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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Glenn Beck and Fox News trolling "conspiracy theorist" Alex Jones to co-opt tea party/libertarian/dissident-Right talking points for neocon agenda?

Glenn Beck repackages Alex Jones' ideas

(You Tube) -- by RT America


Anonymous said...

I am a follower of anyone who is sincerely pushing for restoration of our great American Constitution. It doesn't matter to me where the information comes from. If you are sincere and running your "show" for the right reasons you will be happy to share your ideas. Glenn Beck is uncovering the truth wherever he can find it. With a huge audience like he has, if you are sincere you will be happy if he gets the word out...gets the truth out to as many Americans as possible.
Of course there are differences of opinion on some issues. Unless conservatives unite on the most important issues like government staying out of our lives and only taking on the role they were originally supposed to, we will fail. Are you in it for yourself? That's what you sound like. Peggy

Anonymous said...

Lol, Glenn Beck as a constitutional originalist? That's a laugh.