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Monday, March 19, 2012

Memo to liberals: Grow up and quit sneering at "conspiracy theory"

(By Chris Moore) -- Central government-worshipping liberals have disdain for what they sneer at as "conspiracy theory" -- for them, anything outside of the left-right establishment narrative droning on inside the Beltway, which itself has become a mere echo chamber inhabited by corrupted politicians who live in a fantasy world completely outside the reality of the vast majority of Americans.

If some perspective, theory or idea hasn't bounced around the Beltway echo chamber for at least five years, then it's dismissed as "conspiracy theory" by these pompous, arrogant statist liberals.

They love to adopt a grandiose pose as open minded progressives and champions of "the little guy" (unlike those anti-neocon, anti-neolib, anti-Zionist Jew, anti-Globalist, knuckle-dragger “conspiracy theorists,") but when it comes right down to it, they're the worst kind of enemies of the People, because they take the votes of the anti-war, anti-crony government, economic justice and civil libertarian masses, and promptly sit on their hands and do absolutely nothing to reform what is self-evidently a corrupt system.

Indeed, because there is no intellectual or moral substance or fiber to politically correct statist liberalism whatsoever, and because those in its orbit are generally nothing but poseurs, and useful idiots for the more vigorous neolibs (who themselves are mere lackeys and shills in bed with the neocons), what is the point in even engaging these moral and intellectual frauds in discussion?

Until brainwashed liberals who are not part of the hopelessly corrupted Beltway machine grow up and realize Beltway statist liberalism has become a mere tool of Zionism and Globalism (whoops, are those “conspiracy theories”?) it’s really difficult to have much of a conversation. It's like trying to talk politics with a rube who just fell off the hay wagon, or some inner city gang-banger who never set foot outside of the ghetto.

"Duh...what's a neocon? Ain't that some kind of racist conspiracy theory?"

The truth is, "conspiracy theory" (for lack of a better term) is actually an increasingly popular political orientation, as former liberals who aren't haplessly brainwashed and former conservatives who aren't hopelessly brain dead realize they’ve been hoodwinked, manipulated, looted and whored by the “mainstream” non-conspiracy theorists (ie. the establishment neolibs and neocons and their satellite dupes to both the left and the right).

It’s generally right-libertarian, and evolving into what almost might be called a political movement. And liberals with an open mind might be interested to know that its left-wing corollary is the Occupy movement.

What both seem to have in common is that they are generally anti-Zionist and anti-Globalist.

I look forward to the day when they might unite, crush the increasingly cohesive and totalitarian crony capitalist and crony socialist “center” that is currently occupying Washington and robbing the country blind, and throw the entire, hopelessly corrupt Beltway lot out on its evil ear.

And make no mistake, "evil" is exactly what these Beltway parasites are -- and what central government-worshipping statist liberals who refuse to open their eyes to the corrupt, warlike, neo-totalitarian Beltway machine inevitably become.


Anonymous said...

yeah, martyr complex, strawman argument, mockery ... suprised you aren't taken seriously

Anonymous said...

get a grip dude. meet an actual liberal. they're just people who have a different opinion than you.