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Monday, January 04, 2010

Mainstream Left and Right use different methods, but end result is same: the enslavement of Americans

Americans Want to be slaves
(The Freemen Institute) -- By Adam Murdock, M.D. --

Are Americans willing to trade their freedoms for a false sense of security?

This is the crucial question that must be answered before a successful struggle for liberty can be fought and won. If it is shown that the majority of Americans will readily trade their freedoms for a fake carnal security then the cause has already been lost.

Let us just examine a few of the events of the last two months to see where America sits on the major issues of our day.

Recently, we were made aware of the attempt to bring down a transatlantic flight by the ‘underwear bomber’. While the facts remain unclear about the events surrounding the attempted bombing, what is clear is the attempt to use the event as a catalyst for further draconian security measures. This includes proposals for and in some cases imposition of mandatory body scanning for all passengers. In fact, the Netherlands announced that they will body scan all passengers as a result of the incident. In the US, the cry from neo-con Republicans has been to adopt just such a policy here. In addition, the TSA seized the opportunity to try to turn the airplane into a virtual prison camp.

What is most troubling about the whole event is the seeming willingness of Americans to accept the official story without questioning and to submit themselves to any measure deemed necessary by our “benevolent” government. Now that President Obama is in power, the civil liberties fire that once was burning bright among some on the left has now smoldered, leaving few to oppose the new liberal/Neo-con fascism...

There is no greater example of the fallacy of this socialist healthcare utopia than the death of the actress Natasha Richardson in Quebec, Canada last year. She likely died because of the socialized healthcare system in Canada. The government of Quebec had decided that medical helicopters were too expensive. As a result, instead of being transported by helicopter, Natasha was driven by ambulance to the nearest hospital a couple hours away. This wasted time was enough to seal her fate.

Despite the ample evidence of the dystopian healthcare provided by socialized healthcare systems, Americans seem more and more willing to buy into the media hype about the supposed greatness of healthcare in Cuba, Canada, and Europe. Never before have the forces of socialist America been so close to realizing their dream of converting America into a suburb of western Europe.

The final and most nefarious onslaught on our liberty has arisen with the attempt to transfer our national sovereignty to a world government over the issue of carbon emissions. Indeed, our very breath has been turned into a toxin needing to be regulated in order to save the planet. The more breaths, the more toxin. Not surprisingly, this has led to calls for world population control from some in China, Europe, and Canada.

The fake science used to justify the man-made global warming agenda was recently revealed as a concoction of climate change scientists to serve their own self interest. Yet, Americans continue to believe more in gloss and glamour than in science and common sense. Unfortunately, the result will be that the American sense of compassion will be turned on its own head. The third world will be starved into carbon compliance and American ingenuity will be turned into funding industrial de-industrialization...

What these examples reveal is that America has become more and more a country filled with cowardly yes-men, rather than people with courage to stand up for conviction. They have lost the fire of freedom and substituted the frost of a fake consensus. Unfortunately, the American ideal has faded in the minds of many. Many no longer know what they are throwing away. It is only when it is gone that they will wake up and realize that the noose is already too tight for escape...MORE...LINK

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