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Thursday, March 29, 2012

From Middle East to America, left to right, the only vision guiding our sick Beltway "leaders" and "intellectuals" is racial bloodletting

Why We Don't Care

Obama and Trayvon Martin
(Alternative Right) -- by Whiske --

The saying goes that generals fight the last war. Obama, and his allies, politically are stuck in the 1960s. Everything for them, is Bull Connor setting police dogs and hoses on peaceful Black civil rights marchers, live on the three networks! But like the Nazi army in late 1942, they seem headed for failure. Not because of the brilliance of their enemies, but because of the fatal but unseen flaws in their own organization.

For the German Army, it was the lack of any real ability to logistically support a mechanized army in the field for any considerable distance. THAT was the reason Adolf Hitler ultimately failed. He inherited a magnificent military machine, whose NCOs to General Staff were superb.

Obama has seemingly fixated on the sad case of a Mestizo man, born to a Peruvian mother, and adopted by a Jewish man in Florida, who shot a 17 year old Black boy in a town near Orlando Florida, in what police ruled self-defense. Latinos are on notice, when they get into conflicts with Blacks, they are “White” (which is to say, automatically guilty). The media is in a 24/7 Trayvon Martin frenzy, with old photos of Martin from age 12-13, not his more recent Facebook photos flashing gang signs, and old photos of George Zimmerman age 20, looking like a fat thug, not a leaner guy in a suit and tie. The media frenzy is to whip up Black violence, for its own sake, to intimidate and create fear among Whites, as emotional payback, and also to create an image of 1965 and Bull Connor. A failed attempt if ever there was one. President Barack Dinkins? Crown Heights?

Yes, that event is coming, somewhere, to a city near you.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail is full of stories about brutal Black criminals. In the case of the prior link, one Tyrone Woodfork, brutally raping and beating to death 86 year old Nancy Strait, and critically injuring her 90 year old husband Bob, a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge as a member of the 101st Airborne. Then there is the case the Daily Mail also reported on, two British tourists murdered in Sarasota Florida by a Black thug named Shawn Tyson.

Floating around the internet is the 2009 case of the 15 year old White boy set on fire in Deerfield Beach Florida, and the 13 year old White boy set on fire in Kansas City several weeks ago. Both were set on fire by Black “youths” as the links make clear (photos at the link of the accused). The boy in Florida nearly died, has massive burns, and faces a life with heart and kidney problems, as well as being permanently disfigured...

Long term, Obama and company want riots and violence and cities burning. This he thinks will win him votes, as this has been successful in Chicago for decades. Pay to make the mob go away. Again, with Whites in place, stuck, that just guarantees a fight. Probably as an ultimate back-up plan, Obama wants violence so he can if he loses the election, institute Martial Law and rule by decree. His recent executive order allowing him to seize basically anything including newspapers, radio, TV, and the internet is part of that ultimate back-up plan.

Unlike Bill Clinton, who stole everything that was not nailed down (particularly the corrupt deal with Haiti Teleco involving Joseph Kennedy and Bill Clinton), Obama did not steal wisely. Clinton made sure to involve not just Republicans, but Republican interest groups in corrupt deals. That’s why Bill Clinton did not spend a day in jail, and only lost his law license, not the Presidency. Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama has not kept the good times rolling either, for many in the elites and the people as a whole. As far as corrupt Presidency models go, the Arkansas version was better than the Chicago one.

Obama has made too many enemies: on Wall Street, among energy companies, among utilities, among Silicon Valley, among home builders, among mining companies, among almost everyone but a few favored cronies. That’s the downside of the Chicago Way, you make powerful enemies who know they must destroy you or be destroyed in turn. There is no easy good-time corruption ala the Arkansas model, where everyone is happy.

Ultimately, however, the idea that “evil White racists” are killing Black people is unsustainable even for the Blitzkrieg media. It just isn’t true, and people know it. David Duke lives in a trailer in Mississippi. Louis Farrakhan has a mansion bigger than Oprah’s, and with more goons too. All those threats turn off the Middle Class, White female voters who are the swing and thus the decisive votes in the 2012 elections. It is satisfying, and the default mode for Black politicians and people, to make threats and noise at the White population. For decades it has been rewarded. Going national makes pretty much every White homeowner, renter, and everyone else stuck in place, unable to flee, ready to fight...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Gee, I wonder what all these warped, sicko politicos, the ones who are busy robbing the country blind for their crony capitalist and cony socialist comrades, and inciting religious wars in the Middle East and race wars at home so the American people don't notice their corruption and treachery, have in common?

Oh, that's right: they're all ideological Zionists, in bed with neolib and neocon "intellectual" Jews, who plot out their policy schemes and have engineered this growing American nightmare for the last several decades.

Is it really any surprise that the ethno-fascist Jewish racket, in conflict with humanity for the last 2,000 years, incites chaos and conflict wherever it goes, and has polluted the minds of several generations of U.S. politicians and elites with its latest domestic and international ideological Trojan horse, successor to Communism, called Zionism?

Is it any surprise that a warped, perpetually combative, polarizing people produces warped, combative, perpetually polarizing policies?

Only when Americans are serious about getting rid of the Zionists and putting sane human beings in charge can the problems plaguing this country even begin to get sorted out, but until Americans get serious, I guess they'll just have to shiver in the beds and bite their nails as the Zionist-engineered plague gets closer and closer to their front doors everyday.

Apparently its not just Zionist Jews who are stiff-necked rubes, but millions of American useful idiots hell bent on being directed by them straight over the cliff, as well.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary, Chris! I wish I could copy and paste your astute observations all over the interwebs.

Wonder why they were kicked out of at least 109 countries? I guess it's just because we're 'envious' of their success wherever they wreck a nation.