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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ex-CIA Bin Laden Unit head Michael Scheur explains how Washington foreign policy, particularly pursuit of Israeli interests, incites Islamic terrorism

Dare to Discuss Terrorists' Motives & Support Representative Press!
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Chris Moore comments:

The only thing more insulting than Congress and the president sending Americans off to foreign lands to die unnecessarily in order to cover up their own policy corruption and avarice is when they look us in the eye and say that pursuit of political-Zionist interests and agenda have nothing whatsoever to do with the wars.

What an outrageous insult to intelligence! Our own corrupt politicians must have absolutely nothing but contempt for the American people. Why do we continue to re-elect the same liberal clowns and stubborn, neo-fascist fanatics term after term? In some ways, I can understand why they regard us as incorrigibly stupid: we continue to drink their kool aid year after year, even as the country sinks into the abyss as a result of their greed, schemes, and deceit.

A paraphrase of the Grouch Marx quote is a good metaphor for how Washington treats inquiries when confronted about wars for Israel: "No, no, no...who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?"

They really must regard us all as complete idiots. And maybe they're right.

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