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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Trump got rid of Bolton so he could pursue America First. Will he follow through?

Trump got rid of Bolton so he could pursue America First. Will he follow through?

Adelson and Trump done with Netanyahu a year ago?

Israeli Attacks On Syria Halted After Russia Threatened To Shoot Down Jets. Putin sends Netanyahu off empty handed.
Jeffrey Epstein pitched his own narrative and MSM dutifully transcribed

A lot of intrigue surrounding $15 billion French deal with Iran

US Debt Skyrocketing. Dollar is toast soon.

Google uses algorithms to keeps many sites out of Internet search results and news, mostly conservative and pro-Trump ones

Danial McAdams explains the bogus pretexet Twitter used to ban him for life

Report: Trump ready to meet Rouhani without preconditions

Israeli lawmaker explains to Arab lawmaker how Jews are a "special" race entitled to special rights over Arabs

China “pledges $400bn” to develop Iran’s energy, transport and manufacturing sectors

Trump gets the upper hand on Netanyahu and his billionaire Zionist backer, ghoul Sheldon Adelson

Why 9/11 matters in 2019

More Americans questioning official 9/11 story as new evidence contradicts official narrative

When Americans fell for 9/11 deception they lost their country

Fans Furious as Pewdipie succumbs to ADL extortion

Israeli lawmaker argues the Hebrew supremacist narrative

Never Forget: Israel Did 9/11

Trump frees himself of racist Hebrew supremacists to make deal with Iran

Neocon John Bolton's ouster serves American interests

Tulsi Gabbard suggests government is run by a small group of elites

Swedish rapper sounds call for his followers to wage race war against whites

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