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Monday, January 30, 2012

MSNBC rips right-wing, Israel-first, Jewish-American billionaire behind Gingrich; When will it call out wealthy Zionists who own Democratic Party?

(By Chris Moore) -- In the following video, MSNBC's Chris Hayes digs into the background of the wealthy, Jewish-American casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, and finds him to be not only an Israel-firster deeply interested in getting the U.S. to slap down Iran on behalf of the Jewish state, but additionally to be pulling strings for the Chinese government in Washington in a quid pro quo exchange for profitable Asian gambling licenses.

The portrait of Adelson that emerges is that of a truly unpatriotic, scurrilous reprobate who only cares about enriching himself, and about Israel. As Adelson apparently sees it, America is a whore to pumped and dumped for his true loyalties -- namely mammon and Israel.

The problem for the liberal establishment-tool MSNBC, which is essentially a front for the Democratic Party, is that the most wealthy and powerful constituency in the Democratic Party at the national level is itself comprised of Zionist Jews who are exactly like Sheldon Adelson -- individually, perhaps not as wealthy, and often more stealth, serpentine and couth than the gruff, chutzpah-filled Adelson, but collectively, far more wealthy and just as militantly pro-Israel.

And just like Adelson, these pseudo-"liberal" Zionist Jews are equally interested in using the U.S. military as indentured mercenaries to take out any country in Israel's region that even looks sideways at the Jewish state or its aggression, all on the way to eventually starting a world war against Islam on behalf of international Jewish supremacism.

When watching the following video, think of Sheldon Adelson not merely as a metaphor for wealthy, right-wing, Zionist Jews who couch their Israel-first treason in religion (as he is cast by MSNBC), but additionally as a metaphor for the mentality of the entire, racketeering, Diaspora Jewish Zionist nation from left to right that is not only engaged in unpatriotic, Israel-first activism and warmongering, but is additionally engaged in unpatriotic, corrupt, State Capitalist/Corporatist profiteering, and that is pushing the internationalist, Globalist agenda from the shores of America for the same reason that Adelson goes to bat for the Chinese government in the U.S.: self-serving, nation-plundering profit.

This is a "nation within the nation" that exists at the expense of average Americans and their best interests, and to the (potentially fatal) detriment of the long-term survival of the U.S. itself.

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