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Monday, March 15, 2010

Wag The Dog, Part II

Subservient Superpower
(American Conservative Blog) -- by Philip Giraldi --

My view of the lopsided and unnatural relationship between the United States and Israel has been spelled out in some detail over the past few years: there is nothing in it for us Americans but grief and the possibility of yet another unwinnable war in the Middle East. The Biden visit to Israel in which he was deliberately given the step-and-fetchit treatment should convince every American that the Bibi Netanyahus of this world will always regard U.S. interests as being of no concern whatsoever. Anyone who reads what happened last week differently is being delusional. Even the Israeli media is arguing that finally the Israeli government has gone too far.

The real indication of whether or not the White House will or can begin to break the chains that bind will come at the end of this week when AIPAC holds its annual conference. AIPAC is keenly aware of the need to pull the American colossus back in line and will do so by playing the evil Iran card over and over again and by demanding obeisance from a long line of politicians and media pundits. The AIPAC lovefest will conclude with an address by Hillary Clinton next Monday. If Hillary actually talks tough to the assembled Israel Firsters it would be a genuine hallelujah moment. But I’m not betting on it. Most likely it will be a “let us reason together as friends” speech and we will move on to the next phase of wag the dog...LINK

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