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Friday, January 08, 2010

Joe Lieberman, the sequel: Widely detested Rahm Emanuel about to be thrown under Democrats' careening bus?

How Toasted Is Rahm?
(Newser) -- by Michael Wolff --

A few months ago I started to hear that Nancy Pelosi was dining out on her enmity toward Rahm Emanuel, saying her goals for the year included, together with the health-care bill, his head.

That’s significant rancor—even for Washington (theirs goes back a long time). And even greater ambitiousness—on a level quite impressive even for Washington—to want to take down the guy second only to the president himself.

It’s a putsch that now seems in obvious progress. One indication is that there is suddenly a dignified, if implausible, rationale for why Rahm might want to leave: Because he’s frustrated, because he’s temperamentally unsuited to the job (he’s a screamer), or because he’s decided to run for mayor of Chicago.

The White House, of course, if it has to sacrifice Rahm, will try to make it a particular circumstance, a personality issue—a bit of minor tinkering with the players. But I think it will be widely understood as the singular indication of the keen disappointments of the president's first year on the part of a large number of democrats (powerful ones)...MORE...LINK

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