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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Historical record belies once-fashionable, opportunistic Zionist and leftist strategy of conflating Christianity with Nazism

Pope's Remarks Recall the Nazi War on Christ

(The New American) -- by Bruce Walker --

Pope Benedict XVI, who like other teenagers in Nazi Germany, was forced to join the Hitler Youth, recently recalled solemnly the evil of Nazism. Although it was once fashionable to try to present Christianity as some sort of precursor to Nazi anti-Semitism, and particular to attack the Catholic Church as an accomplice of the Nazis, honest history tells a very different story. Nazi persecution of all serious Christians was unrelenting and severe.

As Michael Power writes in his 1939 book, Religion in the Reich, in June of 1933 in Munich at a meeting of the Catholic Workers Union, the Sturmabteilung (SA — stormtroopers) attacked and: “Priests accompanying them were beaten with steel and rubber truncheons.”

Albert Parry notes in his 1941 book, Riddle of the Reich, that not a single pastoral letter had been permitted by the Nazi government to be read from the pulpit for the three preceding years, and that this ban included even the Pope’s encyclicals. By 1942, the book, The Persecution of the Catholic Church in the Third Reich reported: “The war which National Socialism is waging against the Catholic Church is total war.”

Rom Landau, the year before, wrote: “There was inhuman persecution of the Jews, Catholics, and Lutherans.” Vermeil notes in his book: “Persecution of the Catholics redoubled soon after Hitler came to power.” Budenz, an American Communist who had been editor of the Daily Worker and then after converting to the Christian faith abandoned his secular "religion," reported in the 1940s that: “Hitler used German Trotskyites as guards and encouraged them to persecute Catholics of the resistance movement.” The so-called conflict between the National Socialists and the Marxist Socialists was, in fact, a clever lie.

The Catholic Church, for example, has often been attacked as doing too little to help the Jews during the Holocaust. Yet on July 19, 1933, the Catholic periodical, America, published a strong article condemning Nazi persecution of the Jews. Dark and Essex, in their 1930s book, The War on God, stated that almost as soon as the Concordant with German was signed: “The Church, too, courageously denounced the brutal and organized anti-Semitism.”...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Of course, Zionsts used the conflation of Nazism with Christianity to justify the creation and behaviorism of Judeofascist Israel, and leftists used it to wage war against the moral authority of traditional Christendom.

Ironically, the heirs to the Nazis today include Jewish Zionists, Judeo-Christian Zionists (which both subscribe to a fascist world view which supports lying a population into war, military-industrial complex war profiteering, and racist supremacism (that of "the Jews" of Israel) as well as statist-authoritarian "liberals" such as Obama's science czar who wants to use totalitarian world government to cull the human population down to one billion souls.

In a classic dialectical process, the two groups have synthesized to formulate Globalism-advocating, Israel-first pursuant Washington, which is waging a dysgenic racial-ethno-religious war against Muslims, and a quasi-dysgenic culture war against traditional Christians, advocates of Western civilization who don't worship Jewish Zionists or Mammon, and anti-Judeofascist Whites.

In the end, they'll have simply made too many enemies (Muslims, traditional Christians, authentic, anti-statist conservatives and liberals, anti-Globalists, patriots, non-fascist Whites) to ever win any sort of decisive victory, and are likely to take a hard-fall as casualties of their own "all or nothing" attempts to impose Zionist moral authority upon the world via neocon/neolib totalitarian Globalist government.

Do these deserve Christian mercy? The question is debatable, but at the least, their leadership MUST be held accountable for the many crimes against humanity already under its belt.

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