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Friday, September 27, 2019

Belligerent neocon John Bolton, fired by Trump, raged that war with Iran was all lined up and ready to go, but the President refused to pull the trigger

John Bolton Is Mad That Trump Wouldn't Let Him Bomb Iran
The sick neocon warmonger -- fired by Trump for his belligerence -- raged to his bloodthirsty cabal that the pretext for war with Iran was all lined up and ready to go, but the President refused to pull the trigger.

Iran: the only enemy?
"When [Bolton] was fired I thought Trump might be coming to his senses and some type of dialogue with Iran might still be possible, but it now appears that is not going to happen. This attack was a very interesting coincidence indeed but then the Middle East is a perfect environment for a coincidence."

American Political and Geopolitical
Odds of impeachment plummet as the truth comes out. (Is prosecution of Biden now on the table?)

Will ‘Ukraine-Gate’ Imperil Biden’s Bid?
Soon, it will not only be Trump and Giuliani asking Biden questions abut Ukraine, Burisma and Hunter, but Democrats, too. Calls are rising for Biden’s son to be called to testify before congressional committees.

Globalist Republican challenger Bill Weld: Trump Committed Treason; Execution "The Only Penalty"
And what is the penalty for selling out the American people to Globalists?

Gabbard: Beat Trump at ballot box, not through bogus impeachment charges.
But that would be fair play, and syndicate Dems fight dirty.

His big Jewish ego convinced itself he had Trump by the balls, but the tables have been turned on shyster Nadler.

Judicial Watch: McCabe Memo Details How DOJ’s (((Rosenstein))) Proposed Wearing a Wire into Oval Office to Record President Trump 

The fix was in on 9/11. The accusations against bin Laden by half-baked Jew Clark -- who later changed his mind and came out against endless American Mideast wars -- shows the syndicate Dems were in on the inside job, right along with the neoconned Bush/Cheney wing of the GOP.

Fighting Back Against the Israel Lobby, by Philip Giraldi
The warped Zionist ideology seemingly has America sewn up, from sick liberal Hollywood to the Holy Roller right. But hold on. Not so fast.

The Zionists are being overwhelmed by the People.

The Justice Department has since secured guilty pleas from several traders working at Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and elsewhere. Three more bankers were indicted in the past couple of weeks. And it appears investigators are a long way from done.

Social + Environmental

Eco-hysteria girl “Greta” a victim of extreme psychological terrorism by radical left-wing handlers… it’s time to #RescueGreta
It’s almost as if they’ve been trying to turn Greta into a kind of “cultural suicide bomber” who ends up destroying her own sanity and childhood in order to appease the twisted, nefarious influence schemes of her handlers, some of whom are linked to George Soros.

UK children as young as six to be given compulsory self-touching lessons
The British "intellectual" social engineers went daft when they tried to social engineer the world. Now they can't even govern themselves.

Brexit Spiked -
Some wondered why I doubted the British government’s willingness to comply with a majority vote, but it was obvious to me that pressures from special interests inside and outside the UK, especially the pressure from Washington, would prove to be more influential with the British government than a majority vote of the British people. Washington expressed its view to the UK government that it was not in Washington’s interest for the UK to exit the EU.

China's Giant $400 Billion Iran Investment Complicates U.S. Options 

The Drone Strikes on the Saudi Oil Facilities Have Changed Global Warfare 
Assuming it wasn't a false flag/inside job.

West preaches rules, human rights and liberalism but fails to practice them – Russian FM

Sweden: Racist migrant gang films ruthless beating of young Swedish schoolboy

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