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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How British Imperialists brought low Western civilization, and how their greedy, Anglo Globalist heirs are compounding the crime

(By Chris Moore) -- I recently watched an excellent documentary on the decline and fall of the British Empire called The British Empire In Color, which was named for the color film footage recovered and incorporated into the film, along with the computer colorized footage also included in the documentary.

The movie is an excellent primer on the 250 year British world Empire (once the largest in history) and its colonization of places like India, East Africa, Canada and Australia, but which emphasized the Empire's contraction and ultimate demise into a mere Commonwealth (mostly as a consequence of nationalist liberation movements in its colonies) all shown, as advertised, in color.

The documentary points up both the good and the bad about British colonization, how it theoretically and practically brought advanced concepts in democracy, the rule of law, good governance, human rights, the dignity of the individual, free trade and technology to the far corners of the earth, but also its hypocritical and contradictory practices of institutional bigotry, racism, paternalism, degradation, exploitation, and outright slavery.

On the balance, like the British Imperial project itself, the documentary comes down on the side of well-deserved critique, not only because Imperial practice never measured up to Western ideals, but also implicitly because the Empire's legacy has brought mostly bitter contempt, infamy and resentment upon the West and White people as a whole as a consequence of the often racist and bigoted beliefs and culture of greed practiced by the elites running the British Empire, and because those noxious characteristics were often institutionally manifest in their colonies and occupations.

The documentary is broken into three segments, and the final segment largely revolves around the British colonization of Australia, and how the British government encouraged migration there from Britain by providing essentially free passage for workers and whole families, and then paid for the housing and maintenance of the migrants in camps while they found work and assimilated into Australian society.

Most of the British immigrants to Australia went there looking for better work, wages, and opportunity. In the later post World War II period, the British economy had stagnated, workers demanded more rights, and the establishments in both Britain and Australia were increasingly at odds with organized labor and panicked by fear of Communism. And while the documentary didn't explicitly state as much, the solution that the British elites seem to have embraced was mass immigration -- first, British labor into Australia to drive down wages and increase labor competition there, and later labor from the former British colonies into England to serve the same function in Britain.

In short, the Anglo money-worshippers at the helm of the British establishment and their representatives in government were more than happy to turn their own society upside down with a massive outflow of native English and a massive influx of often non-English-speaking immigrants from Commonwealth countries in order to preserve the profit margins of their entrenched corporate interests and keep the Communist forces (which these elites correctly identified as themselves a racketeering and monopolistic enterprise that might well supplant them) at bay.

And as The British Empire In Color documents, the huge challenges of multi-culturalism, racial conflict, civil unrest and cultural strife in Britain that followed and are ongoing today are yet another bitter legacy of the pathlogical money-worshipping Imperial mindset of the grasping Anglo elites and their relentless quest for filthy lucre at any long-term cost not only to others around the world, but to their own societies and people.

All of this sheds tremendous light upon the contemporary multi-cultural agenda in all of the Anglo-sphere, and how the Money Powers, many of whom still harbor the Anglo-fascist mentality and who seed the contemporary establishment with their mindset, think and behave today.

Indeed, since the entire "Globalist agenda" is merely a shorthand reference to the agenda of the intellectual, racial or material heirs to Anglo-fascist British Imperialism and their haughty, entitled, pathological mindset, one can easily prophesize the fate of the Anglo-sphere and its Globalization project in the future by studying the fate of the now widely despised British Empire and its Imperial destiny, which has today brought discredit, contempt and violent hostility not only upon Anglos, but upon White people in their entirety, and upon Western civilization as a whole, from the rest of the world.

And this discredit upon the West has come even though the haughty English elites who originated, implemented and administered the British Empire were themselves always intellectually, spiritually and morally far removed from much of the Greco-Christian essence of Western civilization in terms of populist Christianity, and indeed largely hostile to the continental, populist Christian values, culture and way of life.

Sadly, so many of the contemporary Anglo elites as well have proven themselves to be largely money-worshipping sociopaths and self-serving graspers, totally unfit to lead the countries their forebears founded upon Western ideals, and upon the energy of the Christian Western masses, for like their British Imperialist forebears, they continually sow greed-based chaos, strife and animosity in their wake.

Their Iraq and Mideast war disasters that have brought America nothing but discredit, world contempt, economic setbacks, tragedy, and global loss of moral authority, and have proven to be a boon to Islamism, are merely one representation of their lack of fitness for leadership, and how their blundering greed and incompetence continually leads the West to ruin.

Like the self serving, Israel-first diaspora Zionist Jews with whom they have fallen into bed on the ill-advised Mideast scheme (and to whom they have sold their souls by way of the Wall Street banking and the Federal Reserve central banking racket) they can't be trusted to put the interests of the People ahead of the interests of their own pocket books and stock portfolios; but unlike the Israel-first Jews, who at least maintain some sort of organic loyalty to their own people and their geographic and cultural sovereignty at the grass-roots level in Israel, the diaspora Anglo-fascist elites are so far gone into their own megalomania, delusions of grandeur and insatiable greed, they don't even harbor that.

They seem to function on a purely limbic, almost reptilian basis of primitive greed and visions of international hegemony.

And just as was the Imperialist agenda, the money-worshipping, functionally atheist-materialist, Globalist agenda and its perpetual warmongering are a toxic poison that can leave nothing but destruction, bitterness, resentment and despair in their wake for all parties involved, and for decades to come.

And if they can't manage to lead the Anglo-sphere competently, how can they possibly reside at the helm of Western civilization and maintain its beauty, grace, functionality, and progress towards Western ideals, and fend off the Islamists that their own blundering incompetence played a central role in creating?

If Western civilization is to survive, let alone ever again prosper, it must seize the reins from the demonic Globalist neo-imperialists who, now along with Zionist Jews, still reside at the helm and are madly driving us all to ruin, and break the rule of their stiff-necked greed and egocentric hypocrisy and megalomania once and for all.

Just as dissident Jewry is increasingly establishing pro-Zionist attitudes as a litmus test for detecting crypto-fascism amongst organized Jewry, so too should Anglos establish pro-Globalist attitudes as a litmus test for detecting a neo-Imperialist agenda and its accompanying back-stabbing treachery, self-serving greed and epic incompetence.

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