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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Western elites profess mortification at racism, yet enthusiastically engage in the equivalent of race wars throughout the Middle East

"That the British empire expanded under the rubric of an openly racist doctrine, given full-throated if half-ironic expression in Kipling’s paean to the joys of the White Man’s Burden, is today acknowledged by all but the sort of unreconstructed Tories who don’t dare show their faces anymore. The British are so mortified by their dark legacy that they’ve outlawed even the faintest public expression of sympathy for the worldview that sustained it – and suffused British culture – since the Victorian era: today, in “free” Britannia, you can be arrested for making an ethnic joke in a pub – yet it is perfectly legal to call for (and launch) a war that will inevitably result in the deaths of untold numbers of dark-skinned peoples.

"Which brings us to an interesting point: how is it that nearly all the perceived enemies of the US, the Western alliance, and “democracy” in general are non-whites?"...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

At the height of the British Empire, when the Crown's racism and insatiable greed was splayed naked for all to see, was when the British "upper crust" revealed its true essence.

Today, the Anglo elites couch their craven globalist ambitions in all manner of politically correct platitudes and elaborate window dressing that adopts a grand pose of benign selflessness to paper over blatant wars of aggression and the quest for geopolitical hegemony, but their true essence remains the same.

It's no accident that the Anglo-elites ended up in bed with the Zionist Jews in this massive fraud. After all, these are very similar creatures in terms of the inbred schizophrenia, double standards, and hypocrisy inherent in their operating "principles." Both will endlessly and haughtily hold forth about how civilized and advanced their culture is, and how morally enlightened and high-minded their agendas are ("We're a chosen nation of priests!" declare the Jews; "We're spreading freedom and democracy as a gift to the world, and ridding the Middle East of anti-Semitism!" declare the Anglo elites) even as they unapologetically slaughter women and children in land and resource grabs motivated by sheer, murderous greed.

 As far as I'm concerned, "The Gifts of the Jews" amount to this: Whoever climbs into bed with them is ultimately revealed for all of the world to see as the highly concealed satanists and craven, money-worshipping sociopaths they truly are -- of the kind that masks their sickness beneath layer upon layer of empty piousness that can never quite cover over their pathology.

The self-serving, inbred Anglo-fascists and Zionist Jews think they're so clever, portraying their pathologies as high-minded principles, but they're not fooling anyone anymore, which is why Western civilization (and the rest of the world) is in the process of rejecting what little moral authority they have remaining, and will ultimately seize the levers of power from their sweaty, clammy grasp.

The worst of the buggering Anglo "elites" haven't changed much from their British Empire days, they've just managed to conceal their greed and avarice behind more sophisticated window dressing, and laughable affectations of anti-racism, and enlisted in a partnership with equally craven Zionist Jews in order to fend off critics of their joint aggression with accusations of "anti-Semitism."

Looks like the hollow, self-righteous charlatans, moral frauds and money-worshippers are increasingly caught in flagrante for all the world to see their joint venture in sicko wamongering and world perversion.

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