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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Parasite-occupied Washington partnering with parasite-occupied Wall Street to rig markets, pillage and plunder your wealth?

Market-manipulation mutterings intensify

Gold bug Russell adds voice to idea of Wall Street-Washington plot

(MarketWatch) -- by Peter Brimelow --

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Manipulation mutterings are spreading, and that’s ominous.

Recently, I noted that longtime gold bug Richard Russell of Dow Theory Letters finally converted to the thesis that gold’s price is subject to manipulation by a Wall Street-Washington alliance. See April 25 column on Russell and the gold-manipulation thesis.

Russell seems to be brooding about this insight. In reply to a correspondent who asked about the possibility of an FDR-type confiscation of gold he said the following:

“I’ve thought about this at length, and I’ve arrived at what I believe to be the correct answer. The answer is — No, the government will definitely not call in the gold. The simple reason is that a tremendous amount of gold is held in very powerful hands. [The] SPDR Gold Trust ETF (CONSOLIDATED:GLD) and gold bullion [are] held by pension funds, university endowment funds, large powerful hedge funds, corporate reserves and state treasuries.”

This strikes me as an odd answer. Were the people who owned gold in 1933 really less so much powerful? But it’s indicative of Russell’s current thinking.

This idea of manipulation seems to be spreading beyond the lunatic fringe where many investment letters dwell (often profitably)...

Dennis Slothower of Stealth Stocks Daily Alert has always been shockingly explicit about manipulation in the markets. See Nov. 1, 2010, column that mentions Dennis Slothower.

On Wednesday night Slothower wrote: “The iShares Silver Trust ETF (CONSOLIDATED:SLV) fell another $2.31 today. I can’t stress enough how investors were set up here ... Remember what the media present as the most obvious thing to do is really what J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE:GS) want you, the public, to do. And last month, crushing the dollar and forcing investors to buy gold and silver at the top of the market gave the primary dealers plenty of liquidity to sell their gold and silver positions into the top of the cycle.”

Slothower’s cynicism extends to commodities:

“Crude oil is starting to look very toppy. The economy is beginning to break here and crude oil is beginning to look ready to roll over as energy speculators will dump this bubble and hunt for another one.

“The Fed has played out its hand with this quantitative-easing program and is about to bring the economy to ruin again. We have a government that believes it is their right to pillage and plunder us. The name of the game is delusion (false economy), diversion (OBL) and the division (or plunder) of your wealth...MORE...LINK

Silver, gold hit by report of Soros selling

Gold sees biggest one-day percentage drop since March

Silver and gold futures fell Wednesday on a newspaper report that high-profile investors, including George Soros’ hedge fund, have sold precious metals, with silver still reeling from an exchange decision to increase trading requirements...MORE...LINK


Anonymous said...

Wall Street does not have the guns and courts. They are actually well treated hostages, who in exchange for their cooperation will not be fired or jailed by a kangaroo court.

Chris Moore said...


Forgive me if I have zero sympathy for these millionaire and billionaire Wall Street rats. The truth is, they are teammates in tyranny and theft with the Washington rats, cycling money back and forth through each other’s campaign coffers and bank accounts -- all at the expense of average, honest Americans and the hard earned good credit of generations of their forebears.

The lot of these parasites deserve the guillotine, and will sooner or later get what they have coming.

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