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Monday, February 03, 2020

Who weaponized the coronavirus?

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

Coronavirus Contains "HIV Insertions", Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon
The theory is that the virus, which was developed by infectious disease experts may have originated in the Wuhan-based lab of Dr. Peng Zhou, China's preeminent researcher of bat immune systems, specifically in how their immune systems adapt to the presence of viruses like coronavirus and other destructive viruses. Somehow, the virus escaped from the lab, and the Hunan fish market where the virus supposedly originated is merely a ruse. Now, a respected epidemiologist who recently caught flack for claiming in a twitter threat that the virus appeared to be much more contagious than initially believed is pointing out irregularities in the virus's genome that suggests it might have been genetically engineered for the purposes of a weapon, and not just any weapon but the deadliest one of all.

They're desperate to facilitate the coronavirus' spread:
CNN Publishes Editorial Attacking President Trump's Coronavirus Task Force as "Too White" and "Lacking Diversity"... Fewer White Faces Is More Important Than Stopping a Global Pandemic
Hate President Donald Trump all you want, but our corporate media is going overboard in normalizing hatred of white males (and by extension, white females). The elite in the USA are doing everything they can to delegitimize the idea white people have any moral authority. Even in the face of a global pandemic (coronavirus), the real problem is whiteness.

Warped, egoistic and vindictive, divide and rule Brit elites always intended to leave Europe a mess:
UK Came And Went, Leaving Europe In A Mess
De Gaulle warned from the start that Great Britain didn’t belong in a unified Europe, geographically, economically or above all psychologically. The remark has become famous: in 1944, on the eve of the Normandy invasion, in a quarrelsome exchange, U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill reportedly told De Gaulle that if Britain had to choose, it would always go for “the open sea” rather than the European continent.

Christian discloses Zionist infiltration and subversion of America from LBJ and the USS Liberty cover-up forward. Hebrew propagandist gnashes his teeth:
NSO Spying: Rick Wiles Debates Jerusalem Post Writer on RT

Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg could appear onstage at the February 19 presidential debate — thanks to a last-minute change in the rules from the Democratic National Committee. Until recently, the billionaire former New York City Mayor was almost guaranteed to be barred from the next presidential primary debate. But the DNC announced Friday that it was dropping an eligibility condition: Candidates no longer need to meet a minimum number of donations, previously in the hundreds of thousands, to win a spot at the DNC-sponsored debate.

Racist Zionist made-man Bloomberg plays the "moderate":
Michael Bloomberg Touts His Pro-Israel Credentials
According to Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump is forcing Jewish voters to choose between their foreign policy and domestic policy views while Bernie Sanders wants to transform America into a kibbutz. Trump threatens Jewish values. Sanders threatens Jewish money.

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

Object-lesson in ruling class privilege? Democrats ditch donor threshold for primary debates so Bloomberg can participate
The same DNC that has held fast to its rules while one candidate after another complained about the seemingly arbitrary means of deciding which polls would count toward a qualifying threshold has opted to discard its individual donor requirement starting with the February debate. The rule had prevented former New York Mayor and billionaire media mogul Bloomberg from joining the previous forums.

Biden digs into deep pockets of Obama's billionaire backers the (((Pritzker) clan, reports (((Bloomberg))):

Biden Digs Deep Into Wall Street Rolodex to Brace for Fight
Joe Biden’s campaign has added big-name Democratic fundraisers to the candidate’s national finance committee, including billionaire Penny Pritzker and Avenue Capital Croup’s Marc Lasry, as it braces for a protracted fight for the Democratic nomination.

How the nest of vipers plans to stop their most radical snake:
DNC plotting against Sanders again to avoid brokered convention

For the first time this cycle, Bernie Sanders pulled into first place nationally, albeit by only one point ahead of Joe Biden. And party leaders at the DNC have definitely been noticing this trend. This has reportedly left some of them wondering just what the heck they can do to stop Bernie from winning the nomination, and at least a few of them have come up with a plan. It’s both simple and radical at the same time. Just bring back the superdelegates when they vote on the rules at the convention.

Sanders aided by GOP decision not to call witnesses:
With Trump on Brink of Acquittal, Time for Impeachment Post-Mortem and What’s Left Unsaid
The decision to not call Senate trial witnesses has produced one clear winner, a leftist senator no less. Many (including yours truly) had theorized that the Democrat establishment aimed to extend the trial to, at least in part, keep socialist Bernie Sanders off the stump. They don’t want him as the nominee, after all, and are trying to bolster Biden. Now Sanders can in days return to campaigning.

The warped Hebrew's physique says a lot about his misogynistic drive for revenge. His Zionist brainwashing directs his rage away from the tribe that warped him, and against the "goyim":
Weinstein has 'no testicles and appears to have a vagina' says sex accuser
The 34-year-old former actress tearfully opened up to Manhattan Supreme Court jurors at Weinstein’s rape and sex assault trial: “The first time I saw him fully naked, I felt, I thought he was deformed and intersex... He does not have testicles and it appears like he has a vagina."

A naive young Christian with ambitions of stardom and rebelling from her conservative background was the perfect victim for deformed, Hebrew predator Harvey Weinstein:
Weinstein Accuser Says He Has No Testicles
“It made sense, this guru of Hollywood telling me the history I needed to know to become a better actress. When I met Harvey I’d given up a lot” to succeed, she testified, citing a “big fight” with her father. She said she thought God was responding to her “having committed to myself and committing to my dream.”... “When I first saw him naked, I was filled with compassion, absolute compassion,” Mann told the jurors in New York state court in lower Manhattan. “It seemed like his anger came from a place of pain.” But Mann said Weinstein soon turned on her.

The Zionists and Deep State have each other's backs, and are trying to keep Trump on a leash, or replace him altogether:
The People’s Avenger
The guy running The Atlantic is a fanatical Zionist and anti-Trump crusader. He’s happy to promote this project as a favor to his community... This is fundamentally the problem with Washington. It is an incestuous community cut off from the rest of us. That’s why no one ever gets punished for screwing up or breaking the law. Bill Barr is not going to prosecute the crooked FBI agents, because their friends are his friends. That would put him in bad odor with the rest of the community and we can’t have that. It’s not a conspiracy, but a community coming together to support their own.

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

Murderous Marxists are fighting it out with murderous crony liberals/neocons over control of the Zionist "Holocaust" narrative. The Hebrew syndicate is laughing all the way to the bank:

Rewriting History of World War II Is Ominous Warning
Germany’s most-read magazine Der Spiegel, American-European journal Politico, a U.S. embassy announcement, as well as American Vice President Mike Pence, are among recent sources who have either falsified or downplayed the heroic role of the Soviet Union in liberating Auschwitz. This is part of a disconcerting trend of rewriting the history of World War Two, by which, preposterously, the Soviet Union is being equated with Nazi Germany. Such pernicious fiction must be resisted and repudiated by all conscientious historians and citizens.

Lying Hebrew grifters constructed the myth of Mengele and the Holocaust:

The Last Days of the "Holocaust"
The latest example is a new book by former Museum of Jewish Heritage director David G. Marwell, “Unmasking the ‘Angel of Death’,” which grants many revisionist challenges to the legend of Joseph Mengele. Marwell’s work is considered the most well-researched mainstream biography of Mengele to date. In it, he cross references witness testimony from “survivors” with hard evidence and primary sources, only to conclude that their “memories” were “unreliable.” In other words, they are lying.

Delusional, entitled One Percenter Barbara Streisand sides with brethren Adam Schiff and the racist Hebrew rackets, claims to speak for 75% of Americans:
Barbra Streisand: Adam Schiff Would Make a Great President
Streisand’s math is a bit off, but her outrage is clear, “51% of Republicans overrule 75% of Americans who wanted witnesses to appear at the trial. This is not how democracy should work. I hope the senate pays a price for this sham.”

Fanatical ZOG needs perpetual war to get to the Jews-only Messianic Age -- or die trying: 
America At War Forever
Hollywood practices the same censorship as CNN, the New York Times, and the rest of the presstitutes who champion war. Stone notes that we never hear the point of view from the countries that are labeled “threats,” such as Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela. The Democrat and Republican political parties are also all for war. The Democrats won’t even let Tulsi Gabbard participate in the New Hampshire presidential Town Halls, because she is not a partisan of war. Stone says that the fact that Democrat leaders such as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are as pro-war as Dick Cheney and the Zionist neocons “shows you how locked up America is.” As Putin said in the interviews Stone did with him, “It doesn’t make a difference who is President of the United States.” Washington’s policy is hegemony achieved through war.

The stunted left goes nuts when the right starts playing by its infantile rules: 
No Laughing! Stung by the Babylon Bee, the Left Goes Cray-zee
“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” wrote socialist Saul “the Red” Alinsky in his book Rules for Radicals. It “infuriates the opposition.” His fellow leftists are certainly proving this true, too. Having a “Babylon Bee in their bonnets,” they’re attacking the satirical site because, apparently, they only like fake news when it’s masquerading as the real thing.
Less than a week after millions of Iraqis took to the streets demanding the U.S. military leave for good, the United States announced that is planning to build three new military bases in Iraq, according to military news service Breaking Defense. The three sites chosen – Erbin, Sulimania and Halabja – are all extremely close to Iran, with Halabja (the site of the 1988 chemical weapons attack) just eight miles from the border.

Marxist-Zionist anarchists are taking the Samson option:

National Justice Exclusive: Anarchist Mob's Plan to Attack NYC Subway System Leaked

The plan was promoted last week at a meeting of communist groups, soccer hooligans and anarchists hosted by a Rabbi identified only by his first name “Joseph” at Congregation Beth Jacob Ohev Shalom, a Synagogue in Brooklyn that enjoys tax-exempt status. The event was billed as an “antifa” fundraiser for David Campbell, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the vicious and unprovoked beating of a man in his 50s.

Insane ZOG elites exist in a golden calf-fueled false consciousness:

Printed Money Blowing The Bubbles Even Bigger
The total US stock market valuation at $33.9 trillion is 157.4% of the last reported GDP. It’s the highest market valuation ever. The more the policy-makers try to pump and jawbone the market higher, the worse the consequences will be on the downside when the rug is pulled out from under stocks. The trigger could be anything. Eventually the market will acknowledge and accept the fact that the economy is getting worse and earnings will continue to decline. But fundamental reality is just one of many possible catalysts that will cause a painful drop in the stock market.

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

Parasite ZOG keeps going to the taxpayer well to bail itself out:

The "Repo" Fiasco; the Fed's Cash Injections Send Stocks Soaring
Despite repeated assurances that the financial crisis was over, the Fed has resumed pumping $60 billion per month into a market that is liquidity-starved and dangerously out-of-whack. In truth, the only thing preventing another spike in rates followed by an excruciating debt cascade, is the Central Bank’s ability to bury the problem under a mountain of freshly-minted dollar bills. Absent that, another cataclysmic crash would be unavoidable.

ZOG's grand pose as honest broker is a threadbare farce:

Trump's 'Deal of the Century' Won't Bring Peace – That Was the Plan
The White House has discarded the traditional US pose as an “honest broker” between Israel and the Palestinians. Palestinian leaders were not invited to the ceremony, and would not have come had they been. This was a deal designed in Tel Aviv more than in Washington – and its point was to ensure there would be no Palestinian partner.

Lying Hebrew grifter Schiff has no respect for Western rule of law, only "truth" according to Zionist situational ethics:

This Schiff scharade

Everyone in Washington knows who he is, if not where he is. Schiff knows. The senators wondered about his past work with Joe Biden and sought details. Schiff, however, kept up his charade. He responded to the question in the well of the Senate (video below): “I don’t know who the whistleblower is. I haven’t met them [sic] or communicated with them [sic] in any way.”

Dodgy oligarch Hillary hides behind her taxpayer underwritten security detail:
Hillary Clinton can apparently just refuse to accept a lawsuit

In order for the lawsuit to go anywhere, it needs to get started first. And the first step in such a procedure is usually serving papers to the person being accused, informing them that the proceeding is getting underway. That’s turning out to be more difficult than Gabbard’s attorneys likely expected because Clinton has simply refused to accept the documents and used her Secret Service detail to thwart the person trying to serve her.

Despite the lies of "liberal" Hebrew shills, the Jewish establishment is fully behind racist Zionism and apartheid, and has always been:

Trump’s embrace of apartheid was brought to you by the organized Jewish community
The Trump peace plan was brought to you by the Jewish community. Over the last 20 years any real and vigorous opposition to the Jewish right– AIPAC–inside the Jewish community has been fitful and meaningless. Liberal Zionists have enforced that line by refusing to organize as equals with the community Israel is oppressing: Palestinians.

Females and families don't do well under ZOG. That's by Satanic design:
(empty egg carton) 🚫🥚 

ZOG's (((Weiner))) hides his pedophilia behind gays, legislates molestation:
California lawmakers introduce bill to protect pedophiles who sexually abuse innocent kids

CNN propagandist is still out to slander and demonize the Deplorables:
WATCH: Lemon Gives Disastrous Statement In Response To Outrage Over Segment Mocking Republicans, Critics Fire Back
CNN’s Don Lemon responded on Tuesday night to outrage over a segment from his show where he and his leftist guests mocked Trump supporters over the weekend as being rednecks by claiming that he could not hear everything that was said and that he was laughing at the joke, not a group of people.

Senator Bernie Sanders has repeatedly stated that the business model of Wall Street is fraud. We’ve refined that to the business model of Wall Street is monetizing fraud. And based on this latest report, Goldman Sachs takes the top prize for its panoply of innovations in monetizing fraud.

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

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