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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Adam Schiff Fronts Another Deep State Conspiracy to Remove Trump, Makes Up Fake Trump-Ukraine Transcript

Adam Schiff Fronts Another Deep State Conspiracy to Remove Trump, Makes Up Fake Trump-Ukraine Transcript
(The Jewish storyteller creates a fake narrative out of whole cloth, makes an ass of himself, with the help of his asinine Deep State tribe.)

Trump Slams 'Fraud' Adam Schiff For Reading Fabricated Mafia Version Of 'Ukraine Transcript'

Adam Schiff Epitomizes the Total Collapse of Democratic Party Integrity

American Domestic and Geopolitical
Democrats Are Shredding The Constitution In Their Search For Totalitarian Power
Republicans in Congress must no longer deceive themselves that continuing their “gentlemanly forbearance” is anything other than cowardice and surrender to the Democratic totalitarian machine they helped create.

OOPS!… UNHINGED DEMOCRATS Launched Impeachment of Trump After Ukrainian President Brings Up Biden Crime Family investigation on Call with Trump

Sworn Statement of Ukraine Presecutor General Viktor Shokin That He Was Forced Out of Office by US VP Joe Biden, by Paul Craig Roberts

Democrat Privilege: Two Months after Hunter Biden Dishonorably Discharged from the Navy for Cocaine Use, He's Put on Board of Largest Oil and Gas Company in Ukraine!’

“Son of a bitch. He got fired.” How Biden used his official power to bring down Ukrainian prosecutor investigating corruption allegations against him and his son Hunter. And how he bragged about it.

Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired

“America First” Means a Retreat From Foreign Conflicts: In a Muted UN Speech, Trump Commits to Pulling Back

Michelle Malkin’s new book Open Borders Inc. “follows the money” and shows who is promoting and benefiting from mass immigration - including those within Conservatism Inc.

The Kushner / Netanyahu 'Peace Plan' SCAM

AIPAC Lobbyists say U.S. should support Israel's War Crimes, Human Rights Abuses and Ethnic Cleansing, help them steal more land and give Israel more taxpayer money

China's Giant $400 Billion Iran Investment Complicates U.S. Options

51% of young U.S. voters believe humanity will be wiped out in 15 years because of climate change

Dozens Of Failed Climate Predictions Stretch 80 Years Back

It’s a $1.5+ Trillion Bankers’ Bailout, the Rest is Just Pure Noise ~ The population must remain preoccupied with binary politics and Iranian “drone attacks” on “peaceful” Wahabbists, for petrodollar’s sake!

Nearly out of Cash, WeWork Shifts into Shrink and Survive Mode
WeWork has turned into a sieve, and everything instantly leaks out. This [Jew] knew how to burn through other people’s money in style.

Reuters Seems Frustrated US Not Striking Iran for Aramco Attacks

Hungary joins Trump’s attack on 'open-borders' agenda at UN, says 'national interest comes first'

Populist VOX leader: “Salvini was ousted from government by EU plot”

Sweden Spinning out of Control

Ban sales of pointed kitchen knives as there is no reason for them in modern world, says Church of England

UK: Girls aged 12, 13, and 15 raped by grooming gang

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