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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Fed smoke and mirror swindlers busy plundering Western economies vow humility if only we commit to their vast con game until we're fully cooked

The Velocity of Money Is Coming, Along With Big Price Inflation?

...Free-Market Analysis: Axel Merk of Merk Funds is out with another good analysis of the tremendous monetary inflation now inherent in the Western dollar reserve system and its eventual impact.

We have always argued ... wait. Sooner or later there will be tremendous price inflation.

Does Merk agree? He is troubled, at least by the language that US Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke is using in calling for "humility" and points out that Bernanke's sense of it and a normal person's is not the same.

This is, in fact, a kind of elite dominant social theme, in our view. It is the presentation of a fear-based meme that only top money minds like Bernanke's can successfully manage what's going on.

It is a kind of promotion as well, for what Bernanke and other central bankers are doing these days is nothing more than a kind of damage control. Today, having fully wrecked the world's economies, central bankers want to appear "humbled" by the forces they have so destructively manipulated.

The idea may be to create "order out of chaos" – to build a fully globalized monetary system with a worldwide IMF money – and a worldwide central bank (also perhaps the IMF) as well.

But if there is actually occurring a take-down of the world's economy by happenstance or on purpose, it is not necessarily prudent to proclaim it! Better to maintain "humbleness" – and that is the key word that Bernanke seems to have seized on, and that Merk has presented to us within his larger analysis.

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