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Monday, April 23, 2012

"Far right" victory in French elections bodes ill for Zionist supremacist status-quo enforced from left-wing through establishment right

(By Chris Moore) -- Writing in the alternative media blog deLiberation, anti-Zionist Gilad Atzmon observes that the "far right" Front National scored a big win in the recent French elections, and sees the victory, in part, as a consequence of other political parties' determination to suppress discussion of sensitive political issues.
Marine Le Pen and The French’s Front National are the big winners in the French elections yesterday. France’s Front National scored the best ever presidential campaign first-round result (18% of the votes).
As elsewhere in Europe, the French far right is dealing with matters other political parties prefer to avoid or shove under the carpet. Yesterday results proves that many French are primarily concerned with issues to do with immigration and ‘identity loss’. While the so called ‘far Right’ engages with these matters, the Left and the Centre parties perform an escapist attitude – they prefer to vet the discussion via different means such as political correctness and even legislation. The media, would also shy away from the subject and would prefer to gate-keep any attempt to deal with the ‘unpopular’ topic.
Clearly, the most important topic that the other political parties are avoiding is the Zionist question, and the fact that from the left-wing through the establishment right, the "mainstream" political parties have turned so many key Western political and economic institutions over to ideological Zionist network control, with the inevitable ensuing Middle East wars for Israel, and Western economic turmoil and growing income inequality being the most obvious consequences.

 Atzmon sees the politically correct suppression of open political dialogue as a "ticking time bomb" that is likely to lead to ever more victories for the far right.
As the financial turmoil starts to bite, it becomes clear that we are dealing with a ticking bomb. The way to defuse the situation is to launch a free and open discussion on maters to do with ‘belonging’, ‘identity’ and ‘culture’. The Left has been confused about it all for decades. European Left is riddled with contradiction, it would, for instance, support national movement around the world but never at home. The Left would adorably support Palestinian nationalism in Gaza and the West Bank but it would oppose similar English or French patriotism at home. How do we explain or justify such an unprincipled political attitude?
The only explanation that suffices is that the Western left-wing has been as co-opted and compromised by the self-serving diaspora Jewish nationalist (Zionist) agenda (which opposes other Western nationalist movements) as the Western establishment right has been by the self-serving Israeli Zionist agenda and its attendant Middle East wars.

And not coincidentally, while the Western left pays lip service to Palestinian rights, it never quite seems to accomplish any concrete gains for Palestinian sovereignty or self-determination.

All of this raises an interesting question, namely how can a "left" that has turned over so much of its intellectual development and agenda-setting to ideological Jewish thought and interests still be considered "liberal," "leftist," or even "secular" at all?

Another point that must be addressed is whether this Zionist-corrupted left leadership is in fact playing on the same team as its supposed mainstream "opposition" -- namely the "conservative" Judeo-Christian Zionists. Are the Judeo-Marxist-Trotskyite leftists, the politically correct statist "liberals" (whose speech codes are designed to suppress any open discussion of the Jewish question) and the Judeo-Christian Zionist "conservatives" in fact all joined together at the axis of Judeo-worship?

If so, it would certainly explain why the leadership of all these elements refuses to acknowledge international Zionism as the massive ideological movement comparable in scale and aggression to Communism and Nazism that it truly is. Additionally, it would explain the huge cognitive dissonance that Atzmon alludes to on the left.

And what about authentically liberal anti-Zionists like Atzmon himself? Should they really be fearful of "far right" populist movements with the potential for breaking up or disrupting the Zionist status-quo? How much worse can they possibly be than where the left-right-statist Judeo-supremacists are leading the world?

It's clear that, at least in the short term, "far right" or not, any populist mass movement with the potential for challenging the Zionist supremacist agenda and disrupting its grip on so many Western institutions is a force for good, and a force that is increasingly necessary.

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