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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Having warmongered, plundered and destroyed $US dollar as world reserve currency, internationalist elite seek switch to world central bank

IMF Article Predicts New World Order

(The Daily Bell) -– by Staff Report --

...Dominant Social Theme: The world needs a central bank and the IMF is ready to be one.

Free-Market Analysis: As we have written plenty of times before, it's startling to see how fast the Anglo-American power elite is willing to move now toward a more specific and comprehensive global governance. When we read this []article, even just the beginning, it was obvious to us what was going on. And then we came to this sentence: "It means a de facto obligation to provide unlimited liquidity in euros...but the IMF is not a central bank for the world." Exactly. Is there a sub dominant social theme in the article. Perhaps so: "Pushback will continue but the IMF's expanded role is inevitable.

Indeed, the IMF is being cast in some places as an inevitable precursor to a world central bank. It need only graduate from SDRs to bancors and then expand its monetary authority. Of course we've covered this evolution in the past, but we didn't take it very seriously. The world moves slowly and is a complex place. But as we've seen (and commented on) over the past year, the Anglo-American elite seems to have shed any inhibitions about moving slowly or deliberately toward global governance goals.

It is in a race of some sort, though who or what it is running from or towards is not clear. But in picking up the pace in a kind of mad dash toward some unseen finish line, it is abandoning at least a century of deliberate, promotional construction designed to bring Western citizens in line with its goals. We've written we have no explanation. Let's say for argument's sake there are 6,000 in the ranks of the Anglo American familial elite. That still leaves six billion people that one needs to "bring along" presumably. But convincing people seems about the last thing on the mind of elite these days so far as we can tell. In aggregate, it gallops madly forward, careening out of control, oblivious to obstacles, increasingly leaving a trail of ruin behind.

The bluntest and most alarming presentation we've read recently regarding the IMF comes from Germany's powerful Spiegel magazine. This is ironic, given that the Germans, as we can see from our initial article excerpt above, are the lone power standing up to the IMF's efforts to remake itself (with fairly blinding speed) into a global central bank. But it is this article we will spend the rest of our time analyzing. It deserves all of our attention – and yours, though trying to describe this article leaves one almost without words. It is so fulsome, so slavishly admiring, so ... craven in its intention to please the powers-that-be that it is a truly remarkable example of a certain kind of journalism. It is available in its entirety (translated) online and we would urge anyone to read it...

What have we learned from the beginning of this truly remarkable article? (We hesitate to call it an article, for it's more of an encomium a kind of ritualized praise-offering of the sort troubadours used to prepare for royalty.)

First ... Europe is too slow and fragmented currently to compete in a world of dashing powers like India and China. Second ... same thing with the United Nations, according to Strauss-Kahn (and the IMF is an arm of the UN). The United States itself, divided between its republican past and its authoritarian future has also given offense and is characterized as "egomaniacal." Third ... the legislative body of choice, this article seems to indicate, is going to be the G20, and the IMF will seek validation and credibility from it (along with funds) before proceeding on its mission which is to become the G20s "administrative unit."

Reading this article, it is possible to visualize the Anglo-American elite as straining ponderously to take flight. It is attempting to shed in one convulsive effort, the painstaking paraphernalia with which it has encumbered itself in the past. The days of patiently building world government through the EU or the UN are OVER. The decision has been made. The G20 is now the vehicle of choice and the IMF will interpret its G20 mandate as it wishes to under the auspices of the kindly Strauss-Kahn who wants nothing more than to build "peace through economic stability."

It is truly remarkable. Reading it (and it is a very long article) is like watching a beautifully crafted knife being withdrawn from its sheath with agonizing slowness and deliberateness. When you are finished, the knife is revealed to you in its all its gleaming fullness. It lies there in front of you, winking with malevolence...

We bet Strauss-Kahn raves about China. There's a country for you, only about half a century out from starving 50 million of its citizens deliberately. For Strauss-Kahn of course the efficiency of authoritarianism is far preferable to the tattered republicanism of the "egomaniacal" United States. But the real threats in this article are reserved for Europe, which he says over and over in various ways must become more "integrated" and "centralized" so that the system does not move so "slowly."

Here's how the authors describe how the article came about: "SPIEGEL's journey of discovery into the world of the IMF lasted 10 weeks. It began in Washington, and then led to Hungary, Greece, Oslo, Brussels, Boston, New York City and back to Washington, where the Fund is headquartered, on the corner of H Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. In the beginning, the IMF didn't even bother to refuse interview requests. The organization doesn't simply open itself up to visitors; it has been criticized too much in the past. Then, Strauss-Kahn decided to open the doors, and from that point on there were no more barriers or taboos. The only rule was that most interviews were to be conducted off the record, and quotes had to be submitted for authorization."

In normal Western journalism, as we are aware of it, no one submits quotes for "authorization" let alone a media complex as authoritative as Spiegel. You fact check quotes (it's done all the time) but you don't read them back verbatim. And you certainly don't "submit them." That's just another part of the oddity of this article from our perspective. All we can think of is that, having decided to go through with it, the IMF, Strauss-Kahn and his shadowy elite handlers decided to make a full blown statement of intent.

Conclusion: Whether the article is a kind of emphatic trial balloon or a full-on proclamation of where the world is now headed – and at breakneck speed – time will tell. But what an article it is! And from our point of view a most disturbing one...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

International bankers and their globalist-elite political stooges and bootlickers are like quicksilver -- they are incredibly difficult to nail down and hold accountable. In fact, they refuse all accountability because most of them are sociopaths who don’t believe they owe humanity anything, and that average human beings are like animals -- put on earth to serve them.

It is they who have been behind the decades of Wall Street chicanery and bubbles; they who were behind the efforts to lie America into the Iraq war; they who milked the American moral authority and good credit built up by generations of Christian Americans to the hilt, deliberately corrupting the country in the process; and it is they who wickedly intended that the fraudulent, worldwide “War on Terrorism” would ensure the dollar remain the world’s reserve currency -- at the point of a gun.

Oh, but this didn’t work out so well; any of it. The American economy couldn’t withstand decades of chicanery and assaults by the insatiable greed of banksters and their minions; the American Empire couldn’t withstand decades of being spread so thinly all over the globe to keep the gravy train flowing strait through the crooked teeth and into the piggish bellies of Wall Street swindlers and corrupt Washington politicos who could never get enough; and the American taxpayer could not withstand even the fractional portion-payments of the trillions of dollars of debt being run up on the national credit card.

Oh well, say the international bankers and their corrupt “elite” Washington stooges, now’s the time for plan B: We’ll quietly jettison the American people (they’re all whored out, anyway) and switch from the Fed as the world’s de-facto central bank, and from the dollar as the world’s de-facto reserve currency to a WORLD central bank (headquarter in Europe) and a WORLD currency issued by that bank. It’s the only way to keep the swindle going.

Unfortunately, this swindle will work out even more tragically than the last, and can only end in world war, because the rest of the world is not going to fall for the scam, and this time average Americans will refuse to go along as well; the fledgling tea party, which the globalist elite despise so much, is just the first stirring of evidence of this.

So I’ve got a better solution: jettison the central bankers and all of their Wall Street, Political Class and Shyster Class minions who have so treacherously been selling out and betraying America for decades, Judas-like, and go back to the fundamentals of putting the American people and the American interest first. This means securing the borders, this means rebuilding America’s manufacturing and industrial base, this means charging the world for access to America’s mature markets and rewarding businesses that employ Americans (and punishing those that don't), and this means devolving government and decentralization from the Washington viper's nest that has plundered and destroyed our country.

Indeed, this means libertarian nationalism.

Of course, the international corporatists, globalists, Political Class and Shyster Class elite will fear and loath this movement, as well they should -- because they’ll be its first casualties.

But fret for them not: reptiles don’t have souls.

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