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Friday, January 22, 2010

After years of racial demagougery and trickery from Leftists and Globalizationist Right, whites get tribal in their voting, too

Has Obama Lost White America?
(American Conservative) -- By Patrick J. Buchanan

...What explains the white surge to the GOP?

First, sinking white support for Obama, seen as ineffectual in ending the recession and stopping the loss of jobs.

Second, a growing perception that Obama is biased. When the president blurted that the Cambridge cops and Sgt. James Crowley “acted stupidly” in arresting black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates — a rush to judgment that proved wrong — his support sank in white America and especially in Massachusetts, where black Gov. Deval Patrick joined in piling on Crowley. Deval is now in trouble, too.

Then there was Obama’s appointment of Puerto Rican American Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Her militant support for race and ethnic preferences and her decision to deny Frank Ricci and the white firefighters of New Haven a hearing on their case that they were denied promotions they won in competitive exams because they were white caused 31 GOP senators to vote against her.

While Massachusetts is Democrat over Republican three to one, Reagan carried the state in 1984 and Hillary Clinton clobbered Obama in the 2008 primary, though the Kennedys were in Obama’s corner. The Scott Brown Democrats were the Hillary Democrats were the Reagan Democrats.

But if McDonnell, Christie and Brown could roll up large enough shares of the white vote to win in three major states McCain lost, why did McCain lose all three?

Answer: In 2008, the working and middle class had had a bellyful of the Bush-McCain Republicans. They were seen as pro-amnesty for illegal aliens and pro-NAFTA, when U.S. workers had watched 5 million manufacturing jobs disappear in a decade — and reappear in China. They were willing to give Obama a chance because Obama had persuaded them by November he was not just another big-spending utopian liberal.

So what have Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi been doing for a year? Crafting a federal takeover of health care with a vast plan that provides coverage for the uninsured — most of whom are minorities — while sticking it to Medicare recipients, 80 percent to 90 percent of whom are white...

What the McDonnell, Christie and Brown victories teach is that the GOP should stop listening to the Wall Street Journal and start listening to these forgotten Americans.

An end to affirmative action and ethnic preferences, an end to bailouts of Wall Street bankers, a moratorium on immigration until unemployment falls to 6 percent, an industrial policy that creates jobs here and stops shipping them to China appear a winning hand in 2012...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

How long did the elitist left-wingers think they could win elections by encouraging tribalism via racial affirmative action, relentless accusations of racism against whites only, engineered multi-culturalism which encourages racial blocks instead of assimilation, and coddling racialist lobbies like the Jewish lobby and La Raza, and not see whites eventually respond in kind?

And how long did the money-worshipping, warmongering Corporatist-Globalizationist Right as epitomized by the Wall Street Journal and the multi-national banks and money powers think it could enrich itself through selling out the interests working class Americans by opening the borders to drive down the price of labor and set up NAFTA style trade agreements, by growing the economy by flooding the country with illegal aliens, by pandering to wealthy, racialist American Jews by sending working class Americans off to fight wars for Jewish-supremacist Israel, and by generally pursuing a money-worshipping Globalizationist agenda at the point of a military-industrial compex/war profiteering gun?

What we've seen in Washington is the merger of soft-Communism and soft-Fascism into a hardened Globalizationist agenda that features some of the worst characteristics of each being pursued by both the wealthy elite and the insular, delusionally-utopian, infantile left-wing intelligentsia.

When you add on top of their sinister, bipartisan betrayal the fact that they are printing money by the ton to pay for their agenda and pay off their cronies -- which necessarily leads to the fascist deployment of troops around the world to keep the dollar propped up -- what emerges is a portrait of a profoundly selfish, profoundly evil and epically incompetent "establishment" that is far too morally stunted, greedy and power-mad to be trusted with he reins of power ever again.

Soon, it won't just be whites that reject these insane Internationalist/Globalist elites, but all patriot Americans who refuse to sell their souls, and sell out their country for a few shekels, or reduce themselves to primitive and tribal racial blocks jockeying for government spoils.

This is what the Ron Paul revolution is all about, and the Left-Right "elites" can go to hell where they belong.

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