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Saturday, June 22, 2013

It takes an Irish woman to tell it like it is about "war criminal" Barack Obama...and to put the warmongering, Globalism-pimping suits in their place

(By Chris Moore) -- Good for Irish MP Clare Daly. The Emperor has no clothes, is what she's saying...and she's 100% right. Obama is a warmongering puppet, a hired hand, an actor who is simply carrying on the neocon policies of his predecessor. More suave and "sincere" than Bush, a better salesman to be sure, but a puppet nonetheless, and a puppet for an increasingly totalitarian agenda.

Daly calls the Obama agenda "imperialist," but the full truth is that the Obama administration, like the Bush administration, is dominated by the murderous Neocon/Zionist/Globalist agenda.

Of course, this doesn't bother money worshipers or open-borders liberal internationalists one bit. But for those of us who still possess a conscience and an iota of Western consciousness (a shrinking pool, to be sure) it's insufferable.

People like Daly are making the last stand of Western Civilization against what she rightfully calls the soulless "pimps" of Globalism, which as we are seeing has nothing to do with the traditions and progression of Western Civilization and has everything to do with economic totalitarianism and crass materialism.

The vast number of Americans who are going to pieces intellectually, morally, spiritually, physically and economically are testament enough of where that evil agenda ends.

The corrupt elites are always trying to manipulate and exploit the average citizens into carrying out their self-serving, imperial schemes, which always come at the expense and to the detriment of the middle and working classes they profess to represent.

Western history has been a struggle of the people against a smug, greedy, self-enriching, power-hoarding elite that has had to return progressively more and more of its parasitically-attained wealth to those who are its wellspring.

And hand-in-hand with those hoarding elites have always stood Zionist Jews.

Jewish Zionists, now the richest elites in the country, are integral to today's imperial machinations in particular because they dominate mass media, they are cohesive, racist, and disciplined in their Zionist agenda, and they truly believe themselves to be an entitled, chosen race.

But the Jewish Zionists aren't working alone. They're working with a Judas Class elite that is easily as guilty and disgraceful as the Zionist Jews, and that should be held accountable for their betrayal and treachery to the same degree.

The corrupt Beltway political class clinging to the racist Zionist racket is the last stand of this imperialist brand of bigoted, caste-system elites against true democracy and the true interests of the people.

What's wrong with Western Civilization encouraging, developing and perfecting its precepts, and leading by example?

The only reasons we're stomping around the Islamic realm and driving massive waves of Islamic immigrants into the Western sphere is the 1%'s irrational egoism and ambition, the imperatives of elitist liberal internationalism, and the run-away capitalism of the Zionist-Globalist agenda.

I believe in free enterprise, but the imperatives of Zionism and corporatism and capitalism and globalism where you've got to sell out your country and civilization and ethics and morality to improve your year over year profits are insane and ultimately ruinous to Western Civilization.

Just look at American Diaspora Zionist Jews. They're the richest people on earth now, and they still don't have enough, and they will never have enough, because their warlike and hyper-materialistic system/ideology is insatiable.

So if its a choice between stamping a big "Z" on the entire morally insane, Judaized elite (aka the Judas Class) and shoving them into political oblivion for Zionist treason vs. the end of Western Civilization and probably the end of the earth from acquiescing to the Globalist agenda, I will choose the former any day of the week.

And so would any other morally sane individual. 

There is nothing "progressive" or "libertarian" about increasingly totalitarian liberal internationalism and Globalism that robs the 99% to enrich the Judas Class 1%, and that uses an agenda of perpetual war to do so.

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