel, in jail for treason, or six feet under as a consequence of their own toxic essence. -- Chris Moore

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