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Sunday, August 05, 2012

From early 1900's, how a cabal of racist money-worshippers and their political lackeys built the mechanism that has plundered U.S. economy and people

The key bankster names who originated and instigated this treacherous conspiracy were Warburg and Rothschild, two Jews, and Morgan and Rockefeller, their Gentile accomplices.

The racist Jewish ideology and its greedy, venal, cynical, Judaized accomplices...a partnership in pure greed, poison, treachery and parasitism that has exploited, manipulated and abused Americans for the last 100 years, and continuing to this day.

Imagine how far along we would all be by now but for these self-serving snakes plundering productive people, hoarding the loot for themselves, their self-aggrandizement, and their racket, and generally doing everything in their power to poison, subjugate and sabotage those who refuse to worship the corrupt, depraved Zionist "nation of priests" and enslave themselves to its elitist, "lord of the manor" Gentiles partners in crime, including an endless appetite for inciting wars by any and all means necessary.

There is no greater enemy of Christendom, Western civilization, and humanity than this racist racket and its accomplices.

Our forbears understood this; but now vested in the racket and rotten to the core themselves, our corrupted, soul-selling Beltway and media "elites," and the two-party regime they impose will wring the People to the end, or until the People put an end to their racket and its treachery. -- C.M.

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