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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Once the standard-bearer for the working class, why has the Democratic Party declared war on labor and the middle class?

Impotent Republicans are a Joke -- The Democrats Don’t Take Republicans Seriously
The question that needs asking and an answer is: What are the Democrats up to? Why is the Democratic Party, once a representative of the working class, helping the military/security deep state unseat a president elected by the working class? Why has the major figure in the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, defined the American working class as “the Trump deplorables”?

America First: The Torch Is Being Passed
Just a couple of days ago here on this very campus, former Fox News hostess Kimberly Guilfoyle sneered that young conservative men in MAGA hats asking inconvenient questions were rude losers who could only get dates online and who were embarrassing their parents. Another YAF speaker, Ben Shapiro, repeatedly denigrated an entire movement of young men who watch a YouTuber named Nick Fuentes and are seeking answers to tough questions about where America is headed as masturbating losers in their basements who share memes. As a mom with brilliant right-thinking kids who, yes, live in my basement, and, yes, share memes, I found these obsessive references to young people’s dating lives and habits by prominent conservative media personalities much older than their targets to be tellingly defensive and touchy. Also: creepy.

Hippies and patriots unite. Corrupt MSM and political class yawn: 
A New Generation of Vets: Ending Endless War From the Right
It was unfortunate, then, that the very day of the event, as these esteemed national servants gathered in Washington to protest the most important issue of the times, most of the press and the country’s legislators were busy – distracted by the impeachment charade on Capitol Hill. Here were decorated veterans, who’d done all the nation asked of them, prepared to oppose the endless wars crippling this ostensible democracy, and all the political and media class cared about was the aimless Ukraine-gate affair, a partisan parody almost certain to amount to nothing.

Fake right:
The Daily Wire Editor's Europhobic Tweets

Rising Panel: Dem candidates fear Tulsi attacks on debate stage

Study: Most Americans Want More Illegals Deported; Deporting All Would Save $622 BILLION
The survey, conducted by Pew Research Center September 3 to 15, also found, not surprisingly, stark priority differences between Democrats and Republicans on these issues, as well as ideological variation within both parties.

The Federal Reserve is Directly Monetizing US Debt ~ It’s now clear that something spooked the Fed badly in September.
This is the Fed buying huge amounts of very freshly minted – not even a day old! – government paper using the power of its electronic printing press. What’s the practical difference between the Fed buying this directly from the US government and buying it same day it issues from a big bank? Virtually nothing — except the big bank probably took home a very hefty paycheck for conducting this “service” as a middleman. Later JP Morgan, et al., can report magnificent “profits” from their ”trading activities”, which amounted to little more than calling the Fed the week before and asking how many $billions of these Treasury bills they wanted.

New York Fed running its own self-dealing cell:
If the Fed Is Bailing Out the Repo Market, Can Commercial Paper Be Far Behind?
The vast majority of the $29 trillion in programs to bail out Wall Street during the financial crisis were operated out of the New York Fed – just one of the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks, but the only one with its own trading floor and the only one owned by the largest Wall Street banks. Today, it’s also the New York Fed that is pumping out hundreds of billions of dollars each week to unnamed trading houses on Wall Street for a repo loan crisis that has yet to be explained or defined in any credible terms.

The Wall Street Journal Admits Black Lawlessness in Urban America Threatens Western Civilization
The pendulum is going to swing back to our side (for good), when the Right in America finally realizes sacrificing any moral ground to the Left represents the suicide of our culture, civilization, and way of life.

MSM desperate to maintain the Globalist multicult scam that butters their bread:
Why you're not hearing more about that mass shooting in Fresno
Further, if initial reports prove accurate, this was an incident of adult Asian people shooting other adult Asian people. And most of the press has about as much interest in that story as one where black gang members are shooting other black people. In short… basically none.

California descends to Third World status:
California customers billed for power during shutoff
PG&E customer Shawna Turner lost power for more than a week in October. She checked the bill for each day she was in the dark and was surprised to find charges for estimated usage on those days.

Jewish nation milks their their "Holocaust" dogma to the max:
Holocaust Training for American Police ~ Law enforcement copies Israeli brutality | Philip Giraldi
For those who deny that claims of the uniqueness of Jewish suffering are exploited and even promoted in order to be able to influence public opinion while also obtaining special favors from government, one might cite specific instances where that has most definitely been the case. Jewish organizations receive over 90% of discretionary grants from the Department of Homeland Security, for example, and Israel benefits from $3.8 billion in aid annually plus another $10 billion through bogus charities, trade concessions and U.S. government funded projects approved by Congress that the American public knows little or nothing about.

NBC and CBS: Dems ‘Need to Weave a Compelling Tale of Wrongdoing’
As Tuesday’s impeachment hearing was about to begin, special coverage on NBC and CBS focused not on facts but on how House Democrats could “weave a compelling tale of wrongdoing” against President Trump that would result in them “winning the court of public opinion.”

Trump Poll Numbers SURGE During Impeachment Hearings as Democrats Admit DEFEAT!!!

ZOG propagandist fears justice: - Bill Maher Vows To Tone Down Anti-Trump Wisecracks Because He Fears New Civil War

Trump continues to side with Zionists at war with his administration:
US and Israel Cast Lone UN Votes Against Historic Peace Measures 

Twitter, Israel and House of Saud, partners in totalitarian crime:
Saudi Arabia, Israel, Twitter join forces to spy on users and crush dissent
Abdulaziz wrote in The Post this week that more than 30 Saudi citizens influential on the social media site told him they were blackmailed with material gained from hacking their phones - just as Abdulaziz's own phone was breached using spyware sold by the Israeli company NSO Group. These efforts were payback not only for speaking out against the regime generally but also for speaking out against the regime on Twitter in particular. Of the three most influential Saudis on Twitter, Abdulaziz wrote, one has been arrested, a second has disappeared, and he is in exile.

Trump’s Latest Gift To Israeli War Criminals, Ethnic Cleansers, Land Thieves, and Human Rights Abusers

Disney-owned ABC a criminal corporation engaged in child exploitation:
ABC News still hasn't explained why it protected Jeffrey Epstein or why it retaliated against the alleged whistleblower
This entire episode is about much, much more than a report failing to meet the network’s “editorial standards.” The way things look, ABC is involved in a far-ranging conspiracy to protect child abusers. If ABC News were a Catholic priest, it would surely be indicted.

ABC News may be criminally liable for concealing Epstein's child trafficking:
Kevin McCarthy: ABC could have done something to stop Epstein

Feds squeeze the conspirators:
[National] - Jeffrey Epstein prison guards charged with falsifying records
Two prison guards who were on duty during the night Jeffrey Epstein killed himself have been taken into custody Tuesday on federal charges linked to their alleged failure to check on his wellbeing.

Zionist shill Schiff still trying to rig the game:
Schiff REFUSES to allow witness to answer Devin Nunes question to protect the ‘whistleblower’

Elise Stefanik Batters Schiff with His Own Words on the ‘Whistleblower’

Judeofascist Vindman tied to Ukrainian neo-Nazis:
Information on the so-called Ukrainegate "whistleblowers" Eric Ciamarella and Alexander Vindman and the REAL reasons why Ukrainegate is happening
Vindman was born in Ukraine. He left the USSR when he was 4 in 1979 when his family moved to the States as Jewish refugees. He has obviously been brought up with a visceral hatred of all things Russian. Vindman is an extreme Neocon warmonger and he virulently supports the Nazis from Western Ukraine. He should never have been given any positions of influence within the US government as he has far too much of a conflict of Interest and cannot think rationally. Vindman strongly pushed to give more weapons to the Nazis in Ukraine, so they could massacre even more civilians than they already have.

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) quickly interjected when Nunes began to drill down to find out which agency this second anonymous person worked for. Schiff said he wanted to “protect the whistleblower” and wouldn’t let Vindman answer. Nunes then pointed out that Vindman previously testified in a closed-door deposition that he DID NOT know the identity of the whistleblower and if that were true then how would he know to keep the second person’s name private?

BOOM! Senator Johnson Sends Letter to Congress – Accuses Lt. Col. Vindman of Illegally Leaking Contents of Trump Call, Holding a Duplicitous Motive
Alexander Vindman, one of Schiff’s star witnesses and a left-wing hack, testified to the House Intel Committee that he “thought” the President was wrong in his policy with Ukraine. So he later told Ukrainians to ignore President Trump — Vindman actually thinks he is superior to Trump even though he is an inferior official in the intel department. Vindman, during his closed-door testimony also flatly denied he knew the identity of the whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella), however, it is believed he was the primary source for Eric Ciaramella.

Chutzpah! Traitor Vindman demands the respect of the uniform:
Impeachment witness scolds Nunes for calling him mister: 'Lt. Col. Vindman, please'

Zionist cockroach Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

But Blair’s crimes and immorality don’t matter to Daisley because he’s applying only one criterion: “Is it good for the Jews?” And Daisley used exactly that phrase in an article he wrote for the Jewish Chronicle in 2017: “If we apply the Bubbe Barometer — ‘Is it good for the Jews?’ — difficult to conclude that the outcome of the general election passes muster.” It’s easy to get the impression from the article that Daisley himself is Jewish – few goyim know that bubbe is Yiddish for “grandmother,” for example – but I can’t find any clear statement to that effect. One thing is sure: he behaves as though he’s Jewish, with an unfailing self-righteousness and insistence that Jewish interests must be at the centre of British politics.

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