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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Why are corrupt establishment Dems opposed to the one presidential candidate who appeals to the right and has the best chance of beating Trump?

Krystal Ball: Tulsi Gabbard surges, is she the most electable?

This Federal Agency Is Investigating Why the Fed Is Bailing Out Wall Street Again
Any lay person, let alone a federal regulator with the work experience of McWilliams, should know that if a bank with $1.6 trillion in deposits needs to get its hands on a quick $158 billion (thereby raising red flags at its regulators) by grabbing 57 percent of its reserves from the New York Fed, this is no laughing matter. You need to get a squad of bank examiners inside the bank within 24 hours and issue a credible response to the American people in short order.

Moneychanger crime boss:
Jamie Dimon Tells 60 Minutes He’s a Patriot; There’s Good Reason to Think He’s a Crime Boss
Unfortunately, there is a very substantive argument against Dimon being a patriot and a very persuasive argument that he’s a crime boss sitting atop a federally-insured bank backstopped by the U.S. taxpayer that has scooped up $1.6 trillion in deposits from honest folks across America.

(((Schiff ))) thinks his crime gang writes history's narrative, can ignore the rules of Western democracy:
Day One Of Impeachment Hearings: Schiff Lies Again, Jim Jordan Goes Ham

Kangaroo court ZOG inquisitor plays by his own Chosenite rules:
Adam Schiff Announces CIA “Whistleblower” Will Not Be Called to Testify During Impeachment Effort Initiated by “Whistleblower”…

Deep State operative countermanded his Commander In Chief:
Schiff Witness Vindham Testified that He "Thought" President's "Policy" Was Wrong So He Advised Ukrainians to Ignore the President

Selling out Americans for totalitarian filthy lucre:
Reddit is censoring this image of Hong Kong protest. Reddit admins are Chinese Communist Party members.

Dems use communism to bodyguard for their ZOG/Big Brother organized crime:
Politicians suffer identity crisis, should let veterans lead instead
Back when the Soviets really were the “evil empire” Reagan said they were, Democrats attacked Reagan for his aggressive stance. Today, Democrats demand hostility toward Russia, now that they’re no longer Communists. Republicans in recent history championed a strong military, not hesitating to use it against enemies real and imagined. But Reagan’s “peace through strength” doctrine — successful in collapsing the Soviets — no longer delivers the “peace” dividend it once did. With the strongest military ever, we haven’t had peace for two decades.

Liberal honchos grift junior propaganda class wannabes:
VICE And Buzzfeed Employees FURIOUS That Their Shares Are WORTHLESS

Gabbard and Trump Jr. Change America’s View of The View
Both Gabbard and Trump Jr. sat in the middle seat and commanded it like they owned it, doing what most of America has been begging for for years, to put both the panel and their hand-picked audience in their place.

Will Trump end the endless wars?
But despite Trump’s rhetoric, the reality is that Trump has done very little to pull the United States out of its endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or elsewhere. His failure to do so tells us something about Trump’s preference for stagecraft over statecraft, but also about the powerful inertia of American foreign policy and the politics of national security.

Economic distressed farmers of flyover country are turning to suicide. The anti-"Deplorables" crime gang will be ecstatic:
For Millions In The Middle Of Country, It Feels Like Economic Depression...
As I have stressed over and over, suicide is never the answer. But when someone loses all hope that there will ever be an opportunity to turn things around, it can be very difficult to keep going. Meanwhile, money is flowing like wine on Wall Street thanks to the Federal Reserve. The unelected Fed has been pumping billions upon billions of dollars into the financial markets, and this has resulted in a higher concentration of wealth among the top one percent than ever before.
Three cheers for refugee reduction!
Past refugee admissions don’t lock America into those same levels now or in the future. America’s constitutional duty is to Americans first (“ourselves and our posterity”). The truth is that we’ve been generous to a ruinous, open borders fault. Last year, the Federation for American Immigration Reform tallied refugee resettlement costs to taxpayers at nearly $9 billion over five years.

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