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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann epitomizes nasty liberal elitism and treachery that has undone the Dems by suggesting Mass. loss can be traced to voter racism

Keith Olbermann suggests Massachusetts vote a "euphemism" for racism
( -- By TiradeMedia


Chris Moore comments:

Leave it to an insular, cosmopolitan, limousine liberal like Olbermann to reflexively reach for the race card and suggest the loss by Democrat Martha Coakley to Republican Scott brown in the election for the deceased Ted Kennedy's Senate seat can be traced to the racism of Massachusetts voters.

It is intellectually lazy, elitist and entitled attitudes like Olbermann's -- the "if you oppose us and our agenda, you must be psychologically defective" air of liberal snobbery and superiority, -- that is, as much as anything, behind the Democratic Party’s rapid fall into national disgrace.

Toss in the fact that the Democratic Party is neck deep with other citified, fast-talking hustlers like Olbermann in it's corrupt and entitled "masters-of-the-universe" Wall Street banksters-first wing, and it doesn't get to hard to understand why Americans are ready to tar and feather the "progressive" Democratic Party intelligentsia and inner-party elites.

There are few things more irritating than being lectured to by moneyed, cultural Marxists who want to claim the high life for themselves and their pampered and connected comrades, but bog down the rest of the country in Big Government bureaucracy, debt, and social and economic decay -- and then insult them as a masses of racist rubes when they object to boot.

Gee, if Massachusetts has been a hotbed of crypto-racism for all these years, what does that say about the Kennedys and all the other Democrats the state has heretofore churned into office year after year?

Olbermann's logic is about as stunted and irresponsible as his rhetoric.

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