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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The problem with white nationalism as a response to the Zionist and Leftist plunder of America [updated]

Editor's note: this brief treatment came from my participation in the "comments" section at The Occidental Observer Blog in response to Kevin MacDonald's post Frank Rich's Triumphalism. I had made the point that one reason white Americans would reject white nationalism is because "probably a majority of white Americans now have at least one 'person of color' relative.”

Gussie Fink-Nottle replied, in part: "Laughable, given the relatively low rate of miscegenation among American whites."

Here is my response. -- Chris Moore

Fair enough. I have no source for my statement, and don’t know if a source even exists. But the point I’m trying to convey is that A) a lot of white Americans are related one way or another (marriage, shirt-tail relatives, etc) to a person of color (native american, hispanic, black, asian or mixed blood); beyond that, B) a lot of white Americans have friends that fall into the person of color category; C) a lot of white Americans have employees in the p of c category; D) a lot of white Americans would look at the “white nationalist” movement and say “Gee, I wonder if I qualify” (Italian-Americans, for instance). Or they’d say, hey, I’m not going to join the white nationalists and turn against A,B, and C above.

Besides, IMO, the obsession with blood lines is so Old Testament and anally Jewish.

The reason Western civilization was so successful and the Nazis were not is because Western civilization incorporated the various tribes it conquered into its value system and marched forward. The Nazis (and Zionists) by definition of their ideology, are exclusive and seek to keep people OUT (although the Zionists have plenty of 2nd class, non-Jewish useful idiots on both Left and Right doing their bidding).

The problem with what’s going on in this country is a combination of ideological Zionism and ideological multiculturalism (which was engineered by Jewish Zionists and Leftists to allow the former to keep their identity and pursue their supremacy without assimilating and to allow the latter to assemble various “tribes” and fashion them into a powerful coalition for political gain).

IMO, the solution is a Christian-ethic based, explicitly philo-Western civilization mass movement that crushes all tribal ideologies within our borders, including multi-culturalism and Zionism. This means routing the tribalistic rouges, multicultural Leftists, and neocons from the federal government, and preventing them from using it to tribalize us ever again by replacing their ideologies with libertarianism.


I’ll raise the issue again: If “whiteness” is the whole answer, why have so many modern whites embraced Marxism, socialism, left-liberalism, neoconservatism, and civilization-killing globalizationism, materialism, and money worship — all of which have made them putty in the hands of the Zionists? The Judeofascists may be at the root of many of these ideologies and movements, but being white in no way immunized whitey. Modern whites may be even MORE likely to join one of the above, and unquestionably more likely to join one of the last four.

In a pinch, I’d jump into a fox hole with a brown peasant with authentic Christian principles way before I’d ever get into one with a contemporary white who subscribes to any of the above.

AReader says: "...Zionists control public education, mass media, and entertainment – the most effective means of brainwashing and indoctrination."

And how were they able to wrestle all that from the Protestant establishment? Because the Protestant establishment was more interested in money worship, liberalism and golf than protecting Western civilization, and because organized Jewry and the Left were able to rewrite history and lay Nazism at the feet of Christianity, shattering both Christianity's moral authority and damaging the cause of Western civilization. The corrupt Jewish establishment became America's new moral authority, and has been raping America ever since, and using it to advance Zionism.

The problem was that while establishment liberalism may have joined the Right in anti-Communism, it was soft on the American Left, and soft on organized left-Jewry, and every time the Right pushed against left-Jewry and the American left, they got the “fascist” cat-call thrown in their face. Taking on a fifth column AND defeating Soviet Communism while simultaneously being sucker-punched with inferences of Nazism proved to be too much.

Regaining the moral authority is key to saving the country. That means hammering the left-liberals, Zionists, neocons, and their partnership in evil, not mirroring Jewish nationalism with white nationalism.

UPDATE #2-------------------------

@ AReader: "...The bottom line is that brave and friendly Anglo-Saxon protestants build a society based on individual liberties, limited government, and rule of law, that favored honesty and hard work and punished deceit and social parasitism, at least in principle if not always in practice...Some Jewish immigrants took advantage of the benevolence of their hosts, as well as the loopholes in their legal system, and infiltrated nation’s most critical communication structures..."

The REAL bottom line is that (certain) brave and friendly Anglo-Saxon protestants started collaborating with (certain) Jews in the rape and plunder of the country — certain kinds of “brave and friendly” Anglo-Saxon Protestant in the vein of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton — certain kinds of unprincipled, money-worshipping and liberal “Protestants” who started cutting Faustian bargains and couldn’t stop.

But hey, if you’d rather put your head in the sand and ignore the role of “honest and hard working” “Protestants” like George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and their predecessor ilk (who probably never put in an honest days work in their lives) well then I can see why my “rhetoric” would rub you the wrong way.

Accountability is a bitch, especially for the recent generations of Americans who fell down on the job due to their own lack of character, and who are handing off an America that is increasingly a Zionist infiltrated cesspool.

Please spare me your despicable excuse making and finger pointing. It’s quite craven.

@ me: "a greek traitor showed the persians the passage that allowed them to slaughter the spartans at thermopylae….doesn’t make greece or greeks not worth defending, or mean it was valueless.”

Millions of (white) Judeo-Christian Zionists, and millions of (white) Judeophile liberals, and millions of (white) money-worshipping Faustians easily adds up to a hell of a lot more than one Greek; it adds up to a plurality (if not a majority) of whites. And what all of them have in common is that they buy into this Zionist-pimped nonsense of a new, post-Western civilization, brave new world led by Judeo-America. Yes, even the liberals (or more correctly, neoliberals). And they’ll flog that horse until the country collapses, because they’re like a massive cult of crazy Hebrews.

It’s a new paradigm, people. And you’ve got to pick your battles. And if you want to take on all of them on one front, and all of the people of color (including Christian minorities) on the other, then you…will…lose.

It is ESSENTIAL that this battle be fought by every human being of good will, color be damned.

@ A Reader: “I don’t think you are getting it and there is nothing I can do about it.”

Oh, I get it all right. “Humph! Authentic Protestants would never…”

But you’re missing my point. Authentic Protestants would indeed — they’re called Christian Zionists, and today they’re considered as authentically Protestant as you are — in fact, perhaps even MORE authentic than you. From their perspective, you’re just an old school, stick in the mud anti-Semite. The new word is that the Jews have a special dispensation, and the Jewish Israelites are to be praised and followed to the high heavens, no questions asked. Or haven’t you heard?


Bigmo said...

I think what Macdonald wants is a White majority and not an exclusive White ethno-state.

He wants an America like the one in 1950, at least in demographic, meaning 90% European origin and 10% Blacks and Natives and a few others. Even if its 80% it probably is better in his eyes than how it will be in 30 years from now.

Chris Moore said...

@ Mohamed,

Well, as a pointed out above, if "whiteness" was the silver bullet to the problems that afflict America, we wouldn't be in the pinch that we're in right now. Being white myself, I'm all for a white majority because that's in my own long term best interests. But a massive white majority didn't do anything to save pre-Soviet Russia when the Jewish Bolsheviks and their white collaborators got their hooks into that country, and it won't do anything to save the U.S. now that a like-minded (only greed-driven) hoard of Judaized "American" "Devils" (as Dostoevsky termed both the Bolsheviks and the conservative Russian imperial establishment so ineffectual in dealing with and combating them) have their hooks in America.

The difference is, instead of battling them, in America, the corrupt "conservative" establishment has actually JOINED them. -- Chris Moore