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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Zionist billionaire presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg accused of racism when audio of him advocating racial profiling emerges

Mike Bloomberg Racist Audio 

Trump starts to criticize Zionist Bloomberg as racist, but pursuing racist ZOG policies himself, thinks better of it:
The three billionaires running in the 2020 presidential race are battling over recently resurfaced audio from former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. On Tuesday, President Trump tweeted and then deleted audio of a Bloomberg speech from 2015 defending stop and frisk, calling Bloomberg “A TOTAL RACIST.” Trump has himself endorsed the policing tactic, which disproportionately impacts Black and Latino communities, multiple times, saying in a speech in 2018 “It’s got to be properly applied, but stop-and-frisk works.”

Racist Hebrew Mark Steyn hates white Christians and Muslims:
In Mark Steyn’s parallel universe, Jews have stood by helplessly as Euro-goyim have misappropriated the Holocaust and used it as an excuse to “import the next generation of anti-Semites to Europe.” Steyn means that Euro-goyim have imported Muslims, of course, and in his universe Jews are obviously horrified but powerless opponents of Muslim immigration. In the real universe, on the other hand, Jews are highly enthusiastic supporters of Muslim immigration and passionate believers in a Judeo-Islamic alliance against White Christian hate.

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

The fake "liberal," racist Hebrew One Percent stick together:
Michael Douglas says some of Kirk Douglas's 'last words' were backing Bloomberg
Some of Kirk Douglas’s last words were a message of support for Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, according to the late actor’s son Michael Douglas.

Fake liberal, fading Hollywood Hebrew racist exhibits his violent streak:
Rob Reiner: Dems Have to 'Punch' Trump in the Nose, Call Him Fat

Coming race war within the Democratic Party between blacks and kosherites?:
Maxine Waters: White Dem Candidates 'Have Blemishes on Their Record About Their Relationships with Black People'
Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Sunday on MSNBC that the 2020 presidential hopefuls who are white had “blemishes on their record about their relationships with black people.”

MSNBC pundit tells Dems why they can kiss black vote goodbye: 'You’re talking about us without us.'
“At the same time, I can hear black voters saying, ‘If we’re so important, why aren’t we there? You’re talking about us without us. Cory Booker is gone, Kamala Harris is gone, Julian Castro is gone. You’ve got one Asian on the stage and six well-meaning white people telling us what you’re going to do for us when we weren’t on the stage anymore,'” Johnson explained.

Constant Madison Avenue advertising featuring black on white designed to polarize the nation, shill for the ZOG-Globalist One Percent, divide and rule the rubes:
Richard Houck, "The War Against Whites in Advertising"
If the “diversity” in advertising was truly about appealing to the greatest number of customers or potential customers, showing white women with black men at such a high level, seems to be a very odd strategy. To focus so much on one combination, while ignoring so many others – there simply must be some other goal beyond selling merchandise.
Kosher-certified left-wingers want to bring their fanatical dogma to America, and make it law:
Holocaust Denial Should be Illegal in America, Say Many on the Left 

Warren’s plan follows months of drumbeating by mainstream journalists in the service of criminalizing political speech. “Why America Needs a Hate Speech Law” was the title of an October WaPo piece by Richard Stengel, an Obama administration official–turned–editor of Time magazine. Similar essays have appeared in dozens of mainstream media organs (including Bloomberg). A December Vox survey found that the majority of Democrat presidential candidates favor criminalizing or otherwise suppressing speech that’s deemed “hateful” or “false.” Warren, though, is the first Democrat to codify those proscriptions into a proposed law, one she’s pledged to pursue as president.

Fake "liberal" billionaire Hebrew banker Soros claims to oppose nationalism (but doesn't oppose fascist Israel):
Soros Starts $1 Billion Anti-American University: Fighting nationalism and climate change are its goals.
Soros said in 2018 that nationalism was “the dominant ideology in the world,” but to him, all nationalism, including American nationalism, is bad. People like Soros regard nationalism as tribalism, jingoism, superpatriotism, or a combination of the three. Because he is an Esperanto-speaking, United Nations-loving internationalist, Soros hurls the word “nationalism” as an epithet. Not surprisingly, he rejects the idea of American sovereignty and wishes to eradicate it, which helps to explain his underwriting of radical open-borders groups.

Marxist Hebrew Richard D. Wolff wants his racist Chosenite kind ruling the left under the auspices of "democracy", and to prevent another "world war" and "holocaust" (but which his Marxist-Zionist and Globalist kind caused in the first place):
Capitalism’s Political Servants: Trump and Johnson, by Richard D. Wolff
The left needs to respond in three key ways. First, it should stress how world war and holocaust resulted the last time post-crash capitalism used nationalism for scapegoating. Second, it should expose scapegoat politics as aimed to deflect working class anger from a crash-prone capitalism. Immigration, trade, tariff policies, or European integration define capitalism’s preferred terrain of debate, not a critical left’s. The left’s core response to capitalist nationalism should be this: capitalism is the problem and transition to a new, different, and fundamentally democratic system is the answer.

Hebrew fanatic Marxist-Zionists given free hand in Soviet Union murdered millions, caused Hitler's rise to power and WW2:
The Gulag Was More Murderous Than Hitler’s Camps
An estimated 10 million political prisoners were murdered in the Soviet Gulag during Trotsky and Stalin’s regimes. Some leading Russians historians say up to 20 million died in the Gulag. That’s well double the number claimed to have died or been killed in Nazi camps. This campaign of mass murder and deportation began in the 1920’s and peaked in the 1930’s, though it continued until Stalin’s death in 1953. Entire peoples like Chechen and Ingush were massacred. An estimated four million Soviet Muslim citizens died. The Baltic States were decimated. Prisoners in the Gulag were worked to death and starved. An estimated 6 million Ukrainian farmers were starved to death by Stalin’s NKVD secret police and gangs of Red thugs. The arch criminal who directed genocide in Ukraine, Lazar Kaganovich, was presented a Soviet medal for heroism. Stalin, speaking to Roosevelt, even called him ‘my Eichmann’ after the notorious Nazi killer of Jews. At that time, according to the late KGB general Pavel Sudoplatov, whose wife was Jewish and related to Kaganovich, Soviet Jews made up a large percentage of the Secret police and the officials who ran the Gulag.

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

Gay race hustler and tribalist finally indicted for his crimes. Hebrew brethren Rahm Emanuel feigns anger:

BREAKING: Jussie Smollett INDICTED By Special Prosecutor
Smollett, who is black and gay, originally was charged last year with disorderly conduct for allegedly staging the attack and lying about it to investigators. The charges were dropped in March 2019 with little explanation, angering police officials and then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Fox News reports.

My White Nazi police force must die! Globalist NY City mayor at war with his own police department: 
REPORT: De Blasio wants ‘consequences’ for police union boss who declared WAR, union boss responds
Mullins has been repeatedly calling out de Blasio over the attacks against NYPD officers, and the escalating crime in the city. Even prior to the assassination attempts on the two NYPD officers over the weekend, the friction has been growing.

Kosher-certified white nationalists ripped by globalist media for actions of Islamist killers:
Independent claims Muslim who attacked cops with sword was inspired by Tommy Robinson, David Wood, Robert Spencer
It’s a bit eye-popping to see us falsely accused of inciting violence by a Muslim, when usually we’re falsely accused of inciting violence against Muslims. Apparently the establishment media has simply decided that we’re awful people — “far-right,” of course, for the crime of opposing jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women — and “journalists” such as Dearden don’t care how much they have to tie themselves into logical knots to establish this.

As their corrupt globalist institutions turn against native British peoples, civil war seems the end point of British globalist greed:
The BBC is HORRIBLY Anti-British 

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

(((Comcast/MSNBC))) searching for a more subtle Hebrew totalitarian than (((Bernie Sanders))) to advance the Zionist and globalist scam:
MSNBC Host Floats Adam Schiff As 2020 Dem Savior in Brokered Convention
As establishment Democrats grow wary of a Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) nomination, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews raised the possibility of Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) emerging as the Democratic nominee during a contested convention.

Before he was a contender, Buttigieg worshiped Jewish guru Bernie Sanders:
You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Pete Buttigieg Won Essay Contest in High School Defending Socialism and Hero Bernie Sanders
In his essay Pete Buttigieg in 2000 praises Bernie Sanders and his unapologetic stand for socialism.

Pete Buttgieg organizer hired by Nevada Dems to enforce rigged voting?
Nevada Democrats has hired a Pete Organizer as their “Voter Protection Director” lol

Pete Buttgieg a malleable clay useful idiot (golem) for Zionists:
Is Pete Buttigieg the Israel Lobby Choice?
In short, Buttigieg is a manufactured corporate candidate who is little more than an empty suit, having no core values whatsoever apart from seeking to become the first gay president. The Establishment is comfortable with him and he is good-looking, seemingly affable and articulate, though he suffers from an unpronounceable surname. He has now checked the box making him acceptable to the Israeli government and its powerful domestic lobby, which have always been suspicious of Trump even as he gives them gift after gift. Being Israel-friendly is also a must with the mainstream media.

Mayor Pete: The CIA’s Choice for President
As The Grayzone documents, Mayor Pete appears to be a CIA asset. He worked with the agency in Afghanistan and the national security folks endorse his campaign. In addition to assisting the illegal occupation and murder of tens of thousands in Afghanistan, CIA Pete teamed up with the DEA, the federal agency responsible for untold misery and murder in its failed war on (some) drugs. There DEA has not stopped the record flow of heroin produced from Afghan opium into the United States. During the bankster engineered “subprime crisis,” illegal drugs floated the banks.

Bernie Sanders, the One Percenter who wants to become a totalitarian oligarch:
Bernie Sanders Released His Tax Returns. He’s Part of the 1%
More recently, Mr. Sanders has come under criticism for his expanding personal wealth. A post on the website ThinkProgress last week called Mr. Sanders’s millionaire status “very off-brand and embarrassing,” and a video suggested he had stopped referring to “millionaires” after he became one himself. The website is run by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the sister organization of the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank.

Taking a page from the Zionist playbook learned on a kibbutz in Israel, Hebrew Bernie Sanders projects his own racist pathology onto Americans:
Bernie Sanders: ‘We Have a Racist Society from Top to Bottom’
“We have a racist society from top to bottom impacting health care, housing, criminal justice, education — you name it,” Sanders said during the debate

Greedily pandering to globalists, Stephen King quickly changes his story to conform to globalist-left dogma:
Now Stephen King Says Merit Is Racist

Hebrew ZOG propagandist David Brooks says Christian  "nuclear family was a mistake," but his kind destroyed it:
They're not even trying to hide it anymore

Marxist war on Americans:
“This kind of attack on American industry is of a piece with other Chinese illegal acquisitions of sensitive personal data. For years, we have witnessed China’s voracious appetite for the personal data of Americans, including the theft of personnel records from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the intrusion into Marriott hotels, and Anthem health insurance company, and now the wholesale theft of credit and other information from Equifax. This data has economic value, and these thefts can feed China’s development of artificial intelligence tools as well as the creation of intelligence targeting packages.

"There should only be one voice," Marxist group-think thought police tell coronavirus besieged subjects trying to get help:

If you film dead bodies in China, the police will arrive at your front door and arrest you… total censorship, total cover-up of coronavirus outbreak
But the half-dozen men weren’t there for him, per se; they were there to confiscate a laptop computer, a desktop computer, and his cellphone. And before long, Fang found himself at a police station, The Epoch Times reported. Police interrogators accused him of “igniting a nuclear bomb” with images and video he reportedly uploaded to social media. He was accused of taking more from “foreign forces” before they threatened to keep him in quarantine for “creating fear” (yes, that’s a real crime thing in China, apparently). “There should only be one voice, otherwise it will create chaos,” police told Fang.

Masked President Xi Warns 'Prepare For Long And Grim' Virus Battle As Trump Insists Outbreak Will End By April

Coronavirus is airborne, Chinese official confirms

A Chinese official has confirmed a scary new fact about the deadly coronavirus: it is airborne. It was previously understood that two main ways the virus transmitted from person to person were: • Direct transmission: breathing in air close to an infected patient who sneezes or coughs, and • Contact transmission: when a person touches an object tainted with the virus before infecting themselves by touching their mouth, nose or eyes. However, over the weekend, an official in Shanghai confirmed the virus also travelled through aerosol transmission, which means it can float a long distance through the air and cause infection later when it is breathed in.

Is The 2019-nCoV Bio-weapon The Black Swan Event To Destroy Globalism? 

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

The liberating promise of tech has been transformed into a totalitarian nightmare by our poisonous "elites":
On Activist Media CARTELS And Big Tech POLITBUROS

The Joker provides a disturbing glimpse into a possible American future. No wonder globalist "liberals" don't like it:
Why Mainstream Critics Turned Against Joker
As the city is torn down around him, Arthur becomes the true reflection of the world that made him. Totally emotionally detached, unpredictably violent and patently absurd. In that sense, Joker is a variation of the Frankenstein trope, the modern Prometheus. Modern society is cast as the doctor, who, through acts of supreme hubris, ends up creating a monster that destroys him.

Drilling down on the fake-"Christian" nest of vipers:

Dirty little secret about Democrats’ “New Way Forward Act:” Open-borders Utah Republicans already passed it!

Here’s the thing. While 44 Congressional Democrats are now under much-deserved scrutiny for their support of this extreme measure, open-borders Utah Republicans already passed similar immigration decriminalization “reforms” into state law (HB 244) last year–with the praise and approval of the American Civil Liberties Union.

American empire rules Europe, but for how much longer?

The Global Paradox
NATO also underscores a hidden truth about globalism and that is it only exists because the American empire exists. NATO exist because America keeps it going. If America ever started acting like a real country again, it would abandon legacy entities like NATO, as they serve no national interest. The same is true about globalism. The EU has been allowed to flourish, because it enjoys American protection. Take that protection away and Europe returns to a continent of nations.

Crumbling empire, the aging glue that holds the U.S. together:

Democrats Ignore Trump’s Real Violations
Why do the Democrats keep swinging and missing at Trump? They can’t make a good case for abuse of power because they don’t really oppose Trump’s most egregious abuses of power. Congress, with a few exceptions, strongly supports the President flouting the Constitution when it comes to overseas aggression and shoveling more money into the military-industrial complex.

Diabolical Hebrew fascism, gangsterism and greed has warped its sick practitioners and victims into unfathomable entities:
American Oligarchs I: the Pritzkers and Transgenderism
One member, the billionaire Jennifer Pritzker, is a male-to-female transgender who served in the US military. According to research conducted by Jennifer Bilek, Jennifer’s money, along with other figures like fellow Jew and transsexual Martine Rothblatt, has put the wind in the sails of the transgender top-down revolution, granting it scientific and medical credibility through the power of their checkbooks, along with trained operatives who have helped institutionalize in the corporate world. The Pritzkers are heavily invested in the world of pharmaceuticals and science. Through the Tawani Foundation, Jennifer has been able to corrupt and influence the direction of the ACLU, various military academies, medical institutions (including for children) and universities.

Group-think globalist MSM ignores political terrorism against Americans:

ABC, CBS Uninterested in Van Attack Against Trump Supporters Registering Voters
Though the apparent attempt to rundown multiple Trump supporters registering voters in Florida happened Saturday afternoon, and drew outrage from both of the state’s senators and President Trump himself, the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC completely ignored the vicious attack. Come Sunday morning, only NBC’s Sunday Today thought it was worth some airtime, but only 25-seconds worth.

Want to do something about the 9/11 inside job other than tear at your shirt and gnash your teeth? Imagine the demise of a vile cosmopolitan landlord...

Left-wing Swedes committing suicide by following ZOG-Marxist dogma:

Swedish Government Aligned Firmly With Migrant-Invader Rapist-murderers Against Swedish Women

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