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Friday, May 25, 2012

There's nothing "compassionate" about the left-right alliance for open borders; it's all about a cheap, compliant work force, even at the degree level

Conservatives and Liberals Unite for Immigration

In his latest column, Edwin Rubenstein shows that unemployment among college grads who majored in STEM fields is as bad, or in some cases worse, than for those who graduated in the liberal arts. He also notes the "immigration dimension" to the story...

Of course, business is all for this. They want the cheapest, most compliant workers possible in order to ensure their Holy Grail, profits. This is why those on the right need to moderate their often knee-jerk support for business. Until businesses in turn start showing some support for Americans, they deserve none of our support.

The twin pillars of the displacement of the American worker and the destruction of his ability to make a living and support a family have been business and the Left, who have an unstated but fully functional alliance when it comes to the matter of immigration. This is the reason why virtually no one on the national scene will discuss the downside of immigration; any discussion of the matter is only in the most glowing of terms. And this is the reason that anyone who dares to touch the topic in the "wrong" way is denounced by both right and left, by the Open Borders Journal and the NY Times, by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Obama Administration...MORE...LINK

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