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Monday, September 23, 2019

How American Liberalism is Co-Opting Islam

How American Liberalism is Co-Opting Islam
Liberals and neocons first tried to bomb it into submission, but now the liberals are trying a different approach: infiltrate and manipulate it with liberal capitalism. (And as always, they're implicating the average Western citizen in their wicked, greedy, controlling scheme.)


Federal Reserve continues to inject billions in cash into bankster repo market

Russia refuses to comply with IMF's demands to put surplus money into other countries' financial systems. 

International bankers wanted Russia to spend its national resources on the international system, taking a shyster's cut for themselves.

JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and their (Jewish Israeli) front man Adam Neumann are using WeWork IPO scam to finance a Ponzi scheme that has created the illusion of "leased up" New York City office space. 

These are the elite bankers running American finance, who've reduced themselves to common criminals. Or maybe they were criminals all along.

Social + Environmental

American Political and Geopolitical
The Corrupt Liberal Mainstream Media Says The Middle Class Isn’t Shrinking – But Defines "Middle Class" As A Measly $26k A Year

The Inexhaustible Bad Faith of Iran Hawks
The neocons seek to blame the Obama nuclear deal -- the one good accomplishment of his corrupt, Chicago outfit administration -- for the consequences of Trump’s (neocon pushed) decision to renege on the Obama nuclear deal.

US Defends Your Freedom By Using Troops As Saudi Oil Security Guards
Beltway liberals and neocons agree: Its crucial that we defend the petrodollar to pay for the Welfare/Warfare state and all the other liberal-capitalist Ponzi schemes the Globalists have rigged.

Sick Lib-Con American Foreign Policy Gets Its Skids Greased By The Billionaire-Owned MSM

Gangs Of Illegal Aliens Brutally Murdering LA's Homeless Population
But the lib-cons are still push for open borders. Maybe it's their last ditch effort to clean up the streets and the mess they've made of America, its citizens and its cities (while lining their pockets with drug gang proceeds.)

Turncoat Republican Mike Lee Promises to Pass Green Card Giveaway Bill This Week – Will Take Jobs from US Workers
The cheap labor Republican is pandering to the Silicon Valley billionaires who want to bring in tech workers from China and India on the cheap.

Why women and homosexuals are leaving the Democrat Party in droves
But will the neoconned GOP be any better?

Joe Biden Sure Seems Terrified to Talk About His Ukraine Dealings

Biden is GUILTY of what he accuses Trump of on Ukraine. Time to drop out, sloppy Joe.

The Real Foreign Collusion Occurred Between Pro-Clinton Ukrainians And The DNC

How Jewish Never Trumper Max Boot Helped Destroy Political Journalism
His destructive gang is just warming up.

Democrats as a protection racket? Ed Buck makes it a trifecta.
Weinstein, Epstein and now Ed Buck: Average liberals of the kosher Democrat donor class.

Serial killer and habitual criminal Ed Buck: 'Doctor Kevorkian' and associate of the Clinton Crime Family had at least 10 victims, feds say

Rep. Jerry Nadler tells crowd full of kids that humans may see ‘MASS EXTINCTION’ within FIFTY years
Jewish cultist has settled on the best way to shill for his syndicate: climate panic.

SHOCKER. Adam Schiff Says the Impeachment He’s Been Working For May Be Necessary
The Jewish operative secretly thinks Trump isn't a big enough champion of the Jewish syndicate, wants him gone. But he's reluctant about it. No, really.

Adam Schiff regretfully states impeachment 'may be the only remedy'

American Jewish Committee: “Jews and Muslims are natural allies in the US to fight bigotry against both groups” 
Buttering up the Muslims you're secretly trying to exterminate, or finally fearful of being brought to justice, and desperately looking for allies? 

“The History of CIA-University Relations”: The smoking-gun CIA letter that proves the infestation of American and British intelligence by subversive, German-Jewish Frankfurt School (New School) “intellectuals.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams Democrats for Refusing to Impeach Trump
The problem isn't just Trump, according to the neo-Marxist; it's the entire Democrat Party. Maybe they need more faith in the coming Bolshevik utopia! 

A real Marxist Party wouldn't tolerate Trump! AOC takes major shot at Dem Party for 'bigger national scandal' than President Trump's 'lawbreaking behavior'

World Socio-political + Geopolitical

Hungary’s Foreign Minister denounces new Italian government, says Europe was safer with Salvini

How Viktor Orban Is Saving Hungary by Making HUNGARIAN Babies
Liberal Brits blame Russia for noticing Jewish degenerate Epstein had the goods on Prince Andrew

‘The One Where They Commit War Crimes’: IDF tweet celebrating Friends sitcom's 25th anniversary backfires spectacularly 
Ham-handed Jewish state propaganda squad tried to tap into the happy PR of 'Friends' to conceal their bloodthirsty crimes. It didn't go so well.

In Germany, Jewish funds help keep Mediterranean migrant rescue missions afloat 

Got to keep that Zionist vision alive: Mashiach and his Chosenite henchmen ruling a war-ruined world (and endless goyim refugees) with an iron fist from Jerusalem. Jewish utopia.

Megalomaniac George Soros Rigs Elections Worldwide.
Why hasn't this Ashkenazi nation-wrecker been arrested?

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