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Monday, May 16, 2011

Defective Big Government Republicans attempt to lecture Reagan-esque, Jeffersonian Constitutionalist Ron Paul on what it means to be conservative

Who’s a Republican?

(The American Conervative) -- by Jack Hunter --


Chris Moore comments:

Ronald Reagan once famously quipped: I never left the Democratic Party, it left me.

Ron Paul's version might go something like: "I never left the Republican Party, the neoconned wing of the Republican Party left me."

For these defective, Big Government "conservatives" to attempt to lecture Constitutionalist Ron Paul on what it means to be a conservative, or what it means to preserve the Constitution, or that his far more Reagan-esque foreign policy is somehow less conservative than their own international social-engineering brand is beyond absurd.

These Big Government Republican losers have utterly squandered American credit, moral authority, prestige, pride, and economic security in less than a generation.

It's well past time for a change; W. Bush taught us everything we need to know about neoconned-conservative competence and its defective character.

Ron Paul is all about a reset to Reagan/Jeffersonian conservatism.

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