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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Rand Paul schools left-liberal Letterman on the incompetence of Big Government (but himself needs schooling on economic nationalism)

David Letterman’s Willful Ignorance

(The American Conservative) -- by Jack Hunter --


Chris Moore comments:

Its open borders, free trade fantasist doctrine is where I depart from libertarian ideology, which in this area is as childishly utopianistic as international Communism, which also seeks open borders, but the free flow of populations instead of capital. And just as people who come and go from a country don’t have a vested interest in its future, with many seeing it as a mere playground or meal-ticket to be milked for all its worth before moving on, the same goes for greedy international corporations.

Fact: Internationalism is inimical to nationalism, and lack of nationalism is inimical to freedom.

The wealthy, international elite (and their wannabe cheerleaders) have essentially divorced themselves from the plight of the American people, and a sense of responsibility for their well-being and for future Americans, and in doing so have divorced themselves from the important job of preserving their liberty and prosperity.

Why should a money-worshipping, haughty citizen of the world care about preserving freedom, liberty, prosperity and free enterprise in America? As the video suggests, he can take his marbles and leave if government policy gets in the way of his profits; indeed, most of these wealthy international elites already exist with one foot in America and one foot elsewhere.

That’s why nationalism, both patriotic and economic, are crucial to preserving liberty.

Thus, those who want to do business or sell goods here better invest in the community by keeping jobs here. If they want to take their marbles and leave like selfish, spoiled brats, then they shouldn’t expect to be able to sell their goods here without tariffs, and they shouldn’t expect the same business benefits that patriotic, American-employing businessmen should get.

This should be common sense, and would be policy, if there wern’t so many corrupt American elites vested in various internationalist swindles.


eep [in article comments]: “Henry Ford knew he had to pay his workers well if he wanted people to buy cars. Today corporations allow for a lot of hoarding of wealth with CEOs making millions for shipping the jobs overseas or crashing the economy.”

The U.S. internationalist-minded elite apparently have calculated that if plundered Americans can no longer afford to buy their cars, they’ll simply sell them across the globe to economically rising Asians.

This is the reason it is crucial for a blood and soil nationalist majority (in the West, preferably grounded and moderated by Christianity), to represent the nation instead of a gaggle of international neocons, corporatists, Marxist-minded liberals, (and yes, non-nationalist libertarians), who subscribe to the U.S. entirely as “proposition nation,” and use “humanitarian,“ utopianistic rhetoric as cover for what amounts to a self-serving agenda of domestic plunder and squander.

Some of them mean well, but many of them are severely deluded…and dangerous.

It’s time for Americans to grow up, and wise up. We’ve been largely immune to history for much of our past, but those days are over.


DJF said...

I have always found it confusing why self proclaimed globalist libertarians think that increasing financial integration into a world filled with dictatorships and crony capitalists is going to increase liberty. They seem to think that liberty will overwhelm the rest of the world even though history shows that liberty has been repeatedly overwhelmed by tyranny They delude themselves into thinking that “free trade” just means free of tariffs when in fact it means trade between free people so they support “free trade” with government owned or controlled corporations, or with organizations which have stripped freedom from the people who work to create the goods traded.

Chris Moore said...

Great points, DJF.

I think there is a kind of magical-thinking element within libertarianism that credits capitalism with supernatural powers that can create utopia.

Of course, those of us with our feet on the ground recognize the kingdom of heaven can't be of this earth, particularly through worship of filthy lucre.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks so very much, Chris. I so agree with this response to Sen. Rand Paul, and above comment.