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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Did the Israel lobby just buy Newt Gingrich a victory in S. Carolina on the way to buying itself a U.S. war with Iran?

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'Zionists buying out US politicians'‎

(Press TV) --

Press TV has conducted an interview with Jeff Gates, author of "Guilt By Association," from Los Angeles, to further discuss the issue. The following is a transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Projected results suggest that Gingrich would win in the southern state, but tell us about the ramifications of this win for the Gingrich camp?

Gates: I think it's a big news of momentum, which is what he's looking for. He got an enormous amount of support on Friday. Eight days ago, he got a five-million-dollar check from a casino magnate named Sheldon Adelson, a very strong pro-Israeli supporter. He is the one that we think has put Gingrich up to notion of saying that the Palestinians are an invented people.

So, it's a big deal. It sort of serves notice of the strength that the Israeli lobby continues to have with them, the government here in the US. It will also pull the Republican field, already way to the right, politically. This will pull them further to the right.

Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Santorum and Ron Paul would be considered fringe candidates 15 - 20 years ago, and now they're considered mainstream Republicans. So the ramifications for Gingrich are very strong for the implications for the foreign policy of the US. Frankly, it's rather scary.

Press TV: And in the bigger picture, where do the other candidacy hopefuls stand in the race?

Gates: Well, I think it's instructive that Barrack Obama was in New York on Thursday night at a huge fundraiser with pro-Israelis. And he made a point of saying how pro-Israeli he was, and how he would ensure that Iran is very much in the middle of our elections here - again, making sure that Iran would not get any nuclear weapons.

Gingrich is already on the record saying he thinks that the Iranian scientists should be murdered. And it's certainly something that is ongoing that it was an Israeli operation. So again, I think it's really showing the strength of the Israel lobby inside the US.

Once again, whether you're a left, right, or centralist, and certainly if you're a mainstream candidate - whether Republican or Democrat - not only are you funding but also your platform is traceable not so much to the Americans but quite a bit more to Israel and to Tel Aviv...MORE...LINK

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