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Thursday, November 07, 2019

Both political parties and the corporate media have abandoned the 2/3 of the workforce that is working/middle class

Oligarchy + Welfare State vs. the People and the nation: 
The Political Parties and the Media Have Abandoned the Working "Middle Class"
Both political parties and the corporate media have abandoned the 2/3 of the workforce that is working/middle class. The bottom 20% dependent on government transfers has more security than those earning just enough to disqualify the household for transfers, while the top 15% in the Protected Class are doing just fine unless they're over-indebted. The winner take most class and the wealthy dominate both political parties and the media which is now dependent on advertising that appeals to the top 10% of households that collect more than 50% of the national income. The political parties take care of the government dependent class to keep the rabble from rebelling, and they keep the government gravy train flowing to the Protected Class (healthcare, national defense, academia, government employees) to insure their support at election time, but they take their marching orders from the Aristocracy / Oligarchy that fund their campaigns and enrich them with $100,000 speaking fees, seats on the board of directors, etc. The Working/Middle Class gets nothing but lip-service, and that's been the case for decades. The political parties and the media abandoned the Working/Middle Class long ago, buttering their bread with the soaring wealth of the Aristocracy / Oligarchy and relegating everyone outside the Protected Class who labors for their livelihood to the servitude of politically impotent tax donkey / debt-serfdom.

9/11 inside job:

Tulsi Gabbard Demands End of Secrecy on 9-11/Saudis

Corrupt tool Obama tries to hold the sinking Dems together to ensure his life of wealth and luxury:
Obama Shames Voters For Criticizing Corrupt Politicians 

Nest of vipers -- Sick and corrupt Clintons, decrepit British Royals, and a Zionist extortionist:
Project Veritas: ABC News Anchor Thinks Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself, '100 Percent' 
Project Veritas’s Tuesday video also shows Robach alleging that ABC News killed a bombshell report regarding Epstein, which also implicated former President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew.

It’s the DNC, Stupid: Democratic Party, Not Russia, Has Delegitimized the Democratic Process
The content of the DNC and Podesta emails published by WikiLeaks demonstrated that the DNC acted in favor of Hillary Clinton in the lead up to the 2016 Democratic primary. The emails also revealed corporate media reporters acting as surrogates of the DNC and its pro-Clinton agenda, going so far as to promote Donald Trump during the GOP primary process as a preferred “pied-piper candidate.” One cannot assume that similar evidence will be presented to the public in 2020, making it more important than ever to take stock of the unique lessons handed down to us by the 2016 race.

Almost 80,000 California Retirees Receive Over $100,000 In Pension Pay

Shifty (((Schiff))):
Does Entire "Success" Of Democrats Depend On Keeping The American People Wildly Ignorant Of Reality?
emocrats, led by Rep. Adam Schiff of California, are holding the inquiry behind closed doors. They are bringing in ‘witnesses’ whose testimony is being sequestered - even as Schiff has been accused of leaking the contents of some witness testimony completely out of context. 

International "socialist" (((Soros))) wants to expand the welfare state just enough to bodyguard the moneychangers:
George Soros admits he’s impeded by Trump to turn U.S. socialist

Hypocrite Wasserman Schultz protects the oligarchy with usual Zionist accusations of "white supremacy":

Wasserman Schultz: Cuccinelli 'Public Charge' Rule Immigration Policy 'Advances a White Supremacist Ideology'

Trump gearing up to make mincemeat of corrupt Dems:
Mark Steyn reacts to Trump's explosive Kentucky rally

Steve Bannon predicts Trump impeachment fallout in Fox News exclusive 

Trump/Brexit—Democracy Meets Behemoth, by John Derbyshire 
It’s a curious thing that the two big Anglo-Saxon cousin nations, America and Britain, are both facing very similar political crises. And in both nations there is a huge entrenched political behemoth—in the U.S.A., an immense multi-trillion dollar diplomatic and military establishment. In both nations there is a widespread public dissatisfaction with this monstrous beast and its preferences—especially its preferences for unlimited immigration and everlasting missionary wars. In both nations this dissatisfaction has tried to express itself through proper democratic channels. And in both nations it has been thwarted.

*They* fear and loathe a white alliance:

Russia, Ukraine, and Donald Trump, by Stephen F. Cohen 
Relations between America and Russia will continue to deteriorate either due to the fact that the entire political spectrum is engaging in a frenzy of Russophobia or that President Trump, who ran and won on a platform of improving relations with Russia, is now completely shackled, thus it is inevitable that the new Cold War will continue to become more dangerous.

A Minnesota school district is “bursting at the seams,” due to mass immigration that has forever changed the demography of a small town.
Already, voters in this small community of fewer than 13,300 residents have opposed additional money for the school district five times since 2013. Mass immigration to Worthington has driven the school district to the brink with a constant flow of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) arriving in the region and newly arrived immigrants sending their children to the region’s schools as they take jobs at the JBS Pork slaughterhouse.

The NWO will destroy America to save its empire:

Watch Thousands of Shia Muslims March in Rashida Tlaib’s District, Dearborn, Michigan ~ The Islamic Takeover Has Begun.

Not everyone knows the Kochs brothers have pushed the immigration issue on the same side as Soros and his ilk. 
Koch’s interest is financial as the subject of labor, and lots of it, is the driving force behind much of the Open Borders movement’s agenda. Humanitarian lingo is a shield they hide behind.

Fake Conservatives Exposed, Canadian Madness and Eastern Europe

'This may be the start of the revolution against enemies of free speech' 

An Obituary of the Western World, by Paul Craig Roberts
Objective truth is no longer acceptable in the Western Woke World, because it is contrary to the woke ideologies, such as there is no difference between men and women, that there are many genders and that men and women can be born into the wrong bodies, that hurt feelings are more important than empirical facts, that many subjects are not subject to examination or debate, because they offend emotive beliefs of feminists, people of color, Jews, the new transgendered species, and whoever else can make a claim of victimhood.

The Ministry of Wiki-Truth, by C.J. Hopkins
My case is just another example of how “reality” is manufactured these days. In the anti-establishment circles I move in, Wikipedia is notorious for this kind of stuff, which is unsurprising when you think about it. It’s a perfect platform for manufacturing reality, disseminating pro-establishment propaganda, and damaging people’s reputations, which is a rather popular tactic these days. The simple fact is, when you google anything, Wikipedia is usually the first link that comes up. Most people assume that what they read on the platform is basically factual and at least trying to be “objective” … which a lot of it is, but a lot of it isn’t.

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