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Friday, April 06, 2012

From the anti-Zionist perspective, the best scenario would be a Ron Paul presidency; the next best scenario would be an Obama second term

( -- by Chris Moore -- A lot of Ron Paul's supporters are speculating and arguing about what he will do if he doesn't win the GOP nomination for president.

In this Open Letter to Ron Paul, for example, Justin Raimondo of argues that the Republican Party is hopelessly militant, corrupt, and pro-Big Government, hence Paul should run independently of the GOP in the likely event that he doesn't get top spot on its ticket.

Given that Paul's son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, is now vested in the Republican Party, I can see why this might be an excruciating decision for Ron. If he runs against the GOP and their candidate loses, the Party's long knives will be out for Rand in full force.

I don't know how it will end, but from a purely strategic perspective, I would personally like to see Ron Paul run against both Obama and the GOP.

As readers of this website and are well aware, in many ways my perspective is the antithesis to Jewish Zionist Israeli-American media mogul Haim Saban, who says "I'm a one issue guy, and my issue is Israel."

Well, I'm a one issue guy, and my issue is anti-Zionism.

Unfortunately, I'm also about as poor as Haim Saban is rich. Regardless, I believe Zionism and its corrupting, warmongering, commie-fascist synthesis tentacles are destroying not only America, but Western civilization.

What this means is that whatever slows down the march of Zionism is good for America, and good for the world, and Ron Paul running as an independent would slow down the march of Zionism.

How so?

1)It would prevent Mitt Romney (or whoever the eventual GOP nominee is) and Barack Obama from getting into an Israel-first bidding war, each attempting to out-promise the other in a mad scramble for Zionist money and pro-Israel bona-fides. If Paul was running, he could point to both of candidates and declare of the inevitable Israel-first spectacle: Look at these guys, they're going to start WWIII just for Israel.

2)If Paul runs as an independent and doesn't win, he will almost certainly knock out the GOP candidate, which for the reasons laid out by Raimondo, would also be a good thing.

Of course, scenario #2 would leave Barack Obama as president for the next four years, which is not much of a consolation prize. But again, from the anti-Zionist perspective, this would be better than any non-Ron Paul Republican candidate winning the election.

Why? Because a GOP winner would have four years of having to pander and grovel to Israel-firsters, and escalate a Mideast confrontation with Iran to who knows where, whereas Barack Obama already has his pandering and grovelling behind him, and would be liberated from the tentacles of Zionism by fiat of the fact that he never has to win another election again in his life.

As he recently muttered to Russian President Dimitry Medvedev in another context, “This is my last election...After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Well, the same circumstance applies to his dealing with the Israel-first lobby and its lodestar hero, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- both of which Obama by now must resent the hell out of for their arrogance, imperiousness, extortion and bullying.

After all, just below the surface, Obama vs. Netanyahu has been an ongoing battle royale.

So from the anti-Zionist standpoint, other than a Ron Paul presidency, what could be better than a president untethered from the long, warmongering, crypto-fascist tentacles of Zionism, and with an axe to grind against the Israel-first cabal, to boot?

This is no endorsement of Barack Obama, but until the Republicans prove they are capable of putting America and Western civilization ahead of the particularistic, self-serving, neo-fascist interests of the Zionist racket, as I see it, they deserve to be pummeled without mercy -- particularly since they hypocritically run as American patriots who are ethically and morally upstanding and will "set things right."

Only America-firsters, not Israel-firsters, will ever really set things right. The others, from whichever party, are cynical opportunists, crony gangsters and frauds.

But better a liberated political hack like Obama than an indentured political hack like Romney or Rick Santorum.

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Anonymous said...

Good article. Neocons vs. Obama. I've often thought about him being able to break free of Zionist clutches if he's reelected. God help us if we go to war yet again.