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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Internet will transform the world as citizen journalists use its power to root out crime and corruption that has plagued humanity throughout history

The Internet as Agent of Political Change
( -- Paul Drockton

...Transparency has always been the primary tool used to keep politicians honest. Traditional Journalists played the role of keeping politicians honest. No one wanted their name in the paper over the following issues:

1. Corruption
2. Sexual Scandal
3. Drug/Alcohol Problem
4. Financial Issues
5. Links to organized crime
6. Saying one thing and Doing Another
7. Hypocrisy.

The benefits of journalism were obvious. Unfortunately, this was not lost on people or organizations that had an agenda and money. Newspaper ownership became viewed as the primary method for controlling the flow of information. Publishers were literally gods in their communities, with the power to make some men, and reduce others to ashes. To quote William Randolph Hearst on the Spanish American Conflict: "You provide the photos, and I will provide the War".

Then came radio and television, which had the power to reach larger audiences.

Finally, we now have the internet. Now, the average citizen has the power to serve as journalist, publisher and researcher. Blogs are the new "Committees of Correspondence" in our modern Revolution. Yet, few people understand how to use the internet as an effective tool for political change. Thus, this article and the ones that will follow it.

Some History:

This website now has over 430,000 visitors each and every month. Its circulation is three times greater than the Salt Lake City Newspapers combined. Utah politicians know that a bad article on this blog will be read by vast numbers in their state and force their resignation or withdrawal from politics. Such has been the case with a Senator who was caught drinking and driving, a Lesbian legislature who was artificially inseminated by a gay couple, a Top Republican caught in a pedophile scandal, and many others.

The traditionally Utah media, which is tightly controlled, failed to even ask for the resignations of these individuals. We not only asked. We brought it about with an inordinate amount of publicity.

Another effort we launched involves the Holly Greig scandal. David Icke brought it to our attention with some great journalism and we were able to get the first radio interviews with Anne Greig (the mother of Holly) and Robert Green (fresh from his arrest). We were also successful in getting the publicity to change a small demonstration into a large one with Scottish police present. Our efforts did not go unnoticed and others have picked up the cause. But, the fact remains that the Holly Greig activism found its new life on this website and radio program. Such is the power of the internet.

The same can be said for "Canada's" largest scandal and other "Whistleblower" stories.

Now, imagine if their were thousands of individuals, throughout the world, all doing the same thing as we are. It would go beyond revolutionary and literally transform much of the corrupt world that we live in...MORE...LINK

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