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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jill Abramson, intrepid reporter, crusading editor-in-chief of The New York Times, desperately cringes and shrinks from questions on Bilderberg group

Chris Moore comments:

This proves what a "journalistic" joke the N.Y. Times is, and has been for decades.

It's just an agitprop rag owned and staffed by Zionists commissars spitting out self-serving propaganda for neoliberalism, the state capitalist racket and the Israel-first "liberal interventionist" war machine. It postures as "thoughtful" and "intellectual" and "objective journalism," even as it simply recites the same lying Zionist narrative over and over again for the nodding New York Jews and for their moneyed cosmopolitan liberal sycophants across the country, who justify their complicity and apathy towards Middle East mass murder and theft by telling themselves its "for the Jews" and to "save the Jews."

What an ingenious strategy: promote the Israeli ultimate racists and fascists as the "ultimate victims," and then wage perpetual wars that are nothing but camouflage for a massive wealth transfer from the People to the "ultimate victims" in the Levant and Diaspora and their soul-selling accomplices, and use Zionist agitprop rags like the New York Times to grease the skids on the whole rotten operation.

And there's poor, mousy little Jill Abramson, intrepid reporter, crusading editor-in-chief of The...Nu...Yok...Times, shrinking in the corner of the elevator and shielding herself behind other passengers at the mere casting of a couple of simple questions out of Journalism 101, not even asking about the Zionist racket, but about the Bilderberg group, which is on an even lower rung than the Jewish bankers.

What a sick, sadistic farce and a joke this country has become under Zionist dominion.

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